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Xagt.exe – A Complete Guide

A software component of FireEye Endpoint Protection that comes from FireEye is the genuine xagt executable file. A single-agent security system called FireEye Endpoint Security shields endpoint systems from threats online. A vital process linked with FireEye Endpoint Security is performed by Xagt.exe. The program could be in trouble when this function is not enabled.

Automated detection and elimination of the threat, including continuing actions, memory, macros attacks in applications and many more. The exploitation is caused by malware, spyware Ransomware, and other malware, as well and other malicious software is the function in FireEye Endpoint Security. Issues can be easily avoided after being identified. Comprehensive analysis of every action and event is included by the program as well as a timeline.xagt


A executable program is one which is a file that ends with the suffix “.exe.” In some circumstances executable files can cause damage to your device. Please take a look at how to identify if the xagt.exe file in your device could be malware that should be removed or be a component of Microsoft’s Windows OS or a reliable application.

What exactly is xagt.exe?

The exe executable file, which is downloadable, called xagt.exe is an element of what is known as the FireEye Terminal Client program that is run in combination together with FireEye Endpoint Agent software created by the FireEye Agent application creator.

It is important to be cautious when getting rid of the xagt.exe service on Windows 10 if it is vital. The xagt.exe processes are often making use of a lot of GPU or CPU power. It may be running in the background, regardless of whether it’s spyware, or a bug.

The xagt.exe file’s.exe format signifies that it is software that is designed that runs on the Windows version, which includes Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. In addition, exe documents could transfer viruses and malware. Therefore, before launching any unknown software on computers or laptops, it is important to confirm. Now, we’ll determine whether you think the xagt.exe file is malware or virus. Should it be deleted to protect your computer? Learn more about it below.

Does it have to be safe run xagt.exe? Is the file malware or an infection on your computer?

The validity of the file downloaded can be verified through the Task Manager. After that, by pressing on the section column an authentic Signer might get assigned to the section. Make sure you check the Confirmed Signer result for xagt.exe application now. If it says “Unable to verify,” then the file could be malicious.

The program isn’t a virus or spyware if the person who created it is genuine. With an uninstaller you can eliminate the company when it’s not identified or appears to be suspicious.

How Can I Check If The Xagt Process Is Running?

  • Download the Process Monitor onto the computer and then start it using administrator privileges in order to find out how many processes Xagt is running.
  • Select the option for Process Identifier Contains clicking Add.
  • This will display every single route it Xagt scans.
  • If you believe that xagt is analyzing another antivirus, then you should select Path that contains your antivirus’s name on the same screen.
  • To include scans, simply click on the button Add.
  • You’ll be able to identify the exact route FireEye is following.

What exactly is FireEye employed to do?

A reputable company that concentrates on the detection and reduction of cyber-related risks is FireEye. The Endpoint Protection Antivirus program is highly effective in terms of hardware or software combination. However it may be ineffective when it is used regularly like hitting a mosquito using the Hammer. It is therefore possible that users would choose to go with an easier service provider.

FireEye isn’t the usual antivirus software sold in the marketplace. A team of installers must visit your office to set up powerful protection engines inside your computer system. Combining other modules can enhance this further.

FireEye could be the best choice for those who run massive companies or work for the government. While it might be a bit overly aggressive for people in general It takes cyber-related risks seriously. If you don’t have a huge amount of money to spend and a keen desire to identify signs for security issues, it’s generally recommended to use an antivirus that is more basic.

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It is the FireEye End Point Agents, commonly known as”xagt.exe” xagt.exe software, can be employed in conjunction with FireEye Endpoint Protection to safeguard your PC from threats as well as to check for spyware. defend against cyberattacks, and search for the authentic signs of intrusion threats.

If you believe that the Windows 11 xagt.exe process is essential, you must remove it with care. It is possible that this process is using unneeded Processor or GPU capabilities due to malware or viruses are operating behind the scenes.

Let’s look at FireEye’s areas expertise and its target market before proceeding to the array of options available. Stay tuned!

High CPU Consumption for Xagt.exe

The computer can be protected against flaws, viruses, and other threats through FireEye Endpoint Security. It’s likely to consume an enormous amount of Processor or Graphics Card resources when ransomware or another virus is running in the background, or when there is a problem with the setup. The CPU’s performance will be greatly affected if it consumes lots of resources. The ability to handle only issues with high Cpu load issues by using xagt.exe is vital.

How Can I Reduce Xagt.exe’s High CPU Usage?

The strategies described below have proven to be extremely efficient in understanding and resolving xagt.exe excessive CPU usage.

SFC Scan

It is crucial to keep your system free of dust if you wish to avoid excessive xagt.exe processing. Window OS comes with a powerful built-in application known as SFC that can be used to identify corrupted files and repair problems.

  • 1. Press Win and Q simultaneously.
  • Step 2. Step 2: Type cmdand select Run Command from the context menu.
  • Step 3. Select “Run as administrator. “
  • step 4: Insert sfc /scannow into the black command window , and enter.


  1. When you search for cmd type cmd and select Command Prompt in the context menu, and select “Run as administrator”.
  2. The following commands should have to be copy and pasted in the Command line. After each command you hit the Enter key.
DISM.exe /Online/Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
DISM.exe /Online/Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth

Check Disk Tool

Utilizing the Check Disk tool, you can use another method of searching for corrupted system files.

  • First Step: from the menu bar in the Command Line choose “Run as Administrator. “
  • Second step: Enter chkdsk C: /f /r, then press Enter.
  • Step 3. Restart your PC to determine whether you can confirm that the xagt.exe excessive CPU usage problem has been solved.

Switch off xagt.exe

Since Xagt.exe consumes a significant amount of CPU and resources and can cause system crashes in the event that Windows runs it for a long period of time. In this case shutting it down could also prove beneficial.

  • Step 1.In the Command Prompt window, choose Run as Administrator.
  • Step 2. Choose the Task Managerwith a right-click on the taskbar.
  • Step 3. Choose the FireEye Endpoint agent on the Startup interface.
  • Step 4.Select to disable on the newly-opened window.

Remove FireEye Endpoint Agent

  1. Start your Control Panel and choose Programs..
  2. Choose Features and Applications.
  3. Find the FireEye Endpoint Agent and right-click on it.
  4. Click Uninstall.

Users can download and run the program on the website of the company if you choose to install it again.

Update Windows

If you upgrade the Window to the most current version, you can solve the issue that results in xagt.exe to use a significant amount of CPU energy.

  1. Start Settings through the button Start.
  2. Search for Updates and Security and select it
  3. Select on the search icon within the Windows Operating system. The system will search for, download and update the most current Windows version on your behalf when users select it.
  4. When you reach this point, the computer will then ask you to choose Restart right now in order to reset the computer.
  5. Then, you should check whether xagt.exe which is the cause of high CPU utilizationhas been interpreted correctly.

How do I uninstall or Disable xagt.exe

  • Follow the below steps one at a time to eliminate xagt.exe off your computer. If xagt.exe was part of the software that you downloaded to your computer This action will eliminate it.
  • Uninstall software will be included in the file, if it’s an element of a system software. After that, you can begin the Remover from
C:Program Files>FireEye Agent>FireEye Endpoint Agent>FireEye Endpoint Agent>xagt.exe uninstall.exe.

Alternately, if xagt.exe was installed using Windows Installer, doing so will delete it. Go to the Your Computer Settings and click Add or Remove Programs.

  • Therefore, use the search function to find xagt.exe, FireEye Endpoint Agent within the program directory and FireEye Agent inside the developer directory.
  • The xagt.exe file is then removed from the system by clicking on it and selecting then the Delete Software button. This will remove xagt.exe as well as that of the FireEye Endpoint Agent software application from this.

Is Windows 11 need an antivirus application from a third-party?

Windows 11 has been introduced by Microsoft with a myriad of enhancements to the system’s performance, usability and security. In terms of safety, Windows 11 is unquestionably Microsoft’s most secure OS system to today. With the improved security options available within Windows 11, most consumers aren’t certain if they need to use an antivirus software. Be aware of these things in case you are having doubts about the security algorithms in Windows 11.

In terms of level of protection Windows Defender’s most recent version, which was released together with Windows 11, provides a extensive array of options. It’s accessible through Windows Safety, which is part of the Windows Safety program. Third-party security programs offer security functions that are identical to the ones offered by Microsoft. It is clear, Windows 11 offers a an extremely high level of security the hardware and software components.

However, using a reputable third-party security software is recommended when you’re concerned about even the tiniest threat. This could be a significant issue since hackers are constantly looking for ways to exploit weaknesses in networks of computers.


Your security provider implemented a genuine program called the Xagt process (or FireEye Endpoint Agent to protect your system against cyber-attacks and zero-day weaknesses. Do not disable or remove anything if it’s not really needed.

In the end, this article has provided answers to your most frequently asked questions, for instance, what xagt.exe signifies. Are you sure it’s a virus or malware? When you discover that the xagt.exe application on your system to remove it, follow the steps.

It could cause an operational privacy problem, however after downloading the file from the trusted domain. So, ensure that you test it with an authentic scanner after installation and prior to using. Be sure to have your antivirus program running throughout the day to ensure your computer is secure!


How do I end this xagt.exe program?

You can prevent the xagt.exe process from running by uninstalling the application that is associated with the file, or in the event that this file contains malware virus, you can remove it with a spyware or tools to remove viruses.

What amount of storage space on your disk is xagt.exe using up?

To do this, start your Task Manager software (right-click upon this Windows System tray and choose Task Manager), arrange the processes according to the disks used by the xagt.exe program, and finally select Disk options on the top of your screen.

Can FireEye considered to be a firewall?

Through precisely identifying and quickly stopping targeted, sophisticated and other malicious attacks hidden in Web communication, FireEye Data Security is an effective tool for protecting against cybercrime that assists businesses in reducing the chance of costly security cyberattacks.

How Do I Fix the Non-Responsive Xagt.exe File?

If you find that the Xagt.exe file from that original FireEye Endpoint Management program remains still active You should update any current versions of the program or upgrade your device and then run a virus scanner on it.

What Purpose Does Xagt.exe Serve?

It’s a simple configuration file. It’s not required to run the program and will not have any impact even if it happens to be absent. So it is clear that the Xagt.exe file serves no real function.

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