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Error code 224003- How to fix

Occasionally, you may come across an error code 224003 when you try to watch videos on YouTube or other online video websites. This error means the video file has been downloaded and stored on your computer. But you cannot play it due to some unknown errors. Suppose you want to find a way to fix this problem. Please check the six methods below. With the growing popularity of online videos, various video sites have appeared on the Internet. Unfortunately, more and more people are getting difficulties downloading or watching videos on YouTube with the increasing traffic.

When you come across this kind of video error when watching online videos, YouTube downloading software can provide you a good solution. With the program, you can help solve the problem that leads to the error message and convert all the online video links to a compatible format so that they can be played smoothly on your computer. 

Error code 224003- How to fix
Error code 224003- How to fix

What is error code 224003?

Error Code 224003 is most commonly a video-related issue. This video blocking problem is mainly seen while playing YouTube or other video streaming sites. The most common reason for Error Code 224003 while playing videos is a malicious extension installed on your browser, or an application running in the background. It happens in every modern browser. Sometimes even after going into the settings and disabling all of the extensions or programs running in the background, you might see Code 224003 on your screen as you try to watch a video online.

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What are the causes of error code 224003?

Once you have determined that a third party is not the cause of the annoying Error Code 224003. The next step is to ensure that no background apps are running. Then Check with your WebExtensions. Finally, it is possible to determine which application blocks your video and thus fix the issue efficiently. 

Issue code 224003 can occur on your computer due to 

  1. Media Player, 
  2. QuickTime, 
  3. RealPlayer, and
  4.  VLC Player 

As they use Windows Media Encoder to convert videos. A temporary solution for this issue is to pause these applications when you want to play a video. However, you may need to purchase a third-party video converter for a permanent solution.

How to fix the error code 224003?

There are different methods to fix the error 224003. Have a look.

Try with a different browser

Google Chrome may be one of the most popular Internet browsers in the world, but sometimes it experiences problems with specific sites. If you notice performance issues with Chrome, try using Firefox or Internet Explorer to access your Google account. And if this issue or problem is bothering you a lot, then you need to switch to another browser to fix it. Before making such a decision, you should try to understand what’s going on with your Google Chrome. You may try the following steps one by one in order to fix this problem. Globally, your problem does not go away after staying on this page for more than 10 minutes. 

A problem arises when Internet users consider the advantages of using the browser to watch videos on YouTube and other similar sites. However, if you are not using Chrome. There are many browser plugins available. Which can help fix the problem of the view counter showing constantly.

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Check with hardware

If you’re experiencing this problem, Chrome is likely one of the culprits. Hardware acceleration is an optional feature that can help your web browsing. It improves the experience by speeding up websites on your computer. However, some users have reported hardware acceleration affecting Chrome in an unexpected and disruptive manner. And disabling included one of the recommended solutions for fixing this issue.

There is a possibility to fix this issue by disabling hardware acceleration in Google Chrome. And restart your computer if you haven’t already done so. Of course, this hack requires a bit of forethought and technical prowess. It is simple in the process, but it is difficult to rectify if you miss any steps. In theory, if you remove hardware acceleration from your system. Then, your computer will simply run faster with the hardware resources freed up by the processor utilized. Elsewhere by Chrome rather than being wasted on rendering Cocoa or JavaScript technology. Inside Google Chrome typically between 30% – 50% faster depending on processor speed.

Turn off extensions

Extensions are excellent, but not all extensions may work as well as they should. We recommend that you disable or uninstall your extensions and check whether this code will disappear or not. If you still get the error code 224003 after you disable your Extension. It means you might have some kind of virus on your computer. It is suggested to perform a full scan with an anti-virus program. Extensions let you add useful features to Google Chrome. Like taskbar pop-up notifications that tell you when you have new mail or weather forecasts. Some extensions, however, may cause problems. If you get an error code 224003, try disabling the extension to see if this fixes the problem.

Update the google chrome

Go to the three-dot menu at the top right corner of your Chrome window. On the drop-down menu, choose Help > About Google Chrome. A dialog will appear showing you the current version of Google Chrome. that is installed on your PC, as well as the operating system and processor type and speed. 


What happened was that you encountered the error code 224003 ( Windows 7/8/10) error code when trying to play videos on your computer. Many users got this error and then were baffled to know where they could fix this problem. Finally, after having this problem for some time, we found ways to solve this problem. And restore damaged files and videos on your computer correctly. This is a summary of the article that I wrote on how to fix the 224003 error code. To understand it better, you would have to read there so now that we know how to fix the 224003. I hope this helps you.

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