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Black Screen of Death- Fix in Windows/Android


Our everyday lifestyle is filled with rusty schedules and work to be done before the deadline. To help with these complex tasks and operations, we have developed computers and smartphones. They make our work easy and efficient. They help to get the job done faster and save our valuable time. Desktop computers and laptops have become an essential part of our life. We can’t imagine a single day without them. They do a range of tasks from preparing college presentations to business presentations, aiding in scientific research to weather prediction, from robots to medical research and development, every sector has accepted computers with open arms. What will happen if these desktops and androids freeze to death with only black screens to deal with? This is called Black Screen of Death. It’s a well know error or problem that you should be aware of.

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Black Screen of Death
Black Screen of Death

What are the causes of Black Screen of Death?

          As it is named, you should take the literal meaning word by word for this particular problem. Due to some reason, the screen of your computer goes all black and there is nothing to do about it. It’s because it doesn’t display any warning on the screen, only a movable mouse pointer. Let’s first know the reason behind this blunder that leaves the system useless for a time period. This black screen appears in both, windows and android. In windows, this can be caused by a variety of reasons. A critical system error in windows can shut down the whole operating system suddenly and only a black screen will appear.

The disability of the operating system to boot can also be the reason for the black screen. Usually, booting problem in OS occurs due to missing or corrupted file. Compressing the whole operating system due to compressing all files in windows will also result in a black screen. From the early days of windows to the release of Windows 7, the community was thinking the main problem behind this black screen was windows’ update. But that wasn’t the case when investigated thoroughly. Overheating of any CPU component can also be the cause of this problem. Moreover, incomplete installation of OS or missing or corrupted software and drivers are also responsible for freezing screen with nothing on it but black. It can also be a simple reason like your display problem only and not a system problem, more like a hardware problem.

So there are various possibilities to think of. But we are here for various possible ways to fix it. We tried to provide here solutions as simple as possible because not everyone is technically sound. So let’s begin our conquest for the best fit solution:

How to Fix Black Screen of Death on Windows:

Use the mentioned method to fix the issue in Windows:

Solution 1: Restart the system

            If you’re trying to install software and it is not installed or updated properly due to any interruption then your screen may go black and unresponsive. What the system tries to do here is tries to reboot but it fails to do so because of incomplete or missing software files. In this case, just shut the power source of the system off. Keep it that way for 10 seconds and then power on again. Windows will reboot normally.

Solution 2: Change the version of OS

            If you are recently trying to install windows 11 on your old hardware then the chances of appearing on this black screen are pretty much high due to the incompatibility of hardware and software. In this case, try to change the targeted OS on the machine. Try windows 10 pro, 8.1 or 8.

Solution 3: Change the resolution of crucial software

            Video players and PC games consume a lot of resources and use the full screen while operating. A bug or single glitch in them can cause this problem and there is no definitive way to fix this. The solution to this problem can be lowering the resolution of these applications which you think responsible. Also, you can do a repair check and modify or updating the software. If a still problem exists then try reinstalling.

Solution 4: Check monitor and cables

            If you have recently upgraded your monitor then you must check the connection so that it can handle the resolution. Monitors who use specific HDMI and DVI versions aren’t able to handle resolution more than 1080p.

Solution 5: Computer overheating

All electrical appliances including the computer system generate heat. Continuously using PC with high-quality PC games and Graphics Software causes the overheating of components. It can also catch fire or may melt. Keep your PC use in check with respect to temperature and make sure the cooling fan is working properly. Have your room well ventilated and install software that monitors PC health and overheating. Whenever you think the PC is overheating, give the system rest and give it some time to cool down more often.

Solution 6: Try safe mode

            If all of the above options don’t help you and you are sure that it’s a driver or software issue then this is the last option you can do from your side. What safe mode does is it boots your computer with limited files and drivers. This gives you basic limited functionality of your PC so that the source of the problem can be determined easily. In turn, it will help you to troubleshoot the problem. There are two types. The first is safe mode and the second is safe mode with Networking. Safe mode with networking will allow you access to the Internet.

To enter into safe mode power off the PC and then power it on, and hold F8 to get you into the menu. There you will see the advanced options and under advanced options, safe mode. This might change depending on the PC you are using but it won’t be hard to find. In Windows 10, press the power button on and off for 10 seconds consecutively 3 times. You’ll enter winRE (Windows Recovery Environment) mode. In the new screen follow the exact order of action:

Troubleshoot> Advance options > Startup settings> Restart

After restarting the device, you’ll be presented with a list of options from which you have to choose. So choose safe mode. Once PC is booted, press Window+R there will be a link menu and select device manager. When you get into there, select display adapters and do right click and choose disable. Restart your PC and then update the device drivers. This will eliminate the black screen of the death problem once and for all.

How to Fix Black Screen of Death in Android:

          Android also can have this type of problem. It just doesn’t show this in its traditional black screen form. This problem can appear like the battery is draining much faster than it should be and mobile crashes or it restarts on its own. It can also hang frequently or the phone light is blinking more or less without reason and the device is not responding. The phone is ringing or sounds are coming from the phone but you are not able to do anything because of the black screen or frozen screen.

            Reasons for this problem in android are similar to that of windows in some manner. If you are using incompatible applications in your android or downloading apps from untrusted sources may cause this problem. Apps from an untrusted source can have bugs or viruses. If you are charging for long periods even after it is fully charged may also damage the mobile and cause this problem. Using a non-compatible charger or battery that is too old and is not in good condition is also a source of this problem.

            Now to get rid of this black screen of death situation caused by the above problems, follow the below solutions:

Solution 1: Check the buttons and charging port.

            It is a good practice to keep your mobile clean. Don’t let any dirt or debris saturate in these places mentioned above. Check if any of your volume or power button is pressed and jammed. Try clicking/ pressing and realizing the button fast a couple of times. Also, check if the charging port is clean and try plugging the charger in and out. After inspecting everything is fine. Try restarting the mobile by pressing and holding the power button.

Solution 2: Let the battery drain.

            When your device black screen and no function is available to work, then the best idea is to let it freeze to death. Let the battery die completely and after shutting down charge the mobile in the same condition. After the phone is fully charged, then only power on.

Solution 3: Press it gently from both sides.

It is because of the display that has become loose over time, try pressing your phone from sides, front and back.  Press firmly and not too tight. If the problem goes away then you should go to an authorized android center for fixing the screen problem.                                                                                                           

Solution 4: Reset

            If none of the above options were able to give you a satisfactory result then and only then try considering this option. If your mobile is hanging too often or is misbehaving and is not responding no matter what you did, then this option is for you. Always remember, actions are not reversible once you have done this action and all your data will be lost. Back up your data to computer or cloud storage before proceeding with this activity.

Just go to settings, find the reset option and click on it. Your phone will reset and any corrupted file will get flushed. You can do a hard reset also if you don’t find a reset option or any other problem persists while resetting.

First, turn off the android then press the power + volume up/down button depending on the android. Once you see the menu screen on the device, let go of the hold of keys. Use volume keys to navigate through options and the power button to select. Once you see the factory reset option, press the power key to select it. It will ask for your permission and gives you a warning message that it will wipe all data. Select continue or yes depending on what appears on the screen. After clicking on yes using the power key, the phone will wipe all data and do a reset operation on mobile. It will be turned off by itself and then turn on all by itself.


          The black screen of death is a fatal problem when it comes to windows. Take good care of it and try to eliminate all the options that might give rise to this tragic error. Always check for software updates and driver updates as well. Don’t let your PC overheat. Look for hardware and software compatibility before installing operating systems and other software applications that might stress system resources use. Also, keep in mind that monitors can be troublesome too if not taken good care of.

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