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Com Samsung android app dressroom

In this article, we will talk about the com Samsung android app dressroom. How to fix the error com.samsung.android.app.dressroom has stopped or not working? Read all about it in just a few min.

What is com Samsung android app dressroom?

Now we will talk about the dressing room, don’t be confused. We are not talking about the dress room or any mart or mall, the dressing room app of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. com Samsung android app dressroom is the package name of the Samsung galaxy dressroom app. The full name of the Samsung galaxy dressroom app is Dressing Room – Create Your Combines. This app is very useful for creating your styles of clothes.

There are 30 categories of clothes in this app, like tops, jeans, skirts, jeans, shoes, wedding dresses, summer or winter dresses, etc. in this app you can create any outfit of your own choice and can share it with your friends and family, they will give feedback for your outfit. From their feedback or suggestions, you can create more outfits and in the end, you will know what you should wear. This app is helpful when you are confused about any dress or clothes that you should buy or not. You can follow your favorite artist, friends, bloggers, etc, and can see their created outfits. By this, you can see what they like to wear and if you want you can create or buy that same outfit. 

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How to download the Dressing Room app?

In most Samsung Galaxy phones this app is already installed but if it isn’t installed on your device follow these instructions to install this app. You can install this app from the Galaxy store of your Samsung galaxy device of you can download this app by clicking here. The web page will load just in a sec.

Just click on install and this app will download on your Samsung Galaxy device. After downloading and installing this app, open it. Make sure to give your Samsung account there. Now after opening this app, you will see a lot of categories there.

Choose any category you want and combine with it. Choose different categories and make an outfit. That’s how you can use this app. Now share it with your friends & family and take their feedback about your created outfit.  

How to fix com.samsung.android.app.dressroom has stopped?

  • Only a few steps are required to fix this issue:
  • Force stop the app.
  • Clear cache and date and re-signin
  • Uninstall the old one and reinstall the app.

What is the benefit of using the Dressing Room app?

The Samsung Galaxy Dressing Room app is very useful for fashion clothes lovers. In this app, you can create any outfit you like and can share it with your friends, see their feedback on your outfit, and improve it. You can follow your favorite style icon here and can see their created outfits. The dressing room app is for everyone. It doesn’t care whether you are a teen, a job working woman, a mother, or an old lady, there’s something for everyone.

You can create outfits here and can set that day you will wear that dress. With this app, you will always know what’s the changing fashion out there and what’s the taste in the clothes of others. You can save a lot of money by using this app. Sometimes when you buy any clothes and after purchasing those outfits don’t look good on you or it doesn’t match with your other outfit which you were wearing with this new dress. With the help of this app, you can create these outfits and check if they look good or not. You can also take others’ feedback on this.  


The dressing Room app is very useful to check whether outfits are good or not before buying. In this article, we talked about what the Samsung Galaxy Dressing Room app is and how to download & install it. Hopefully, this article increases your knowledge.


Q1. Can I share my created outfits on my social media accounts like Instagram or Facebook?

Solution: Yes, you can do it easily by taking a screenshot of your created outfit and sharing it on a post or story of your social media accounts whether it is Instagram or Facebook.

Q2. What is the download size of the Dressing Room app?

Solution: The download size of the dressing Room app is 6.69 MB. You can easily download it in the galaxy store or by the above-given link.

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