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Android App Development Tutorial for Beginners

The decision to enter an IT profession is popular nowadays. For those who see the future there, another question of choice appears. What direction is more suitable? What language has a better future? How much time do I need to start from the junior position? A lot of other dark and unknown sides scare future programmers, especially if they are not 17 years old and change (not start) their profession from zero knowledge. However, if you feel that it is youth anyway, and look to the android app development, let’s try to answer all the questions above and discuss deeper what you need to do to attain success as soon as possible.

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Why Android App Developer is a Top Career Choice

Google launched a new Android Tablets initiative last year, led by Android co-creator Rich Miner. Here is how Google sees the future of Android tablets and Android development: “We believe the future of computing is shifting towards more powerful and capable tablets. We are working to usher in the next chapter in computing and data entry by launching flawless support across all of our platforms and experiences that open up new and better ways to be productive and creative.” (2022) Here is why you should also consider this profession for your future.

  • Why is android application development a profession of the future? More than half of the smartphone users are Android users. The speed of mobile internet allows doing almost all tasks using this gadget instead of needing to use a PC like it was ten years ago. That’s every service and every information website requires an application if it cares about its customers and has a goal to increase the sales.
  • How many companies require such specialists? All the middle and big companies who work in the B2C segment need it obviously and those who work in the B2B segment need it preferably. At the same time, IT companies who work like outsource companies and give their service to the pool of clients also need these kinds of specialists. As far as you can see the market is huge. 
  • How quickly is it possible to upgrade the level of knowledge in this profession? It depends on the language you choose, the company where you work and your concern. Talking in general, it is not a complex IT direction that’s why in a few years of hard work you can take a middle position without any doubt.
  • What professions are open for android application developers? The most popular languages for android developers are Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, Kotlin and others. According to this list without even extra information you can conclude that to change a direction if you started to work using one of these languages is not a problem at all.

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Step-by-step: Become an Android Developer in 2022

As you see, the market is open and ready for the new specialists. At the same time, you are not limited with this profession if you decide to change something. So let’s make a list of steps that are useful for the newbies.

  • Step #1. Start with free common courses. Free lectures, introductory guides, open resources are ready to give you common information about the chosen profession. Be careful and don’t make conclusions according to one resource because they are not always objective and ready to share full information for free. 
  • Step #2. Research languages that suit your future profession perfectly. You saw the approximate list of languages above but do your research and think what language seems the best for you. How many popular apps use it? How many vacancies with what salaries are available for today?   
  • Step #3. Communicate with friends who already work in this sphere and find out their experience when they were beginners. This step will help you with the final decision about the language and courses. Try to find more than one or two experts among your friends because they could be not objective again.
  • Step #4. Choose more focused long courses with a personal mentor and a lot of homework. Finally, you are ready for long-distance work. Half of the year or even a year according to the functioning capacity you will spend to come closer for a few steps to the profession. It seems long term, but remember that university daily studies require 4 or more years so don’t be afraid and follow your decision.
  • Step #5. Enter the community and ask their opinion and advice about your progress. The great news is that the IT community is truly open to everyone. Don’t be afraid to ask stupid questions of the newbie. Nobody was born with this knowledge. Remember, that even if some people will comment on your posts aggressively, others will help you. Ignore haters and you will find great support. If you don’t have enough support from the open source community – just address a paid programming help service, such as AssignmentCore, for getting your coding assignments done. Make no mistake — we advise you to use this way to become better in Android app programming, not to just delegate all of your work. Here, you will receive help from professional coders, and a fair bidding system will help you to find the most suitable offer. 
  • Step #6. Find a company that is ready for trainees even if they don’t pay. After finishing courses or at the end of them you need practice. Only companies with real cases can give it to you. Try your best and add all your confidence and charm to assure them that you will do your best and your dream is to work with them even as a trainee.

In a half of a year or a year, you are ready to become a member of the world team android developers! Hard work and purposefulness are the main constituents of success. If you add a piece of luck, then your dream to open an IT world is closer than you can imagine. 

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