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What is the com.sec.android.app.parser android-DRParser Mode with Its cheat code list? What can I do if it isn’t working? How can I remove drparser mode? How can I get around FRP? This article is for everyone Samsung smartphone users. Have you ever forgotten your Google password and were running out of possibilities regarding how to access your Google accounts right now? To reset, restore your device, you must know your IMEI code using the secret codes supplied to you by Samsung. Therefore, your concerns will be solved here as I’ll provide you with all the answers to your issue. Please keep reading and don’t skip everything because from using it all the way to eliminating it all is covered.

This article is about DRParser mode as well as what it can do for you. Let’s dive into the subject.

What is com.sec.android.app.parser?

com.sec.android.app.parser is a package name used for DRParser mode in android. This provides the facility to import all the related libraries.

What exactly is DRParser mode?

In essence, DRParser mode will be an undiscovered application offered by Samsung that is built-in. Only a handful of users are aware of this app as if you can find this app on their system applications list, but opening the app is distinct. So, before we dive deeper into the application, I’ll provide an overview of this program, explaining that it assists your device debugging Sysdump, a number of other applications, and other things.

accessing DRParser mode

  • There is no direct access to this application. It is necessary to open the Calculator app then type : (+30012012732+
  • Then you’ll notice a dial pad appear on your screen. This is in the DRParser mode, and you will need to enter the secret codes to open the options you wish to test.

What is DRParser mode do?

DRParser serves to act as an intermediary person using the application and its system. The application assists you in a variety of ways. By typing in the codes, you will be able to start it and access Sysdump or the Service mode or Factory Reset Protection ( FRP) to disable the Google Account. There’s a lot more you can accomplish by using this tool. Sysdump Sysdump provides you with a photo of the newly released ROM that allows you to restart your phone when something goes off the rails. A strengthening of the foundation ROM should be the first step prior to doing any Android operating framework updates or creating customized ROM images.

How to disable FRP access to your Google Account.

  • In the first place of importance, please turn on your Samsung phone and connect it with Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Accept all the terms and stay tuned to watch for an upgrade
  • Now, go back to the welcome screen, and select the Emergency Call option.
  • Make a call to 911/100 and then quickly turn on the Bluetooth option in the call interface.
  • Connect your device to a Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker.
  • Once you’re done, press the button for calling (just on top of Bluetooth headsets) to launch Google Now.
  • At the moment, do anything,
  • Enter Calculator to start the application, and then enter: (+30012012732+
  • The device is currently set into DRParser Mode.
  • Keep entering: *#0808#
  • Click the DM+ ACM + ADB, and then the latest Samsung devices come with RMDIS and ACM plus DM option, and you can reboot.
  • Be sure to start up and display the Welcome screen.
  • On your computer then, download the file and then remove it
  • Connect your device to the PC using the USB link. You can also enable USB debugging on your device
  • Then, run FRP_techzai.bat from the deleted organizer and wait until it is finished.

DRParser mode codes

This list includes all codes that actually work with DRParser as well as all other codes offered by Samsung. They usually work with your phone’s dialer application.

Service Mode *#9900#

Services mode is a hidden feature that is present in modern cellphones that facilitates searching for a variety of problems. All Sysdump options are listed here.

General Test Mode #0*#

A hidden menu, which is accessible by dialing a particular sequence of numbers that allows you to look into problems with equipment and verify the effectiveness of your phone. The menu includes a vast collection of service checks.

Many catches will test for the presence of vibrations, RGB tones, contact effects on the screen as well as speaker yield. The shaded appearance may be beneficial for single dead pixels, but a substantial portion of the features available in menus could be more specific to the typical client.

Additionally, you can do sensor checks. The accelerometer sensor makes sure that pictures are accurately adjusted on your smartphone.

Check status information for GSM network *#0011#

GSM(Global Systems for Mobile Communications) status information is accessible by using this code.

Services Mode USB *#9090#

Service Mode menus let you gain developer mode functions within your phone that can be connected to its actions, including selecting particular service providers, opening the SIM card, changing the default settings for your network or groups, and even damaging your internal settings

unpredictable memory, which contains all your IMEI as well as RF and EFS boundary, in addition, allows you to perform a complete plant erase and reset.

Verify the IMEI number: *#06#

Simply by entering this code, you’ll be able to identify your IMEI number in a matter of minutes.

Check OS version – *#1234#

You can verify AP (Application Processor), CSC (Consumer Software Customization), CP (Communication Processor) by using this.

Additional DRParser mode code:

  • Battery Status *#0288#
  • Hardware Version *#2222#
  • Verify both the Hardware and Software versions – *#12580*369#
  • USB Service #0808#
  • The above mentioned is to bypass FRP.
  • Control Audio Loopback – *#0283#
  • TSK/TSP firmware updates – *#2663#
  • Update Camera Firmware – *#34971539#

What is DRParser mode com.sec.android.app.parser android

In older versions of Samsung, com.sec.android.app.parser was a preloaded package for Factory Mode, in other words, Factory Reset.

Factory reset is among the options that are available through the restoration or settings menu of your device. By selecting this option, you will be able to reset your phone to settings for processing reset.

No matter how you do it by selecting manufacturing factory reset, it erases all data off your phone and restores it to its factory state. It is not possible to restore any information once the data has been erased in the event it has not been sponsored recently.

To understand the word parser in a better way, let’s say that Parser APK, the bundle it comes with, can split application bundle files into an APK style that is used by devices that run Android OS. It will access an APK file and then concentrate on the show file contained to analyze it and return the meta-data that it holds, such as the application’s name, description, and the consent to highlight the device it needs for, and so on.

DRParser mode is not working.

There could be a variety of reasons that the DRParser mode isn’t working when you type in the required text into the calculator in DRParser mode. The screen appears then disappears. This is how you come to realize there is something wrong with your DRParser mode calculator. However, many users aren’t aware of or know the remedy to this problem. Numerous reasons could cause this error. It could be due to the application being damaged in some way or due to the fact that you may have blocked this application from functioning. This means that you have to take into consideration several variables to ensure that this application functions without issue.

The best thing you could do is try this app if it does not work. Even after trying all the options, you can test these codes using your dialer app. Most likely, they’ll work and allow you to carry out the procedure.

You can also force-stop the application and then start it up again. Some applications can function in this manner.

Is DRParser mode Safe?

Some reports claim that these hidden codes offered by Samsung will allow hackers to steal your smartphone. New research conducted by Elliot Alderson, the well-known French security researcher, has discovered that an attacker with real access to the Samsung phone could be able to capture the subtleties of network traffic and also screen record your mobile phone for an entire period of time. The researcher discovered in the course of tweets that one could hack a phone by using the app’s opening Calculator application and then typing (+30012012732+. This will launch an initialization of the DRParser Mode application. Users could type *#9900# in the application’s screen to launch it—service Mode application.

Different possibilities

This Service Mode application has different options, including run dump state, enabling calm logs from the boot, and three dims or greyed options, including lower player dumps, TCP dump start, and IMS logger. The analysis reveals that tcpdump is an ordered line parcel analyzer that can be used to detect network traffic. In addition, tapping the catch asks for is an OTP, which the researcher dodged by switching off the ServiceMode application and then creating an OTP. The scientist was now prepared to receive the OTP to the spring up and started running tcpdump to capture all the company activities on the stockpiling in the neighborhood.

The researcher also reveals that the flaw also allows attackers to record their screens for a whole time. This can be done using the IMS Logger option that is one of the options that are grayed out within Service Mode. Service Mode application. The screen recording is saved to the local registry, too. The researcher also discovered that Samsung recognizes this issue. Interestingly, Samsung has not yet made an authoritative remark about this flaw.

How do I remove drparser mode?

The debloat lists have marked DRParser as secure to freeze an application. However, only if you’re not interested in using these codes, or wish to disable this program to avoid a risky attack, then you can stop this app with any third-party program disabler such as TitaniumCleanROM Lite, or any other, as numerous applications are available. You can also select the button to force stop the option.


In this post, I’ve included every single code that runs in DRParser mode and its package com.sec.android.app.parser and the way it functions. It is also interesting to note that the application is accessible via the calculator app. I’ve also included the complete procedure for how to get around the FRP (factory reset protection) of your Google account. Also, how the com sec Android app parser worked in factory mode in older versions of Samsung since the latest models do not come with this feature. But, you can still stop this app if it’s considered secure to do so; however, if you’re an enthusiast of technology and want to learn about the developer’s mode features, I’ll advise that you don’t close this application. So do give DRParser mode a try.

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