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Spacedesk – The multi-monitoring app

    Hey reader! Welcome to this article: SpacedeskThe multi-monitoring app. I am here once again to show you something interesting. For promptly, just remember it is just like magic. Just as a magician makes the disappearing act on the show. He first makes a person disappear from one point and makes him reappear to another point. He even shows matches of that person to the people.

   Well, now you can think of the same incident with your own devices. Consider we are handling a computer. These devices are multitasking – handling more than one assignment simultaneously. But, you have a problem. You have opened too numerous windows at a time on a single screen. The switching has become more complex. This is all performing it a more and more tiresome thing. Then you suddenly think of Spacedesk.

    When you switch it on and start to use it. The workload is now reduced. Now let it be any number of tasks you are handling. Now, what is Spacedesk? What are its uses? How to handle it? I have given all the answers in this article.

Screen Splitting

    First, let us understand those things with some daily life problems. Let us say your mother gave you the task of preparing noodles. You head to the kitchen. There is a comprehensive mess of materials that are required for making noodles on the dining table.

    You divide them into various sections. First, you distribute the raw vegetables, spices, knife, required utensils, etc. and then you head to the task given. What do you make? A complex task distributed in simple and small formats. Relate it to the computer activity. When you are in an online conference meeting, some head tells you to note down certain things. You open the notepad on your PC. But you also want to look at the screen. In this situation, a screen splitter helps a lot. Screen Splitting is the technique while which the activity screen is divided into different things. Take one activity then place it on one screen, then take another activity and install it on a different screen. But it should be connected to the main screen.

What is a computer?

    The abbreviation of the word Computer is depicted as – Common Operating Machine Purposely Accepted for Technological and Educational Research. The world’s first computer was made by the person Charles Babbage. It was a machine commonly used to carry out mathematical operations. He termed it as Abacus. Thereafter the concept got applied in a more complex machine namely Analytical Engine. Ada Lovelace as the pioneer of computer programming served upon this engine. Being a mathematician, she also worked on the differential engine.

    The later developments involve the design and analysis of microprocessors. Different computer specialists contributed, computer science developed under these people. The world’s most renowned architectures which are made to produce today’s modern processors are:

  • Harvard Architecture
  • Von Neuman Architecture.

The flowchart will make matters easier to understand the operations of a computer.

operations of a computer

Understanding the functionality

First, we will understand the various elements that make a computer.

We will divide them into two parts according to the operations:



It is a set of keys embedded in a rectangular board. The gadget is used to give commands to the CPU in the form of words, symbols, numbers, and characters.


It is a simple tool that is directly connected to the CPU. When the computer is made on, it is used to navigate with a cursor point. It can move throughout the screen and select the options on the Monitor’s screen.


Use to perform voice communications through video calls on a computer.



It is a screen that shows all the user activity he/she performs while using the computer. The words typed by the keyboard and the mouse pointer are visible only because of the monitor.


The speaker is used to listen to the sounds. They are used to listen to music, different voices, etc.

All this is handled by one thing which is Central Processing Unit. It is the heart of the computer. CPU holds the brain of the computer that is the Processor. It consists of Random Access Memory (RAM) chips, Hard Disk, Mother Board, Supply Unit, and cooling system.

Why the need for Spacedesk occurred?

    Earlier operating the OS was not related to multitasking. This was all different. computers were only used for either of the operations. Then soon after that, the technology got developed. The foundation of Graphics Processing Units made the monitors to held out advanced tasks. The main use was to handle pixels and a steady video.

        The programmer implements multiple operations. So, a need of having multiple screens( Spacedesk App) that can make programming easier occurred. Tasks like scripting and code development can require onetime attention.  So, some tech organizations approached to design Virtual Screen software. These held the basic operation of distributing the different tasks on separate screens.

It looks like this:

Spacedesk App

Core ideology

The concept defined the combination of ongoing tasks just like a flowchart. the name given to it was Multi Monitoring systems. Many are available in the online markets; you can get them for free or paid. But, the main problem is security. So here we will be getting some information about the space desk.

What is Spacedesk?

Well, it is a multi-monitoring application. Microsoft developed this software. Its roots lie under an IT company named Okatu Software. Soon after that, Microsoft took over its further development. It can support six virtual desktops and nine monitors.

They launched it for beta testing under the name Desk Space on 18 September 2007.  The version was 1.5.1.


Application Programming Interface API version = DirectX 8.1

Graphics library: OpenGL

This app supports Operating Systems like:

  1. Windows (cp, vista, 7, 8,  10)
  2. Linux
  3. MAC OS

System type should be 32 bit and 64 bit.


It is trialware and not freeware. Trialware defines, the app gives a 14-day trial and thereafter we need to buy it. But, we will check out the free version.

How to add Spacedesk to Mobile & Computer

System integration and usage:

We need to understand that multiple screens should be needed for multi-monitoring. We need to add Spacedesk to Mobile as well as Computer.

First, we will add Spacedesk to the Computer

Now, we will proceed towards the system addition process. Follow these steps for the same:

  • Open any browser and visit the website.
download Spacedesk for PC
  • Click on download button
  • Several options will appear, select the appropriate option according to your OS build
Spacedesk driver software
  • The file size is hardly 5.6 MB, so it will be downloaded fast.
  • Click on the downloaded setup, it is a driver for multi-monitoring
  • Click on the setup file. The install-shield wizard will start
 install-shield wizard
  • Accept the license agreements
license agreements
  • Select the working directory
working directory
  • Click on next
space desk firewall
  • Then click on install, this will take some time.
installing Spacedesk
  • Click on Finish to the installation.
  • Then restart your PC for proper working. After that, take a look at the hidden icons, you will find the Space Desk icon ready for your action.
Space Desk icon ready for your action

Second, we will add Spacedesk to the mobile

Thereafter, adding it to the mobile (for android):

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Then search for space desk app
search Spacedesk
  • Click on install, wit for some seconds, and your job is done.
add Spacedesk to the mobile

Using the software:

Now let’s get rolling to How to use it? Eventually, it needs a local Wi-Fi connection but we can run it on our mobile hotspot. These are the steps to do the same:

  1. Switch on your mobile hotspot, make sure you have proper internet on your phone
  2. Then connect your laptop/desktop to that hotspot.
  3. Then open the space desk app on your mobile
  4. It shows a notice to you that it can only access a Windows PC. Click on OK
  5. You can see your Computer’s name with IP address
Space desk
  1. Click on it and you have the access to your desktop on your phone.

See this photo for a clear idea:

Spacedesk final setup


How many monitors can be operated using Spacedesk app?

This is a multi-monitoring application. You should make note of one thing, it has limits. It can support up to nine monitors.

Is Spacedesk safe to install?

It is 50% safe to install. The app is made using Natural Language Processing (NLP) concept. But, the reviews from different users say that the app is not stable. it works somewhat bad on some devices.

What type of OS is mainly used for?

It runs well on Windows. App downloaded from Google play store has a support lineage more to Windows.


The advantages are:

  1. Access to your computer through various devices
  2. Tedious tasks are distributed and made small and easy
  3. Easy to operate and understand
  4. You can change the color rendering, image quality, and other settings according to your choice.


  1. As soon as you switch off the connection, the rotation is not restored. The computer screen remains portrait if any of the connected screens are portrait.
  2. Make sure you are operating with the same connection. It can be traced.
  3. You need bigger screens. With mobile phones, the screen is very small

Don’t Miss:


    This all ends up here. Making most of the things clear, I would like to recommend you to use it. It is a good tool for multi-monitoring. But, for sure it is vulnerable also. New ideas are born every day and brought in the online market each year. The fact is that we don’t know which one picks from which domain.

    Always remember to give priority to your data security. Some software is meant only for stealing. A small suggestion, take your time to read the License Agreement of any software you install. Narrating these I finally conclude this article. For more read this referred article: spacedesk.