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Emergency mode S7

Samsung has incorporated certain emergency features, though in a particular instance because we are all so effectively linked to our smartphones 24 hours each day. The Samsung Galaxy S7 can transmit SOS texts, activate emergency mode, and now even get Amber warnings. If you’re in an emergency and need to preserve energy as much as feasible, then you can use the emergency state to increase the standby period of the phone.

Once this option is turned on, its display brightness is reduced and part of the phone’s capabilities is restricted in an attempt to save battery. To save battery life, your home page will indeed be set to a black layout. Just on Galaxy S7, Samsung has launched Emergency mode. An emergency function could be employed in situations where users really need to keep the Samsung S7 with them all in an effort to prevent the most amount of electricity feasible while being on sleep. Users may be out and about, or users might have been tied somewhere because you would need your arms so this link is around the outside.

When one needs the cell phone to save quite as much energy as possible when on rest, users should select emergency mode. One could be lost in the woods or trapped someplace and could do with a bit of help and a link with the outside community.

You would be ready to dial a specific person as well as attempt emergency calls using its Phone application. One may also use the messaging feature to switch on the flashlight, generate alarms, and broadcast current geolocation data to anyone else.

Emergency mode S7
Emergency mode S7

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Use of emergency mode

Emergency Mode should be used. The gadget saves power when it’s in Emergency mode. Just on the main screen, you will find the following applications and characteristics: 

  • Flash: Make use of the phone’s light to provide a constant beam of energy.
  • A loud siren will play if such an emergency alert is sounded.
  • Send my location: Notify the emergency numbers of the current position.
  • Phone: Open the phone menu.
  • Open the Web application and go to the Web.
  • Additional Applications: This option allows you to add additional applications that are presently accessible.
  • Maps: Navigate to Google Maps and search for your location.
  • Battery %: This shows how much charge is left in the device.
  • Estimated operation time: Shows the maximum standby time depending on the present charging process and activity.
  • In an emergency, contact 911. (for example, 911). Although if you don’t have cell phone coverage, you still make the conversation.

Working of emergency mode

  1. Switching the color of the display to grayscale in emergency mode conserves battery capacity.
  2. Preventing program utilization only to those that are absolutely necessary and that users choose.
  3. Whenever the display is turned off, switch off data roaming.
  4. Disabling connectivity options including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Switch on emergency mode.

  • 1: Push down the Power button till its power configuration options appear.
  • 2: Select Emergency Mode.
  • 3: If this is your initial visit utilizing Emergency Mode, users must agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  • 4: Select Allow OR Turn On from the drop-down menu.
  • 5: The Emergency Mode main page would then appear, along with an approximation of the battery’s remaining duration.

On the Main Screen, the device can now switch to a grayscale interface with just 6 applications accessible. The device’s functioning will indeed be restricted, and then users will be permitted to give just emergency calls

Disable the Emergency Mode

Turning off emergency alarms is not suggested, unless you would like to avoid inconvenience and risk your life, we’ll show you ways. Because the procedure varies per provider, users might just have to explore the Configuration for emergency alerts.

On  a Carrier Samsung Galaxy S7, how then do you turn off the emergency messages?

  • On the Main screen or the application tray, open the Settings application.
  • Select Privacy and then Emergency.
  • Press the Emergency Alerts button.
  • Start by going to Settings, then to Privacy, then to Emergency, then to Emergency Alerts.
  • In the top right corner of the screen, tap Settings.
  • Select the type of alert you want.
  • Toggle each alert type on or off by tapping the toggle next to it.
  • Within the upper right corner of the window, settings Option.
  • Select the type of alert you want.
  • Switch every notification kind on or off by tapping the switch next to it.

On such an AT&T or T-Mobile Samsung ’s Galaxy S7, how then do you turn off the emergency messages?

  1. On the Main screen or the application tray, open the Settings application.
  2. Select Applications from the menu bar.
  3. Select Messages.
  4. Go to Settings, then to Applications, then to Messages.
  5. Select Emergency Alerts from the drop-down menu.
  6. Press the Emergency Alerts button.
  7. Switch the warning category on or off by tapping the button next to it.
  8. Click Settings, then Emergency Alerts, then the switch next to one another to switch these on or off.

How would users make SOS messages work?

Just on Galaxy S7, Samsung launched SOS messages, which are intended to be immensely helpful in the event of an emergency.

When users rapidly press and press the power button 3 times, the front and back camera automatically snap a picture and email it to selected emergency numbers. This then conveys a signal to those same contacts, informing them that one wants assistance and providing the precise position as well as a 5 seconds background audio recording.

The above function requires some preparation, just be certain all is in good condition once you leave.

  • At the Main screen or the application tray, open the Settings application.
  • Select Privacy and Security.
  • SOS texts can be sent by tapping Send SOS messages. 
  • That’s also simple to activate the functionality, not to give a message pretty much immediately.
  • Switch it on by tapping the switch.
  • Click Privacy and security, then Deliver SOS Messages. Switch these on by tapping the toggle.
  • For accepting the terms and conditions put a checkmark.
  • Accept by tapping the button.
  • Within the pop-up, select Add.
  • Tick a box, accept and then add.
  • To choose a current connection, click Select from contacts; alternatively, hit Create contact.
  • If necessary, tick the box in front of each connection with whom the user would want to deliver SOS texts.
  • In the upper right corner of the window, click Done.
  • Choose contact details first from the drop-down menu, tick the options to pick connections, and then touch Done.
  • If one really needs to transmit an SOS message, the recipients you’ve chosen can now get it.
  • Ensure to immediately hit the power switch 3 times to transmit any SOS text.


In this article, I had explained how to use Emergency mode on your Samsung Galaxy S7. I tried to explain every aspect of it and various ways to set it up. I hope this article will help you to discover Emergency mode S7. For further assistance, you can contact Samsung care to solve your queries.

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