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What is Elm agent?


 The full form of Elm agent is Emulated Legacy Mount Agent. The Elm agent is usually used for or stands as a supporting system for multiuser. The Bloatware is seen Elm agent. This shows that the Elm agent was built by the manufacturer or developer in the particular android system. That gives Elm was built the developer of that system. Before the customer works on that system or before he or she buys that android device.

    If the customer wants to remove the Elm agent from their android devices. The simplest and efficient method is to root the android device. Then the device or system gets access to the files. After rooting the devices, then use a backup like Titanium. To stop the working of the Elm agent in that device. We are just freezing only, not removing the Emulated Legacy Mount Agent from that device.

    Because if we remove the working of the Elm agent completely. It sometimes becomes a reason for facing several serious consequences or problems in that Android device. So, it’s better to make a titanium backup. Instead, rather than removing the Elm agent from that android device. If we start rooting the mobile phones. It is easy to know every step of the backup procedure. For freezing the action of the Elm agent in one Android device.

what is elm agent
what is elm agent

Why is the Elm agent considering an application?

Most of the consumers don’t know whether or not the android application can be seen in their Android smartphones. We said that Elm is used as multiuser support. Sometimes it provides security to our privacy. That means the Elm application is an important part of an android device. It gives security by transmits or gives the data from the applicator storage to the Elm server. Thus, this server provides a controlling power to secure one’s privacy.

How Elm agent secures our privacy?

Elm agent application makes tracking data from the sources in our mobile phone. That means it uses tracking the data from different mobile applications. Like messaging applications, email, phone calls, GPs, etc. So, these services are used by most of the company phones. The particular company’s phones have a feature that works with accounts like Microsoft-based for their workers. That means this type of company’s smartphones stands for something. Certain works or used for official matters. So, it is important to confirm that they used the Elm agent application. The application Elm classified the company data and ensure that these details were safe on their company phones.

Why have users found that Elm agent is a spyware application?

The elm agent is an application. But it doesn’t stand as a spyware application. Many of the users without knowing the objective or aim of the working of the Elm agent application. The belief that it acts as a spyware application. The reason behind it is that the application is a tracking application. That means it tracks the data from mobile applications like phone calls, email, etc. Thus, most of the users believe it is a spyware application. The tracking system in it helps to monitor the activities involved in that particular mobile phone. It can transmit the data by collecting the information from emails by tracking these applications. For example, the web pages, passwords used for various purposes that we have visited. These will be stored or collected on Elm servers.

And the most important thing is this collected data or information in the Elm agent application. Don’t send to any third parties’ applications or people without the user or customer knowledge. So, we can ensure that the Elm application doesn’t act as a spyware application. The elm agent application ensures privacy and when we consider a company device or mobile phone. Through this application, it gives guarantees to the workers in that company’s important data.

  Importance of the Elm agent application:

Elm is an Android application that can collect pieces of information and important data. Then it is transmitted to the Elm agent server of the particular device. That means the place where the company gives complete control to ensure the privacy of particular users. For example, Elm collects all pieces of information and it was transmitted to the Elm agent Android Galaxy smartphone server. There it gives complete control thus, it helps to maintain privacy. Through this, we can understand that the Elm agent is an important application in the Android world for security purposes.

Elm helps the customers with securing their information. They collect information like personal through Email, applications like messengers, phone calls. Through a tracking system, they collect information from different places. Certain companies in their company have phones which work on accounts like Microsoft. Emulated Legacy Mount Agent application collects the information from several sources like email, even phone calls, or voice messages. Thus, this Android application isn’t used for personal matters or on personal mobile phones. Some companies or individuals use the Elm agent app for important works only. At the same time, if this app was used on company phones. They ensure that the workers use these devices other than company works.

This Emulated Legacy Mount Agent Android application provides security and, more than that gives privacy for the workers. All users refer to Emulated Legacy Agent Android application as bloatware. That means the apps and software are installed on mobile phones during their manufacturing. It had a tracking system and the main objective was to maintain a secure and privacy-protected environment. Thus, the Elm agent application is used mostly for the business sectors rather than personal uses.

For exchanging of different files

      The use of Emulated Legacy Agent application increases for the exchanging of different files. And important information in the business sectors. If the Elm agent application is uninstalled. Then this app feature gets only in the new smartphones. If particular users or individuals were regularly using. The Elm agent app then uninstalls the app. Most technologists said that it was safe. Because they found out that the Elm agent app in Android mobile phones uses more battery. For the removing of the app from the device, usually, people use rooting. But most technologists refer to Tool DE bloater for removing purposes. It is used not only to remove the Elm agent app. Tool DE bloater is used for removing all other apps too. The apps are pre-installed. Because of Tool DE bloater available in the English language.

Migrating mobile phones or devices to Elm Agent Android application:

  • During migration operations, the policies in mobile phones or devices were installed. In the devices that were subjected to migration and once again reinstalled in it.
  • Because these policies took away or rolled back.
  • Migration re-applied these policies in those devices.
  • If we feel issues or problems after the migration process for mobile phone policies.
  • Then ensure whether the policies were reapplied properly.
  • Mainly these problems occur due to script commands.
  • Because sometimes these script commands are not working properly. In Emulated Legacy Mount Agent Android application after the migration process.
  • Usually, script commands rolled back during or after the migration process. That means these script commands are stored.

Requirements needed for the migration process:

  • A suitable internet connection is needed.
  • If mobile phones are offline, then go to the activation server for alternative methods.
  • For the mobile phones that were subjected to migration operations, physical interaction is needed.
  • Verify that the mobile phones are kept in a secure location.

Steps required for the migration process of devices:

  • Choose an Android tab.
  • Then click the devices tab.
  • Tap on Agent upgrade after right-clicking on that device.
  • Then go to migrate Emulated Legacy Mount Agent application.
  • Accept the activation of Emulated Legacy Mount Agent application.
  • Now, we complete the migration operations in devices to the Emulated Legacy Mount Agent application.
  • If it shows the process is failed, it is due to the Emulated Legacy Mount Agent activations, they will not be done.

Based upon the mobile phone model, the steps and requirements may differ. But for most cases, these requirements were followed and steps also. These requirements and steps were more effectively working on Samsung brands.

Ho to disable the Elm Agent Android:

Due to security reasons, many users discourage using Emulated Legacy Agent Android application. Because it can be suitable for only official matters like business-related programs, companies. The main reason is it stores the data. And transmits for collecting information from other sources. Like email, phone calls, even voice messages also. Ordinarily, the emulation of the Legacy Mount Agent Android application maintains security. And as well as ensure privacy. But it doesn’t suit personal matters.

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Method 1: Disable the Emulated legacy Agent Android application with the help of settings:

  • To disable the Elm agent application from a device.
  • It is easy with the help of the settings of that device.
  • We can disable the action of Emulated Legacy Mount Agent application.
  • In the absence or presence of applications like the third party.

Steps required:

  • Click on the settings of that device.
  • Tap the applications from there.
  • Then if the device contains Emulated Legacy Mount Agent application. We can see it from there.
  • Next, click the Elm agent app.
  • Then press the button to disable or force stop.
  • This is the easiest and most efficient method.

Method 2: Disable the Elm Agent application through the Titanium Backup application.

Disable the Emulated Legacy Mount Agent application through the Titanium Backup application.
  • Titanium backup method used to disable the Emulated Legacy Mount Application.
  • Compare to settings methods, it is difficult to operate on mobile phones.

Steps required:

  • Go to the play store and then find out the Titanium backup applications.
  • Click the titanium backup application for installing.
  • Then go to the settings of the device and selected the Titanium backup application.
  • Click the restore button on it. Then wait for the initializing of the Titanium Backup application.
  • Then Titanium backup shows details of applications in our device.
  • Press the option to edit filters, it helps to find the Emulated Legacy Mount Agent application easily.
  • Select the Elm agent application and tap the freeze button from it.

How to remove the Elm Agent Bloatware:

  • Press the settings on your device.
  • Go to the security option (fingerprint, lock screen).
ecurity option
  • Tap the fingerprint, the lock screen, and click the device administrators in it.
  • It can find out from “other security settings“.
other security settings
  • Then from the device administrators select the Emulated Legacy Mount Agent Bloatware and press the button to uninstall it.
Uninstall ELM Agent


  In short, Emulated Legacy Mount Agent application is an important application. It ensures the privacy and security of its users. But normally, users were discouraged from using it. Because it stores and transmits the data from Emails, phone calls, etc., it is better to use company mobile phones. For removing purposes, the best suitable method is rooting.

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