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Secret messaging apps that look like games


Want to protect your messages from prying eyes? Learn how you can download free apps from PlayStore which will protect your privacy. See which apps are best for you and how you can pick the perfect secret messaging apps that look like games for your needs. Learn why you shouldn’t share private images and videos on messaging apps. Watch helpful videos, check out our Youtube channel.

It is a big problem nowadays when people open your phone and start snooping through it. The first thing they will open is your messaging app like Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Sometimes even parents ask you to open your phone and you don’t want them to go through your messages.

We got you covered in our article, here we are going to see which apps are best to use since they look like games. And due to their unusual name or icon, people don’t tend to open them while checking for messages.

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However, you should keep in mind that many apps don’t disclose what they do with your messages. So you should not send any sensitive data such as your address, bank details, or location. It is also a good idea to read the app’s user privacy policy to see how they will use your data.

Secret messaging apps that look like games
Secret messaging apps that look like games

The best part about these types of apps is that nobody even thinks of opening some random app hoping to see your messages. You can add an extra layer of security by using an app locker, this will not allow anyone else to see your messages. And change the settings to lock your app every time you close it. With this, even if someone managed to unlock your phone, that person would’s be able to open any app. We will also look at apps that are very secure in terms of security and data privacy.

Now we will see examples of some of the apps which look like games.

Calculator Pro+

This app is available on Android and to download it click here.

The app as the name suggests looks like a normal calculator when you open it and even the name is “Calculator”. Whenever anyone opens the app, they will not know that the calculator app is actually a messaging app. And even if know that the app is actually a messaging app. They would not be able to open the messages since you need to enter a passcode.

Calculator Pro+

This is perhaps one of the best secret massaging apps you could use since it is minimal and clean. The app supports unlimited messages, photos, videos, audio, etc. You should try this app once even if you are not looking to use it as your primary messaging app.

Below are some of the features of the Calculator Pro +

  • The passcode is needed to open the app which is unique to the app.
  • The messages are safe behind the lock and can not be accessed any other way.
  • Nobody will think that the simple-looking calculator app is a secret messaging app.
  • The app works as a normal calculator until you enter the passcode.
  • The app does not show any ads and is free to download.
  • App also supports the feature to close the app after the designated time.

The features can vary from time to time since the app is updated frequently:

  • Calling issue fixed
  • Bluetooth support added for call
  • Shortcode support added. Now, you can import SMS shortcodes to a private box.
  • Stickers and GIF support added. Now, you can send stickers & gifs using the default (Gboard) keyboard.
  • Star message feature added.

Wickr Me

The app is available on PlayStore for free and you can download the app from here.

Wickr Me app is perhaps one of the safest messaging apps amongst all the apps in the article. The app has support for text messages and video messages but not for voice calls or to anyone’s phone number. But even with these leaking features, the app is one of the best when it comes to safety.

Wickr Me secret messaging apps that look like games

Another really useful feature of the app is the auto-disappearing messages without changing any setting. When you send any message to the person you are talking to, it will disappear automatically after a certain time. This period can be set by the user, the time can vary from 1 second to about a week or even more. This makes sure that nobody else can read the message even if they open the phone and the app.

You can even create a group chat in the app but the number of people is limited to 10 as of now. But with future updates, the number of people in the group can be increased. The contacts can be saved as favorites in the app and many more subtle features are present in the app.

You can share different types of media which you expect from any other messaging app. The best way to share any sensitive image is to click it with the camera directly and set a timer for 2-5 seconds. However, no app is safe nowadays since there are many hacks available to capture the screen. So if you are planning to share any image which you don’t want the receiver to keep then you should not trust any app. The best way to share images is the old fashion showing in person.

And just like other apps, photos can be edited from within the app before you send them. Now there are a lot of features that check out the app provides and we are not going to discuss them all here. Over time new features are added and older features are removed. For example, in the last update the app got these features:

  • The app added the video call feature with a list of participants.
  • If you are the host of any video call then you can mute all the other participants (admin control).
  • New and improved calling UI.
  • Bug fixes for the issue of link previews displayed out of order.
  • Functionality change in the call, the speaker will be used when there’s no external device.

The last feature we are going to discuss is the “Wickr Timed Feed”. You can share photos, small videos, and other types of media by creating a semblance of a social networking feed. This is similar to the Instagram and Snapchat stories or the Facebook feed. The media which you put on your feed will disappear after 24 hours and nobody else will be able to see it. But during those 24 hours, anyone can see it and take screenshots.

Here are some of the main features provided by the app:

  • The messages are deleted or removed or shredded after a defined time.
  • There is end-to-end encryption supported which makes it secure.
  • You can create a group of up to 10 people, this can increase with future updates.
  • Multiple media formats are supported including emojis, stickers, gifs.

Secret Messenger

You can download the app from Apple’s App Store for free by clicking here.

Secret messenger app allows users to have encrypted chat and provides simple chat tools with no gimmicks.

Secret Messenger

Here are some of the features which the app provide users:

  • End-to-end encryption protects users’ privacy and chats from any hacker.
  • File transfer support to share files between your friends.
  • Multimedia support such as images, videos, gifs, and more.
  • Create a friend circle to share messages with all of them at once.

We are not going to discuss all the features of the app since the description is not very clear. Also, you should check out the app for yourself since it has a lot of great reviews.


The app is available on PlayStore for free and you can download the app from here.

The wire is a very secure messaging app that provides several features you expect from a good messaging app. The key feature of the app are:

  • Group calls
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Web interface
  • And more useful features

The app provides a really good experience by allowing users to share voice messages, audio messages, Youtube videos, and more media formats. The thing which makes the wire stand out from the other apps is the UI (User Interface) which is both. If you like apps on iPhones then you will enjoy using the wire.

Wire as secret messaging apps that look like games

The setup is really easy and straightforward since you only need to use your email and verify it. Once you are done verifying, the app will allow you to send messages to your friends and family. The app has all the features to customize your profile like support for a profile picture and public name. However, the features can vary since the app is updated and changed frequently. Here are the latest features which were added to the app:

  • Improvement in the self-deleting message functionality and fixes in the disabling button.
  • Bug fixes in the receiver side of self-deleting messages, which would fail to delete media files such as audio messages and images.

Unlike the other messaging app, where you need to use your phone number and can’t use the app without it. Here the app is really easy to use and navigate. However, it’s not so secure as the other apps and the only thing which will help you is the different icons. The icon does not indicate that the app is a messaging app. We will suggest you use other apps from the article if you are looking for an app to keep your messages private and protected.

This app is more aimed toward the people who are into minimalism and like to use smooth working apps. Another plus side is that the app does not contain any ads and is available for free on Google’s PlayStore. Even the messaging experience is really smooth since the app support gestures for messaging. For example, if you swipe the input field (where you write) to the left then you will see the full list of options that you can use to send images, videos, links, and more.

Here are some of the core features which the app provides, this may change your mind and make you consider this app:

  • The superior design provides a really good user experience.
  • The app is smart enough to know when you are sending or trying to open any link and avoids copy-pasting.
  • The unique ping feature allows you to notify the receiver without actually calling them.
  • The app has end-to-end encryption, which is the most important feature nowadays.

Here are some of the features which make the Wire app stand out:

  • Wire provides users with great UI and a simple interface, this allows users to have a light and good experience.
  • Messenger can play youtube videos and open Soundcloud links.
  • Wire allows users to ping to get contact’s attention without missing calls.
  • Chats are entirely secured with encryption which is server to the server encrypted.

We will not be discussing any more features of the app since the app is free and you should try it for yourself.


The app is available on PlayStore for free and you can download the app from here.

This is an alternative in case you did not like any of the other apps from the list. As you can see in the image, the icon does not tell people what exactly the app is made for. Here comes the reason why we want to use it aside from the basic feature provided by all the messaging apps.

Following are the latest features added to the app, this will vary for you since the app is updated frequently:

Bug fixes for users using Android 12 and facing the problem of app not supporting, this was fixed on 1st December 2021.


We will not discuss anything else about the app since there’s nothing that sets it apart in terms of security.

Secret messaging apps that look like games
Secret messaging apps that look like games
Secret messaging apps that look like games. Want to save your messages from poking eyes? See which apps are most suitable for you and how you can choose the ideal secret messaging apps that look like
By Awill Sir


Here we saw the different secret messaging apps that look like games available on PlayStore which will help you from people trying to read your messages. But keep in mind that, you should not leave your phone unattended since there is much software that could be installed and used for snooping remotely.

But if you are not satisfied then try to find a new messaging app, since new apps are added to the PlayStore regularly. This is not possible to update the article whenever a new and superior app comes up.

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