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IR blaster: How to install IR blaster on Android

An IR blaster can be a practical hardware component today. Have you ever utilized it? If you haven’t and are searching for it, then you’re in the right spot in order to blast the phone using IR blasters, Not really! In this article, you will discover how to install an IR blaster on Android and also how one can make use of IR blasters with their Android phone.

What exactly is an IR blaster?

IR blaster refers to an Infrared blaster. An Infrared blaster can be described as a device that mimics an infrared remote controller to independently control an appliance that is typically controlled through a single keypress on the remote control. IR blaster lets the smartphone to act as a remote controller for any device like AC, TV as well as set up boxes fan, set up box, projector, and many more. This is because when you break or lose the remote control for your TV, you could use your smartphone to act as the remote control for your device.

Many companies that sell smartphones, such as Samsung, T-mobile, etc. put this component into their smartphones to allow them to function as remote controls for all the devices in your home. Certain smartphone manufacturers stopped making this component of their smartphones, however, not everyone. This feature is extremely useful, especially for home use.

What is the main reason for you to like Infrared (IR)?

Infrared (IR) blasters can be similar to IR blasters. They receive commands from your computer (e.g. the Volume up or shift channel) and then inform the IR computer system that you wish to be able to track what you want.

It’s known as”blaster,” because it is “blaster,” because such instructions “blast” at any or any receptor to let them determine which one best suits the user best.

How do IR Blasters function?

An IR blaster functions a bit similar to the Infrared remote to ensure it can be joined to your devices. To know the features of an IR blaster is it is important to integrate this device along with your Smart TV as well as any other gadgets you wish to.

One of the advantages that come with IR blasters is that they don’t require you to connect directly with your TV’s network to run it. The sole IR blasters and consequently the central point to be located on the lower part of the smart TV network they’re connected to. This lets you jointly control your TV system as well as other smart home appliances.

What are the reasons we need IR Blasters?

The cabinet is secured. Remote handheld devices like Logitech Harmony in your media room can track devices such as gaming consoles and A/V sensors using IR bottles.

IR blaster: the best alternative

The IR Blaster phone is utilized as a remote device that allows you to charge various electronic devices at home. This includes Telev. Telev. Unfortunately, IR-blaster phones aren’t as well-known as they usually are. Some companies like Samsung or HTC have tried to dip the device in the past however, they can be seen on Chinese phones.

How can I determine if my phone is equipped with an IR blaster or not?

Some smartphones in this generation come with an Infrared blaster. How can we tell whether our phone is equipped with the IR blaster is it? If you can find an Infrared blaster-like circular black dot within your smartphone, as illustrated in the image below, it signifies that the device is equipped with the IR blaster.

I install an IR blaster on my mobile? Is it possible? 

IR blaster is a hardware component, so it isn’t able to be installed directly onto your device. There are several products that are available, such as those that use the USB IR blaster, and when you plug them into your smartphone similar to a USB gadget, you are able to use IR blaster within your phone. A lot of mobile apps claim that they can turn your smartphone into a remote without having an Infrared blaster. The majority of them are fakes, there is a handful that uses Bluetooth/Wi-Fi on both devices. This is how to install an IR blaster for your Android phone even if it’s not there.

How do I make use of the IR blaster?

A lot of smartphones come with pre-installed apps on their phones to make use of IR blasters. If you don’t have an app to control your remote on your phone, you can install any program such as Mi remote onto your device.

  • After you have installed the application, launch it, then click on the add remote section.
  • You will find an extensive list of gadgets. Remotes can be made for any of them. Select the device you wish to create a remote.
  • After selecting the device, you’ll be able to see the list of all companies and brands that manufacture this kind of device. Select the company or brand you want to represent.
  • Open the device you’d like to create a remote instance, if you’re making the remote for a TV, start your tv. Once you’ve selected the model, you’ll notice the following question on the screen “Is your TV connected?” Tap on On.
  • Then, select the power button that works perfectly with the model of your television. When you locate your television’s power button, click “yes” that appears at the lower right part of your screen.
  • The edit remote page will open. You can assign any name to the remote. You can also include an option to create a shortcut from this page. After you have finished, you can tap on the paired icon at the lower right the screen. You now can use a remote to control your TV on your phone.
  • As such, you could create a remote control that can be used on any device.


IR blaster is an ideal tool to make your smartphone remote control. You can create your device’s remote control by using this. A lot of smartphone manufacturers stopped producing this component in their smartphones because of their benefits but not all. Certain companies still offer IR blasters for their phones. In the article, below we’ll show you the steps to set up the IR blasters on Android and also how to use an Infrared blaster within their smartphone to control their remote.


Q1. Can I make use of my phone as a remote with no IR blaster?

Solutions: Some apps allow you to turn your smartphone into a remote control with no IR blaster by making use of BlueTooth and wi-fi, however, the majority of apps are fake. You can purchase a USB IR blaster on your smartphone if it does not have one, and then make your device’s remote control.

Q2. Do I have the ability to create a remotely controlled camera by using the help of an IR blaster?

Solutions: You can easily make an IR remote for your camera if are using IR blasters within your smartphone. You can make use of Mi remote, or any other app to create an appropriate remote for your camera.

Q3. Which Android version includes the IR blasters?

Solutions: Your smartphone has an IR blaster or not. It does not depend on the Android version of your phone. It is dependent on the company that is the one you’re currently using. If they have an Infrared blaster for the phone that you are using, you will quickly locate it on the front of your phone.

Q4. Where can I purchase the external IR blasters?

solution: You can buy an external IR blaster on online stores like Amazon as well as eBay. These are the top locations to purchase this.

Q5. Does the Samsung Galaxy S9+ have an IR blaster?

Answer: No, Samsung discontinued the use of Infrared blaster on Galaxy models following the S5 and the latest Samsung Galaxy phones will not have IR blaster.

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