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The name of “com.sec.android.app.camera” may sound confusing but we are here to save the day. We’ll look up the name step-by-step, and the initial phrase ” com” implies that the application is an internal one. The internal/system apps are those which are created by Android or the brand (Samsung).

The third and second words ” android.setting” suggests that the app is a settings application that manages some kind of crucial function. Finally, the final two letters ” app.camera” indicate that the app can be used to control the camera function on your phone. These functions include activating and running settings commands on your smartphone.

Note: System apps are accountable for crucial tasks like camera settings and notifications processing, controlling volume and many more.

In the next section, we’re going explore more details about the application. If you’re not looking to go into more details We suggest that you skip our next article.


The com.android assist with a variety of essential functions, such as contact frameworks that let developers gain access to data within their application. Developers can use this framework to obtain information, such as accessing contacts within your phone application. There are various frameworks, and developers have access to various types of information. The data is accessible to the applications of the system like phones, cameras, contact gallery, gallery app and many more.

In the present, com.android provide an API ( Application programming interface) to access all data that is raw ( example., contacts). The programmers who create the system applications make use of these names for packages to obtain all the vital information they require. These apps are run in the background, and you can find them in the app section too. These classes (programming terms) are essential to creating system apps and thus the “com.android.setting”.

Now you know the answer to what is “com.android.setting“, and now you can show off your knowledge in front of your Android using friends.Com.sec.android.app.camera

Why is it named: com.sec.android.app.camera?

As apps are being developed they have a distinct name to be identified in the future. The same is true for people who have different names making it easier to recognize. The unique name is known as ” package name” and we’ve previously seen what each word signifies in the app’s name. It is safe to assume that this is a system-wide app and not a malware or virus. In the following sections we will examine what the app is being employed for and if be deleted!

We’ll soon be hearing more detailed information regarding the name of the application. If you’re not interested, then you are at ease to skip to the following section.

The term ” sec” in this case refers to ” Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd” and tells us that the app was developed by Samsung. It is distinct from the Android system, and it is possible to disengage it without issue. If you turn off it, then you’ll not be able to access the camera in your smartphone. The app lets us to record images and videos, in addition to screen shots, and much more.

If another application needs to utilize the camera similar to Whstapp and Whstapp, it must request permission from the application. It also handles metadata for the photo or video that you took. Additionally the apps can also block unauthorised access to your device that hackers are try to gain access to your camera.

Used com.sec.android.app.camera?

If you took a peak in settings or apps currently occupying ram, then you might have come across “com.sec.android.app.camera”. The app is activated whenever you make use of the camera, or the camera is requested by another app, like Whatsapp.

The application is used to take pictures, and videos , and save photos and video within the gallery. Additionally, it allows your camera to use intelligent features that can make your life simpler. It’s safe to say that the application is secure and is required by your phone to function normally. It doesn’t take up much space on the RAM or internal storage.

What is SEC Phone on My Android?

We have already talked about how ” sec” is a shorthand for ” Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd” and is responsible for managing cameras settings in your Samsung phone. It is not possible to disable the Secphone mobile as it blocks listening in on conversations with your phone. This is a device developers employ to stop industrial surveillance.

You don’t have be concerned about operating in a safe manner and being used by hackers to spy on the users. If you’re interested in learning more about it, keep reading or skip onto the following section.

Sec phone protects you from eavesdropping, snooping tapping, cloning and many more. We wouldn’t recommend disabling it. However, you could disable it if you want to. However, it requires programming, and disabling it would stop calling. This is the reason it’s so important and you shouldn’t alter the program in any manner.

Com.sec.android.app.camera APK?

Com.sec.android.app.camera app is used to control your camera as we have seen in the previous section. It is run every time you are using the camera, and remains at the back of your screen. It is pre-installed on all Android devices, however you can download and install it in a separate manner if you need. Sometimes , there are problems or corruption, which can aid greatly. Download the apk this page (Samsung gadgets).

If you have any queries or concerns, we will try to address your questions in the next section, so be sure to stay.

How to Tell If an App is Using Your Camera on Android

This is a simple or challenging, depending on the Android OS version. If you’re using Android 10 and later, you’ll be able see an alert when your camera is being used by an application. The app’s name will be visible , for instance “Whatsapp is using your camera”.

If you’re using an earlier version of Android You will be required to verify the apps that have permission to use the camera within Settings. There you can deactivate or activate cameras permission. Permissions settings permit you to alter the permissions an app has and uses.

These steps will allow you to access the permission settings of an application:

  1. Get your device up and running and navigate towards ” Settings“.
  2. Then look to ” Apps & notifications” and click on it.
  3. In the meantime ” App permissions” should be displayed Click on it and the list of permissions will appear.
  4. You can uninstall the microphone and camera permissions from any app that you do not want to include it in.

How Do I Find Hidden Apps on Android?

The exact procedure will differ with various Android versions such as Oxygen OS and more. You will be able to access the hidden app drawer that includes all the hidden apps. To access it, open the drawer of apps and swipe it right.

If you’re not able to locate the hidden drawer of apps, you will be able to find the hidden apps on the list of apps. The apps will all be listed regardless of whether they are system or hidden apps.

Open the app’s list of apps:

  • Get your device up and running and go into ” Settings“.
  • Look to ” Apps & notifications” and click on it.
  • In the meantime ” See all apps” will be displayed Click on it and the list of all apps should appear.
  • Tap 3 vertical dots, then choose “Show system”.
  • You’re done. Now you can look at the apps that are installed on your phone.

How Do I Find Hidden Settings on Android?

A variety of hidden settings are accessible on your phone. They include the UI turner as well as developer options. The majority of people do not know the existence of these settings on their phones. We will explore how we can access developer settings.
Take these steps in order to gain access to the developer’s hidden settings.

  • Get your device up and running and navigate towards ” Settings“.
  • Look at ” About phone” and click on it.
  • You should be able look up ” Build number” and click it for 8-10 times until you receive your message ” You are a developer now” or ” No need, you are already a developer“.
  • Go back to the menu and click on “System” and there you will see the brand new choice ” Developer Options“.
  • It’s done Browse through your settings and discover what you need.

What is a Samsung KMS Agent?

The Android OS provides a service known as SKMS it can be installed in the form of a system application and is accountable for essential functions. Samsung KMS or SKMS is an application that is responsible for managing all SKMS protocols. We know that it can be extremely confusing, but it stays with us. The SKMS application can allow for NFC ( Near field communication) that should be found on the reverse of the phone, or in the settings using this icon.
The word eSE means ” Embedded Secure Element” and is an anti-tamper chip in every Samsung devices. The eSE checks to ensure to ensure that your device is securely and that your device is secure against tampering. This is why it is important to ensure that you keep your OS up-to-date with software updates. If you’d like to get rid of it due to a reason, you are able to do so. If you’re not interested in discuss the issue, move on to the next one.
It is available for download from the official Samsung website as it’s utilized to forward commas from eSE app to the client application. You can uninstall this app at any time by using Malwarebytes.

What Is a Silent Logger?

You might have noticed the app in action and felt worried. You shouldn’t worry because the application is component of your phone and it’s accountable for recording all events that happens on your phone. It utilizes all collected information to allow your phone to perform as it should.
You can view it as your phone attempting to comprehend what’s happening on your device. If something happens to it and it can tell you what’s wrong and why. It’s a built-in application and is available on all Android device. The app doesn’t access your information or track your activities. So you can rest easy and not be worried when you see the app in operation.
If you wish to disable the app for a short period of time however, it could cause severe problems for your smartphone. That’s why we recommend not to use the app when it’s not needed. If you do want you to fully restore your app then you can do so by using the system restore. The first part of this article to discover the reasons why we require systems apps for our phones. In the end systems apps, they are developed by Google or the phone’s manufacturer.


In the article, we saw what is cam.sec.android.app.camera and why we need it on our android devices. In addition we also discussed the meaning behind the name and the reason why it is like a jumble. If you’re unclear, then take a look at the FAQ section as we’ve listed the most frequently often asked questions.

In summary, do not be worried or frightened in the event that you see this app on your phone, since it’s a camera application. There are many apps that come with confusing names. We’ve reviewed those applications on our website, but make sure to read our other articles for more information.


What is com.sec.android.app.camera on Samsung?

The “com.sec.android.app.camera” is the package name for the camera app on your Samsung device. Camera apps are responsible for taking photos and videos and saving them to the gallery.

What does used com.sec.android.app.camera mean?

We’ve already talked about it briefly, but let us go over it again. “Com.sec.android.app” means that the app is a system app (pre-installed). Also “android.camera” means that it is the camera app native to Android that allows you to record and save videos or images.

Why com.sec.android.app.camera is running?

The app is active when you make use of the camera. It runs in the background, so it’s available to use in the shortest time possible. It’s not a problem since it’s completely secure and does not take up a lot of RAM or even an internal story.

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