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Not sure what is messages.google.com/web? Want to use Google messages on your desktop? We got you covered with our article. Learn how we can use it to send SMS from our desktop. Also, learn how you can schedule a message and send it when you want. See how you can use the dark mode which will make your eyes less stressed. If you want to take a short way then check out the video on our youtube channel.

As the name suggests, this version of Google messages is meant to be used via a browser just like Whatsapp web. If you are looking to use Google’s messaging app on your desktop then this is just for you. With the help of Messages web, you can send and receive messages from your desktop. This is especially helpful when you are working and can not check your phone for notifications.

In this article, we are going to see how we can use the Google messages web and what are the features provided by it. If you are already aware of the Google messages web then you can skip the initial sections and jump to the steps.


What is messages.google.com/web?

If you have used Whatsapp web then you must be familiar with the concept. But if not then know that it is a way of using your Google messages on your desktop without installing any app.

The advantage of it is that you can access your messages from any device and then log out. However, you need to have access to your phone the first time to connect and the phone should start connected. If your smartphone loses connectivity to the internet or turns off then the web version will notify you and stop working.

The web version supports all the features which the app does, like sending gifs, stickers, emojis, and more. This ensures that you get a consistent experience across all the platforms.

What Can Google Messages Do?

We have already seen some of the features which the Google messages web provides. Here we are going to see all the other features which are provided by it.

messages.google.com/web allows users to send messages without any delay which you would expect from any good messaging app. You can open Google messages web from any device which has support for web pages. This means you can even open your messages on your smart TV or smart fridge.

Aside from all the features provided by the app version of the Google messages. The web version provides the support for your favorite keyboard shortcuts like Ctrl + V & Ctrl + C and more. If you want to see the feature provided by Google messages then see the below list. But if you are already aware of the features then you can skip this part:

  • Support for using contextual emojis which allow you to quickly and easily express yourself.
  • Tap and hold to start any important messages which can be quickly accessed later.
  • You can create categories for started messages which makes searching messages easy.
  • The app has the support for sending money via Goggle Pay.
  • Make reading messages with the read-aloud feature, this is especially useful when you want to go through all the messages quickly.

How to Get Started With Google Messages

Now if you want to use the messages.google.com/web on your smartphone then the app is pre-installed on your Android device. But if you are an iPhone user then you can opt to use Google Chat. To download the Google messages for your Android device, click here.

NOTE: You need to have a Messages app on your phone to use Messages web.

If you want to see the steps to get started with Google Messages, then follow these steps:

  1. Once the app is downloaded, open it and look for the “Start Chat” button. If there is no existing chat then the button will be in the center of the screen.
  2. If the app is showing the button “Set default SMS app”, they will not be able to start any conversation. Click on the button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. To start a new conversation, tap on the search icon (top right corner of the screen). From here you can enter the phone number or name of the person you want to chat with.
  4. Once you select the person to who you want to send the message, you can type the SMS and send it.

How to Manage Contacts in Google Messages

Google messages provide us with several ways in which we can manage the contacts. Even if you are receiving messages from a random person, you can add, block, silent and more.

  1. Open the app and tap on the conversation of the person you want to edit.
  2. Once the conversation is opened, tap on “Add Contact”. From this setting, you can add additional information like email, address, and more.
  3. After you fill in all the information, click on “Save” and the contact will be updated.
  4. (Optional) If you want to add a new contact in an already created group then open the group. And tap on “More” then “Group details”, from here you can tap on “Add” to complete the step.
  5. (Optional) If you want to block any number, then you can tap on “Details” and here you will see the “Block and report spam” button. After clicking, the number will be blocked and you will no longer receive messages from that contact.

How to Use Google Messages on Your Computer

Here we are going to see the steps on using messages.google.com/web. Follow the steps mentioned below to get started with Google message web:

  1. Open messages.google.com/web in your browser or click here.
  2. Once the message web opens, you should see a QR code at the center of the screen. (Text on your device by pairing your phone).
  3. Now open the Google message app on your phone, and tap on the three dots at the top of the screen. From the menu tap on “Messages for web” and your camera should open.
  4. Scan the QR code using your phone and after scanning the web page should update automatically.
  5. Now you can use the Google message web just like the app version. However, keep in mind to log out once you are done.

NOTE: If your phone disconnects from the internet or is switched off then messages web will stop working.

Schedule Texts With Google Messages

This is another very useful feature which we could use to make our lives a little easier. With the introduction of Android 11, the messages allow you to schedule any text message and it will go when you want it. Just like the normal messages, you can schedule to send media attachments, emojis, stickers, and more.

This comes in handy when you know you need to send a message but later, and you might forget to send it then. Even if you are not sure about the uses, we would recommend giving it a try first. For example, if you want to wish someone at midnight, then this is perfect for you.

For app:

If you want to create a schedule message then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Google messages app and tap on the conversation “chat” button.
  2. Now type the name or number of the receiver and then type any message of your choice.
  3. Once done with typing the message, click and hold the send button and wait for options to appear.
  4. From the different options tap on “Scheduled send” and you will see a popup window.
  5. In the window, select the time and date by tapping on “Pick date and time”.
  6. Once you select the time and date, the message will be automatically sent at the specified time.

For web:

  1. Open the Google messages app and tap on the three dots at the top of the screen.
  2. A new drop-down menu will open, tap on “Device pairing”.
  3. After clicking the camera will open, click here to open Messages web. You should be able to see the QR code in the center of the screen if you are already logged in.
  4. Now scan the QR code from your camera and the messages should appear on the left-hand side.
  5. (Optional) If you don’t want to repeat the QR scanning process, then you need to check the box saying “Remember this PC”. You can do this after or before scanning the QR code.

This feature is not available on the web as of the writing of this article. But you can check since the web version is updated frequently.


Which browsers will work with Google messages web?

messages.google.com/web world perfectly on major browsers such as:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Brave

But if you are facing any kind of problem then try using Google chrome since it will have the best support and most features.

How to remove message web access from the computer?

This is very important since you don’t want anyone reading your messages while you are away from your PC. You can quickly disconnect the connection between your PC and phone, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Once your PC and phone are connected, open the notification on your phone and you should see the option to disconnect messages web.
  • Click on “disconnect” and you will automatically log out from the PC and need to scan QR again or connect from the phone again.
  • (Optional) You can go to messages web and then click on three dots on the left side of the screen. Click on the dots and tap on “Unpair” to stop the connection.

How to turn on the dark mode?

messages.google.com/web has the support for a dark mode which helps chat applications. Aside from looking good, the dark mode also strains your eyeless. However, you should not use dark mode during the day or in a proper lid room. Since it will strain your eyes more.

For phone app:

To turn on and off the dark mode, click on the three dots on the left side. From the drop-down menu click on “Choose a theme” and select dark mode.

For web app:

To turn on and off the dark mode on the web app, open the menu by clicking on the three dots at the top. From the menu click on “Turn on the dark theme”.

NOTE: You can also use extensions to make any website turn into a dark version. We would recommend using Dark reader, click here to visit the extension.

Does Google messages have a desktop app?

Unfortunately, there is no app which you can download for Windows or Mac. The only option we have right now is to use the web version of the Google messages which provide all the feature of the phone version of the app.

You can do a google search to see if they released the desktop app but as of the writing of the article. No desktop app could be downloaded.


In the article, we learned what is messages.google.com/web and how we can use it to make our life easier. If you are not clear about any of the topics then you can drop down your query in the comment section. We would love to help out our readers.

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