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Samsung secret codes


Some Samsung mobile users have already known about these codes, which can perform many useful functions on Android smartphones without rooting or installing custom ROMs. The following hidden secret code is working on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones. With this secret code, you will be able to check all the information which is stored in your mobile phone like IMEI number, Model Number, current android version, region details, country of manufacturing, and many more other details in a simple manner. 

So after reading this article, You can quickly issue these secret codes to perform various functions like opening cameras on locked phones, making calls from locked phones without putting pin lock code and pattern lock, etc. Don’t use those old methods to get these codes. Just follow the below brief guide, and you will be able to get Samsung secret codes for free in some minutes.

Samsung secret codes
Samsung secret codes

What are secret codes?

Samsung mobile Android phones come with pre-installed intelligent applications that learn your habits and provide you with customized services. These codes will work 100% on any Samsung mobile device, but these codes may also work on some other models, so you can try these on your desired mobile phone and check if it works! 

Note: Please be sure to do your own testing on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone with these codes and let me know in the comments below if these codes work or not for you.

How to use Samsung secret codes?

This will work on any android smartphone. However, if you’re trying this on a Samsung phone, I’d recommend doing a soft restart before attempting to do it. This is a way of rebooting your phone without really turning it off completely. Now, you just don’t have to guess your customers’ phone numbers, leads, or prospects. With these codes, you can directly ask them for their phone number and if they do not want to give their contact information, then just ask them to tap on the code and enter their phone number manually. Here I will share five crucial secret codes for Samsung users.

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Where is my IMEI number?  

The IMEI (International Mobile station Equipment Identity) helps ensure that you are getting the exact, authentic Apple hardware that you expect. Any iPhone that is activated without an approved SIM card from the original carrier of purchase can be reported stolen. Additionally, selling a used iPhone requires locating and removing your personal information before recycling or disposing of the device properly.


This is a mobile phone code that is universal for any brand of mobile phones. It shows the IMEI (International Mobile station equipment identity)


Essentially, the SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) limit level of a particular mobile phone is the maximum permissible level of radiofrequency (RF) energy absorbed in any one gram of tissue in your body when exposed to radio waves from a mobile phone. The SAR limit level is specified by each country’s government and is usually different from one country to another. The SAR information is printed on each new mobile phone label, and you can also find it enclosed in the box that comes with your new mobile phone.


Samsung Remote Test mode is used in all Samsung mobile phones and is very useful for those who work in a service center or as a mobile phone technician because you can find most of the problems on the phones by using this code. This is the mobile phone information code for the Samsung mobile phones. Using this, you can reset your phone to factory defaults, test LCD, backlight function, speaker, test sensors, etc.


It gives information about the software installed on your phone.


This code gives you a piece of information about the hardware.


The code demonstrates how to retrieve the phone and PDA firmware information.


This code displays the combination of software and hardware information.


This application gives you information about your network, including whether it’s registered or not, if the GSM frequency is supported. It also can show the identifications of phone number or station name in IC card.


This library allows you to manage the battery read pieces of information such as battery level, voltage, temperature, and many others.


This code can show you more advanced information about your camera’s firmware. Of course, you can also update the camera firmware with this app, but just to be safe, avoid it.


Some mobile phones can be changed by changing the associated CSC (or Sales) code.


This code allows for the insertion of the Network Lock Control Key. To avoid breaking your mobile phone, please do not enter any number.


This function can be used to enter System Dump mode, that can be applied to enable fast dormancy and boost the network.

So these were the essential secret codes for Samsung Galaxy S6. Of course, there are more secret codes in this device, but these are the most critical and valuable codes for everyone.

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Necessary: if you are copying these codes, then make sure to write them down on a piece of paper and test them before leaving the store. Copy and paste the codes one by one in your browser, and it will save a lot of time. You can use the above-given secret codes to unlock hidden settings or menus on your Samsung Galaxy S6, and it will undoubtedly help you learn about the various features of Galaxy S6. 

These codes are surely going to be useful for you in the future as you might require knowing about these codes in different situations like when your mobile is bricked. or you want to make modifications in the style of your device appearance, or if you need any other assistance related to your device. We hope that you chaps have loved this content. If you have any issues regarding the above codes, please let me know in the comments section of this blog.

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