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Everything you should identify about Google’s Native Clientchrome-native://newtab/” and Google Chrome as well is available here. Hello everybody, I’m back again with an additional post to provide you with a wealth of instructions, tips, and tricks. This time I would like to talk about the chrome-native://newtab/ and Google’s Native Client. Native Client was extremely beneficial and groundbreaking, but it was also controversial on the internet. It could be an extremely useful way to learn details about it. I’ll also touch on the subject regarding the Chrome browser, as well as some useful tips to aid in the future when you use it. I’ll attempt to explore the various ways you can modify your Chrome browser. I hope this article proves handy for you. Let’s begin.

Google Chrome is by far one of the largest and most popular browsers on the planet at the moment and does not appear to be going to slow down anytime in the near future. That’s why, to increase and increase its use, Google developed the Chrome Native Client. Native Client first officially released in 2011, it was created to offer a platform that could run native C/C++ programming without significant reductions in performance. In this post, I’ll try to cover the majority of topics that are related to these subjects and give you some helpful tips and tricks in addition.

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More About Google

In the present day I’m sure you won’t be able find one person who hasn’t heard of “Google“. The company was started as a hobby project of two Ph.D. students, today it’s among the top-ranked and most well-known businesses worldwide. Google the search engine discovered in the hands of Larry Page and Sergey Brin as they were completing their Ph.D. at Stanford University in California. What did make Google different from the other search engines was Larry Page’s personal algorithm for determining the search engine’s algorithm, called PageRank that he co-authored together with Sergey. Presently, PageRank is not the sole algorithm employed by Google’s search engine. After the company’s rapid expansion in the early 2000s it quickly expanded its business into other areas of IT and also.

Google started services like email services, work productivity utilities, instant messengers and video chat services, chrome-native://newtab/ and many others. Google Docs is one of the most popular document processing tools in the world because of its cost-free nature. In the same way, Gmail is also the most widely used email service. Google also operates and develops the most popular portable operating system Android. It also designed a light Chrome web-based OS, referred to as ChromeOS. The most well-known smartphones are Google Pixel and Nexus. Google has also tried providing internet-based carrier services via Google Fiber, Google Fi Google Station, along with Google Station. YouTube is the world’s most popular video streaming website along with its service Youtube is also run and controlled by Google.

Although Google is among the top companies in the world but it’s still received an enormous amount of criticism. Its concerns included privacy issues and search neutrality, tax avoidance and many other issues.

Google while it is a reputable company with many great services that are utilized by millions of users However, it has also been accused of destroying hundreds of services due to mismanagement. The list of services is so extensive that there’s a website that is dedicated exclusively to the issue.

In 2015, as part of the restructuring process, Google formed Alphabet Inc. as its parent company. As of the date of this publication, Sundar Pichai is the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of both Google as well as Alphabet Inc.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the world’s most frequently used web browser. In 2004, the first speculations about the future for the Chrome browser surfaced. At the time, Mozilla Firefox was the hot browser downloaded by everyone. This led Google to employ ex- Firefox developers to develop a prototype of Chrome. The development of Chrome was overseen by the Google CEO Google Sundar Pichai. The browser was officially launched its debut in the year 2008. In the year 2020, it was believed that Chrome was the most popular browser with a 70% share of the market for browsers. Since its introduction back in the year 2008 Chrome has gained popularity that it became its own brand. It led to the creation of additional products bearing the Chrome brand name like Chrome OS, Chromebook, Chromecast, Chrome //flags Settings, ChromeContinue, and many more. None of these other products were a huge success.

Chrome’s browser is based on V8 Javascript. V8 Javascript engine as opposed to the Gecko engine which Firefox utilizes. Its V8 JS engine was developed as a separate development within Denmark in the hands of Lars Bak (considered a Javascript genius). The majority of the source code utilized in Google Chrome was derived from Google’s open-source web browser project named Chromium. The Chromium repository can be found on this page. One of the primary features that were emphasized during the development process was creating a lightweight and speedy browser. Chrome uses its minimalistic UI very well, giving maximum space for working while still providing all the customization settings for chrome-native://newtab/.

Although Chrome is among the fastest browsers on the market but it has been criticised by users. The reason for this is that it consumes a lot of power processor, memory, and CPU consumption when compared to Firefox. This has led to a lot of users switching to Chrome to Firefox and subsequently reducing Google Chrome usage in recent times.

Google Chrome, owing to its popularity, has been transferred to an array of platforms. These platforms comprise Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS. Chrome browser is pre-installed on all Android smartphone, along with numerous other Google applications.

Google Native Client

Google when it was developing ChromeOS which is a Chrome operating system that is based on the browser intended to run web-based applications with a near-native speed. This would let more applications porting to the browser-based OS , without having to worry about speed and performance issues. This is why they invented Native Client. Native Client. Native Client (also called NaCl also known as the common salt) is a method of technology that lets you execute native C/C++ programs in a similar manner to. To showcase NaCl’s abilities, full-fledged versions of Chrome-only versions of processor-rich games such as Bastion were made available. The first stable release in the year 2011.


You might have seen “chrome-native://newtab/” pop up before on your device. People typically have reported seeing this in the Google Activity section that records the bulk of actions performed on smartphones. Are you concerned about this if it pops up? Most definitely no. It’s just a normal thing that was captured while you visited Google’s New Tab on Google Chrome on your device. It is not suspicious. this. Generally, URLs like chrome-native://newtab/, chrome://settings, chrome://version, content://com.android.browser.home/ and others are a way to access Chromes inbuilt pages.

Allowing Google Native Client

The activation of the Native Client or NaCl in the Chrome browser is quite simple, comply with these instructions.

  1. Open your Chrome browser.
  2. Choose the URL field and type chrome://flags and press Enter.
  3. This will open to the Flags tab.
  4. Within the box for search In the search box, enter “nacl”. This should show only the option to enable-nacl.
  5. Choose”Enable” from the menu. it states Disabled.
  6. A prompt to restart Chrome is displayed. Click Relaunch and Chrome will start up again.

When Chrome is restarted, the Native Client will be activated. You can read the complete NaCl documentation here.

Customizing New Tab

Making Chrome’s new tab the custom URL is not an arduous task. It’s as simple as following the steps in the following steps:

  1. Once again, you must start Chrome. Chrome browser.
  2. Make sure to click on three dots in the upper left corner.
  3. Choose the setting option in the dropdown menu.
  4. From the sub-settings on the left, select On Startup.
  5. Choose from the Add New Links radio icon and then click the button Add New Page.
  6. Enter the URL you want to use. I prefer duckduckgo.com as mine.

This will set the input URL as the new tab’s page, and it becomes the very first webpage to show on the first time you open Chrome.

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Some Android Chrome Tricks

This article will discuss the Android Chrome application. I will go over some of the techniques that make using the Chrome browser easy for users of Android. I hope these tips prove useful to you too.

  • You can turn on dark mode on Chrome. This can help your eyes by decreasing the strain on your eyes. All you have to do is copy and paste this line on your URL space chrome://flags/#enable-android-web-contents-dark-mode
  • Moving from one browser to the next could be a hassle. To easily switch tabs in Chrome it is easy to swipe across your address bar.
  • It is easy to turn off the audio playing on a website by clicking Settings Site Settings -> Site Settings> Sound. This is particularly useful when the site plays an auto-playing video.
  • If you hold and tap on the tabs icon, you will see a hidden menu that allows you to open or close tabs faster.
  • Pages can be saved in .pdf files to view them offline or for documenting reasons. To do this, click Three dots Share -> Print ->and save the PDF file.


This brings us to the conclusion of this piece. We’ve discussed in depth about Google, Google Chrome, and Native Client. We also talked about the procedure of enabling native client on your computer and how to alter the tab’s new page in Google Chrome. I also talked about the URL chrome-native://newtab/ which might appear in your activity area. Also, I shared some interesting tricks and tips with you guys to help make using Chrome somewhat simpler.

I hope this article was of use to you. If so, make sure to share it with your families and friends, and remain safe. We’ll be seeing you in the next post.

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