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Samsung+ has stopped- How to fix

Samsung is a well-known multinational company. We know it as a company that is one of the largest producers of electronic items. It is one of the world’s largest companies for information technology. It is based in South Korea and was founded in the year 1983. Samsung is quite popular for the range of devices it offers. The devices include appliances, integrated systems, memory chips, semiconductors, and devices for digital media. Samsung mobile phones mostly run in the android operating system. Samsung has many applications installed in their mobile phones by default. One such application is Samsung+. Let us know more about the reason Samsung+ has stopped, and how to fix this application.

Samsung+ has stopped- How to fix
Samsung+ has stopped- How to fix

What is the Samsung+ app for?

Samsung+ application is available in the Samsung Galaxy Store. This store has applications manufactured by Samsung Electronics. Samsung tries to provide expert help to the users by Samsung+ app. It helps in basic tasks like playing music, taking a screenshot or setting the alarm. The solutions for the user problems are aimed to be made in a live and personalized experience. This application is installed by default in Samsung Galaxy Devices. When Samsung+ is launched for the first time, the user is given a brief overview of the navigation via Samsung+.

The tabs in Samsung+ include For You, Answers, Live Help, Diagnostics, Community and Explore. The users can directly search for what they want or they can navigate through these tabs. When the users first launch the app, the first thing that they see is the For You section. There are tricks and tips for users who have registered their Samsung devices in it. The other thing that the users find is the popular topics in the Samsung Community. Users find setup processes that make their devices smoother. 

The answer tab

The answer tab is for basic troubleshooting. Users who are not well equipped with the advancing technologies used in their mobile phones and are facing some basic problems can go to this tab for troubleshooting. This tab has useful solutions related to problems for Bluetooth and Wi-fi, battery usage and tips for saving battery power, features in the device, and many other things. There is much other useful information for the user in this tab.

Live Help 

Live Help is another useful solution for users who cannot take the help from the Answers tab and need more steps for help. This is a very impressive feature that provides live customer support. Samsung Representatives chat with users through videos or over the phone. There is a 24-hour service for the call support and the 7 am to 10 pm time slot is fixed for video supports. These methods work well with the users. When the users communicate via video, they need to tell their device IMEI number, phone number, email address and their name to the representative.

If everything is connected well, the representative easily solves the problem of the user. These features combine with Samsung Assist makes the solutions provided to the user work well. With Samsung Assist, the users can share their screen with the representative and he/she operates on the user’s device. The user needs to grant permission to the representative to control the device so that they can fix the problem. Except doing a factory reset, the representatives can perform anything on the device. There is no access to power buttons for them. They cannot even restart or power off the user’s device.


Diagnostics helps the user with the information regarding storage, battery, data and other such features of the device. This tab gives real-time statistics of the user’s device. If the user experiences a problem with an internet connection or with a bad battery of the device, he can go to this tab to fix the problem. The device is scanned and information regarding problems such as high battery temperature, Wi-Fi security or incorrect charging is giving to the user with the solution tips. If the user is facing problems with the battery there are two features to optimize it.

The features are Battery Forecast and Battery Optimizer. The forecast will tell the user about the present battery percentage, predicted time for the charge to finish, and the amount of time, a user needs to charge the device to make it full. This helps the user to plan for certain events. Optimizer gives information about the changes a user needs to do to achieve a better battery life. The user can scroll through it and optimize the settings according to his needs. The other options available in the diagnostics are Store Manager tools, Data Monitor, and Speed test. These options help the users to keep track of the data usage and device storage and test the speed of cellular data and Wi-Fi. 

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Explore and Community

Explore and Community section provides the users with additional information about their device. There are tricks and tips for camera settings, multitasking and other features of their mobile phone. Explore tab helps the user to learn more about their device. The community section is for people who want to ask questions regarding the Samsung appliances. This feature helps to solve device-specific problems by communicating with other users in the community. Sometimes, when a user experiences some issue with his device, he can go to this section and get help from anyone who has experienced the same issue earlier. This helps to bring the community of uses closer by letting them communicate to solve their problems. Community features have some issues too.

The layout is not very attractive and it is slow. Samsung+ application is useful for assistance as it comes in handy. The features work well for the users. The organisation helps the users to find their device with the Find My Mobile feature. The users can log into the website of Samsung and erase all the data on their mobile phone if it gets lost. To use it, the users must have a Samsung Account. Any problem related to the users Samsung device can be solved with the help of Samsung+.

What does “Samsung+ has stopped” mean?

Users sometimes get the error message on their phone as- “Samsung+ has stopped”. Many users neglect this message and keep tapping on the OK button. So, let us know what does this, mean?

This message means that an application has an issue, basically, a fault and so Samsung+ has stopped. This is a product issue and means that the device needs a factory reset.

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How to keep the “Samsung+ has stopped” message from showing up?

If a user does not wish to see this error message on their phone frequently then he must do few things. He must not use large applications together. Smartphones can do multitasking. Any user can open two or more application and use them at once. However, the users are not advised to do this if they are facing this error. The applications running together might load the system and cause a crash. Another thing that the user can do is to frequently refresh applications. The applications will not cause any problems if they are frequently refreshed.

Samsung+ has stopped- How to fix?

Any device that shows this error message means that it needs a factory reset. However, users cannot always opt for resetting as there might be some valuable information that can be lost. So, we will see, few ways to fix this issue:

Method 1: clear cache, clear data or force stop

  1. Open your mobile phone and go to Settings.
  2. Click on the Application manager.
  3. Click on the All-Tab option. Now, search for the application at fault.
  4. Click on the application.
  5. Choose clear cache, clear data or force stop option.
  6. The application must be launched again.

The error message must stop coming.

Method 2: uninstall

  1. Go to the settings option of your mobile phone.
  2. Click on Apps and Notification. Find the faulty application and click on it.
  3. Click on the Uninstall option.

Sometimes uninstalling applications work in the favour of the user. Reinstall the application again from the play store.

Method 3: upgrade to a new

Sometimes, this error message might occur if there are any issues with the SD card. The SD card can be adulterated. To solve this, take your memory card out of the device and check if the application works fine. If the application works well, change your SD card and upgrade to a new and efficient one.

Method 4: restart the mobile device

The basic solution for any error in the device is to restart the mobile device. Restarting the device will clean the RAM and all the fragments of the application running previously. The device starts as fresh and is prevented from crashing and smooth running. 

Method 5: software update

Sometimes these messages can be a result of the faults in Wi-fi or cellular data. Web association can have issues with the applications in the device. If the user changes Wi-fi or cellular data then it might influence the smooth execution of the device. Update the applications from the play store. Sometimes applications have issues and the device is hampered if they are not updated frequently. Updating the Operating system software might also help. Check if your phone has any software update pending. Update the necessary software.

Method 6: clearing up space

Deleting applications which are not used anymore can be one of the methods to fix the issue. Our mobile phone needs free space. When there are too many applications and less storage space in the device, it crashes or freezes. Clearing up space can be a good solution for the error message. An application that is not necessary, must be uninstalled. Large videos and images can be backed up in the cloud and deleted from the device.

Method 7: reset the factory settings

The final method to fix this issue is to reset the factory settings. If a user is not able to solve the issue with any of the above methods, then he must opt for this method. The mobile phone is resettled and all the information in it are deleted. The user can backup important documents and information before moving forward with this step. The user will lose all of the data in the mobile phone and this will fix all the issues with it. However, if the users have backed up their data, they can easily restore it. The users are advised to back up their data and other important information before doing a factory reset.


Samsung+ has stopped- How to fix: Samsung+ application helps the users to solve issues of their Samsung device. It has different features such as For You, Answers, Live Help, Diagnostics, Community, and Explore which serve the users at a different level. Consequently, users can have tips and tricks for troubleshooting their device or call for live help from a Samsung Representative. So, they can even see their device and battery performance or communicate within the community to solve some device-specific problems.

That is to say, the “Samsung+ has stopped” error means that there is some issue with the applications in a device and it needs a factory reset. Further, Users can follow few tips to keep this error message from coming to their device. Users can also follow few steps to fix this issue. If anything does not work, a factory reset has to be done in the device for the ultimate solution.

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