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 In this article, we will discuss Meta and its child companies. 

What is Meta?

Meta is the owner of three social media companies Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Meta controls and owns these three social media companies and the CEO of this company is Mark Zukerberg. By making meta Mark wants to take all three companies under one roof. he said that his company will focus on helping people to connect and to take people’s business to a new height. 

Why is it named ‘META?

Sometime before this meta company was known as Facebook. So there were 2 Facebook, one that owns three social media companies Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, and the second Facebook is the social media company. These 2 Facebook names were confusing everyone, So Mark Zuckerberg decided to change the parent company name from Facebook to Meta. The meaning of meta in Greek is beyond that, which is why Mark Zukerberg decided to name the parent company Meta. Mark said by the name Meta he wants to say that there’s always a need to make something better than before and in his company, he will always try to make it better than before. Now let’s talk about the child companies of Meta Facebook, Instagram, and messenger,

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What is Facebook?

Facebook was made by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook in his college life. They made Facebook make friends with college students. On this website, a student can make their account and can chat with strangers, and can make friends. The idea of Facebook to chat with college students without meeting them was very new and it attracted a lot of people and they joined Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook with his best friend Eduardo Saverin. One day Mark Zuckerberg had a fight with his girlfriend. So in anger and to take revenge he made a website where people can compare two girls looks and can choose the best of them. This website made chaos in just a few hours. All college students came to that website and compared girls. Mark Zuckerberg was using college servers to host that website. Due to this, only college students with valid college email can use this website. After this website got famous in just a few hours, the college took down this website and charged Mark Zuckerberg to make this website because Mark Zuckerberg hacked the college server to run this website. But after this Mark got famous in college and then Mark thought of an idea to make a website where college students can chat with each other without meeting. This website idea was genius because you can check what they like, whether they are single or not, their gender, their age, their hometown, their face, and many more. It has become a dating source for a lot of people. Mark worked on this idea for almost 40 days and on the 41st day, he made “The Facebook”. Yes, you read right first people called it Facebook.

This time Mark doesn’t use a college server to host this website instead he buys servers to host this website. As we know Mark doesn’t have enough money to host that website so he asked his best friend Eduardo Saverin. Eduardo Saverin belongs to a rich family. For his contribution, Mark made him the Co-Founder and the Co-owner of Facebook. Now when this website goes live it attracts all college students. Every college student was using Facebook to make friends. It has gotten so popular in recent months that other colleges want to use this website too. So, mark changed its settings from only college id users to everyone. Now, other college students are also using this website. But there was one problem: this website wasn’t earning that time. Due to this, Eduardo Saverin wants to add some advertisements to this website so they can earn something from this website. But Mark doesn’t agree with Eduardo Saverin; he thinks advertisements will ruin Facebook. Eduardo Saverin tries to find a client who can advertise themselves on Facebook. At this time Mark Zuckerberg changed their name from Facebook to Meta. It was not some big change but still, it matters for Mark. After some time, Eduardo Saverin sues Mark for diluting his shares on Facebook. Mark has to pay a big amount to Eduardo Saverin for this. Now Eduardo Saverin is not the Co-Owner of Facebook but he is still the Co-Founder of Facebook. If you search on google that who is the Co-Founder of Facebook then you will see his face there. Now Facebook is famous worldwide. People in almost every county are using it. Facebook is an easy tool to make friends online. It doesn’t matter if you are in another country or anything else you can chat with anyone there who is registered himself here.

How to use Facebook?

People use Facebook to make stranger friends. You won’t believe a lot of people got married because of Facebook. First, they met on Facebook then they met in real life and after some months they got married. Facebook helps a lot of people to find their girlfriend, wife, or make a friend. Before Facebook, chatting with people from other countries was impossible without going there. Now you can chat with anyone from any country without going there. To use Facebook, you just need a Facebook account. Go to the website facebook.com. If you have an account log in there and if you don’t have create an account first. They will ask you for some information about you and your password. Type the password and confirm it. Confirm your Email or phone number. Now your Facebook account has been created, first go to edit your profile and add a profile picture. After this write your birthday, address, hometown, your hobbies, your likes everything they ask. Now your profile creation has been completed. Now we have to find friends. Go to the find friends section and add friends there. You can search names also to add friends. After someone accepts your request you can check their post, profile and message them to chat with them. You can post your photos there too. People put stories and posts on Facebook to show what they have experienced today. You can upload your trip photos to show your experience too. Your Facebook friends can see this post and they can like and comment also. This is how Facebook works. 

There are 2.85 billion users of Facebook all over the world. Mark Zuckerberg also bought WhatsApp and Instagram. WhatsApp is a chatting app and Instagram has a similar interface just like Facebook. The features of Facebook like dark mode and the short 15/30 second video maker/upload attract a lot of people. Facebook has become so big nowadays. I think there is no compaction of Facebook in the market now. Recently Mark Zuckerberg changed Facebook’s name to Meta.

 Now meta is the owner of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Before this company was called Facebook which owns these three websites/software. Now its name changes and becomes Meta. Facebook is becoming more famous day by day and its use is also increasing with time. There are no people who don’t know or use Facebook in their life. 

What is Facebook messenger?

Now we talked about what Facebook is and how it works. Now the question is what is the messenger? Facebook is a chatting app for Facebook…Facebook and messenger are connected. You can’t chat with anyone if you don’t have a Facebook messenger. Messenger creates a good environment to chat with someone. It has sending stickers, sending emojis, sending pictures, sending GIFs, and many more options. You can do audio calls and video calls through messenger. Now there is a new option too you can set different chat themes for different people in messenger. If the user enabled the online option, then you can see when someone came online and when they got offline. If you want to archive a message of someone you can do it too here.


Instagram is the child company of Meta (Facebook), it works mostly the same as Facebook. And, Instagram gives more privacy to its users than Facebook. Instagram is focused on photo-sharing social media. Like Facebook has an add friend option, Instagram has a follow, unfollow option. If you are a public figure you can verify your account on Instagram. You can only those people who you follow unless they have a public account.  Instagram gives its users an option of private and public accounts. In the private account, others have to follow you to see your post and stories and in the public account, others can see your post and stories without following you. So, we can see Instagram has the same function as Facebook; it just gives more privacy to its users. 


WhatsApp is a chatting tool. You can send and receive messages with others for free on WhatsApp. It gives its users the option of free voice calling, video calling, video sharing, audio sharing, pictures sharing, document sharing, contact sharing, location sharing, etc options. Now WhatsApp also introduces the option of payment, you can pay bills and make payments to any shop via WhatsApp too. WhatsApp is a fast messenger and more secure messenger compared to Facebook and Instagram messenger. For making an account on WhatsApp you need a phone number. Unlike Instagram and Facebook you can’t use your email to make an account on WhatsApp, WhatsApp only makes an account by the phone number of its users.  


Almost everyone is using the Meta child companies Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp too and now it has become a part of our daily life. In this article, we will learn about Meta and its child companies. Hopefully, this article increases your knowledge.


Q1. Can I use Facebook without an Email?

Solution: You can create a Facebook account in two ways via Email or via phone number. So, if you don’t have an Email, don’t worry, make an account with a phone number. They will verify your number via OTP or via any link after verification, you can use Facebook and chat with anyone. 

Q2. Can I make a WhatsApp account by Email?

Solution: WhatsApp doesn’t allow its users to make an account by Email. The only way to make an account on WhatsApp is by your phone number.

Q3. Are Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp safe for chatting?

Solution: The messages on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted.  So, Yes, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are safe for chatting.

Q4. Who owned Meta?

Solution: As we discussed above Meta is the parent company of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The CEO of Meta is Mark Zuckerberg. 

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