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In this digital era, smartphones are the basic need of life. Just like fingerprints, a phone belongs to someone personally. As we know any smartphone cannot run without a battery. Draining battery increases the heartbeats of anybody. If we face this issue, it can cause a lot of difficulties in an emergency. If this is a situation you’ve ever had to face in the past, then you’ll be happy to learn about this feature on your Android called Ultra Power Saving Mode. It helps to manage the emergency to ensure that you don’t run out of battery in the time you need it most. The name of the package is com.sec.android.emergencylauncher. Let’s learn more about this life-saving feature Android offers and utilize it.


The beginning of the age of technology came with the computers like ENIAC, the first computer ever constructed. The construction began in 1943 and not being completed until 1946. The Eniac was built at the University of Pennsylvania, which is shocking to me and many others because nearly all of the time, the answer to a question such as, “Where was the first computer ever built?” It is usually either Harvard or Stanford. In the end, the people who designed the masterpiece of the future amid an Ivy League university were J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly. The creators of the first computer built ever were aware that the computer they created would alter the course of humankind to the good and perform things that had not been possible before.

The technology slowly but surely developed, and in the 90s, we finally witnessed a boom in the technology industry. The plan was to create a dot-com company that would eventually bring money into the pockets. To become a millionaire from a dot-com was the goal of every person who lived in Silicon Valley. The founders and the associates of big players such as Microsoft and Apple were already declared billionaires by a fanciful magazine, whose annual subscription cost much more than I could pay back at the time when the dot-com bubble burst and the accurate picture came ahead. After that, the creators continued to create. Android could be an example of the creation of real creators.

How was Android conquered and re-discovered?

This is the name that Android OS has been for long in the technology industry, and it’s the only major player in this sector. According to Verge, the number of Android devices running is more significant than three billion Android devices in use at the moment. Android spotted only one threat to it comes from Apple with the help of iOS; however, Apple hasn’t been able to surpass Android by a large margin. The primary reason is most likely due to the restriction on the usage for iOS for Apple devices only. Apple’s tight control over the user’s device and the complete closed control of the OS caused them to lose in the numbers game.

The initial version of Android.

The first version of Android, which Android launched publicly in 2008, was the start of the great times that technology enthusiasts have waited for quite a while. The introduction of the initial iPhone from Steve Jobs’s office in 2007 was a significant technological breakthrough. Still, it’s complete control of the software, and geeks were very disappointed since they could not play around with the device. It was, for them, an instrument that could only be used in the manner that the company manufacturing it would have it used. If they state that it is impossible to change how the icons appear, then you may never have the ability to alter the appearance of the icons. Similar was the case with all the things that a typical consumer likes to play with.

A year later, Android was launched and took the world to the streets. A free-of-cost OS such as Android has proved to be a blessing to the geeks. An everyday consumer was also thrilled because of the technology they’ve always wanted to get lower with each successive Android device released. The most appealing feature of Android was how easy its interface was. It also impressed me how it dealt with complex tasks and translated them for the non-tech educated’ populace. Android lets people know that they can also be a component of their device and make it part of their character.

Android Vs. iOS

The users felt welcome and comfortable in Android and involved in how their devices would appear and feel to be used. People were pleased, and the designers of Android were shocked by the reception they received from the general public. While iOS was an era of absolute monarchy, iOS had been founded on the final rule of law; Android came and introduced Democracy to the market and won the fight. Android continues to win this battle thanks to the revolutionary and cutting-edge technologies and support. The capabilities of Android are limitless and can be extended to any degree. If you choose Android or any other OS, you’ll find that handling large tasks such as measuring the amount of touch you have made to the display is simple with an Android.

What is a launcher?

As mentioned previously, Android reached the top that Android could make it into whatever you needed it to. Alongside the vast number of factors, the essential motive was Android Launcher. What is an Android Launcher?

As the name implies, it is a launchpad for something. But what exactly? The launcher is a feature of all devices running an OS. The function of a launcher is to start the user interface that is part of the OS. A launcher is the main factor because we can view the various icons and widgets displayed on the bright screens of our gadgets. Each OS is equipped with its very own launcher. There’s the Android launcher to launch Android, while for iOS, there’s an iOS launcher, while for Windows, the launcher is Windows Launcher. The advantage in this area also belongs to Android because it lets you select and install the launchers you like. Understanding this topic will help you grasp com.sec.android.emergencylauncher.

Launchers with examples

At the moment, I’m convinced that there’s not anything you cannot alter about Android. The user’s preferences are always a top important factor for Android, and, as a result, numerous launchers have been released and released through the Play Store. There are many options, from minimalistic to hip hop-themed themes and returning to the basics launched. Launchers have become an integral part of users’ lives via the phone. These launchers include the NOVA launcher, Google Lawnchair, and several other third-party launchers. Launchers have been growing each day. If you own one of the following: Samsung, Vivo, or Oppo, you could notice that the device is pre-loaded with company developed user interface.

While the UI and OS are built upon the firmware base of Android, there are certainly subtle and significant differences in the added layer and skin that Android provides on the scene. The additional functionality usually is at the cost of storage space and is available by way of the bloatware. In addition to Android, the UI skin is also an application launcher to accomplish the tasks it is designed to achieve. In the end, it is imperative to launch a launcher to get the UI functioning.

What is com.sec.android.emergencylauncher?

This article consists of different headlines covering different aspects of a single topic on com.sec.android.emergencylauncher, Any other software is also built using different packages that handle several single operations and let the software perform what it is ultimately designed and built for. Each OS must manage many tasks, including working the operating system’s memory, its cache, running applications, rendering graphics, and projecting the user interface. Nearly every job with an operating system is performed with the help of a program. Also, Android is equipped with different packages that perform various tasks. Com.longcheertel. Autotest, com.android.bluetooth are examples of the multiple packages installed on your android device.

Com.sec.android.emergencylauncher is a package provided by Samsung in their Samsung devices. As with other packages, it performs the specific task to which it’s programmed. The principal function of this program is to open an interface that is activated upon the moment that drain of the battery occurs. It is referred to by ‘Ultra Power Saving Mode.’

If your device is low on power, It is recommended to turn on this mode. It will stop the battery from consuming too much and shut down the background processes that draw the battery’s power. This is an excellent feature since we all want to observe the health bar of the battery fully operational constantly. Our devices also love it when their battery bellies are full of power.

How do I switch on the ‘Ultra-power saving mode”?

After you’ve discovered the ‘Ultra Power save mode,’ you may be interested in trying it out on your phone. Follow these steps to turn on the ‘com.sec.android.emergencylauncher’:

There are two straightforward methods of turning on “Ultra Power Save Mode” or “Ultra Power Saving Mode.”

Method 1: Turn ON via icon

Most of the time, the Ultra Power Saving Mode toggle is found in the control center and accessible by going to the control center.

You can enable the Ultra Power Saving Mode in the Control center following these directions.

Step 1: Open your control center.

Step 2: Search for an icon titled “Ultra Power Mode’. Mode’.

Step 3: Select the button to switch it off.

Method 2: Turn ON via Battery

The Ultra Power saving mode can be switched on via the settings app installed within your gadget.

Step 1: Open the Settings app on your phone.

Step 2: Look to the ” battery choice ” on the settings page. In some instances, it could be called ‘ Battery and performance.’

Step 3: Open” Batterie Option.

Step 4: Find” Ultra-Power Saving Mode option and switch it on. This will ON ‘com.sec.android.emergencylauncher’ package.

Features of Ultra Power Saving Mode

After turning to when you turn on the Ultra Power Saving Mode, you will see an interface with only a few functions. The purpose of this feature is to decrease the use of power and make your battery last more than it could last under regular use. While the functions aren’t as extensive, it does provide what I would refer to as a cheat feature. An option allows you to add applications you would like to utilize in Ultra Power-Saving mode.

This function lets users select and install the essential apps and use them when using the feature. The mode also alters certain aspects of the device that use up battery, like Haptic feedback that creates a vibration as you type, among other things, and auto-brightness features can be activated automatically. These alterations allow the battery to last longer than it usually does and save you from emergencies. This is a handy feature and valuable in certain situations.


Q1. What happens if my device does not support the Ultra Saving Mode?

Ans: Most Samsung devices launched in 2015 are equipped with the Ultra Power Saving mode, but it’s not in your phone, and it is possible to download it through the Galaxy Store.

Q2. How do I check if com.sec.android.emergencylauncher is present on my device?

Explanation: It is possible to verify whether the package uses an app called ‘Package name viewer’ available on Google Play Store. Google Play Store.

Q3. What can I do to exit from the Ultra Power Saving mode?

Ans: To leave Ultra Power Saving Mode, click on the Exit icon on the screen.

Q4. Does this feature work for other phones?

Explanation: Yes, it is extremely commonplace and can be found across all kinds of devices made by various brands.

Q5. Does it impact my apps or other data stored on my device?

Ans: No. This mode keeps your app’s data and other data and doesn’t affect one.

Q6. Does my battery’s life diminish through this mode?

Ans: No. The health of your battery is guaranteed regardless of how long you’re using the mode.

Q7. How to fix ‘com.sec.android.emergencylauncher has stopped’?

Explanation: If this error occurs when switching off the saving power mode, reboot your device. This will solve the issue.

Q8. How do I remove com.sec.android.emergencylauncher’ ?

Ans: com.sec.android.emergencylauncher package can’t be removed from the device normally

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