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com.samsung.android.dialer | com samsung android dialer

If users have a Samsung cell phone, then you would be surely familiar with the com.Samsung.android.dialer(com samsung android dialer) application. The Samsung android dialing apk is essential for making telephone calls. 

It also enables users to:-

  • organising contact details
  • Having access to call configuration
  • diverting calls
  • dismiss or take incoming phone call.

However, some individuals believe the application is a harmful tool like omacp that snoops on the actions and allow users to share data with third parties, whereas many see it as bloatware that wastes device capabilities. As a result, users may be afraid of the dialer application’s authenticity and consider removing it. This post will explain to you all you need to know more about com android dialer, such as whether or not you must remove it and how to do so.

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What is the purpose of the Samsung Android Dialer App?

Users for obvious reasons must initially comprehend the com Samsung android dialer software and the functions it plays on the cell phone to fully understand it. Simply explained, it is the Samsung Dialer application that comes pre-installed. Users can use the dialer application to make calls by dialing digits on the telephone pad, exploring contacts, creating and viewing contact details. They can also establish Bluetooth calls, view and configure Call Settings, modify Call Routing or Call Waiting for alternatives, switch calls, combine calls, do a phone conference, retain or track call logs, and dismiss or admit phone calls.

It is, without even a doubt, among the most important programs on the cell phone, and so you can not make a call without that. Com.Samsung.android.dialer displays the disconnected, hold, loudspeaker, calling, and other choices in conjunction with the com.Samsung.android.incallui app.

The Samsung Contacts software allows you with most of the tools you’ll need to remain in contact with the community that matters most to you. You may indicate that the connections are much more than just numbers and names by inserting a picture, the relationship, and the contact address in your list of contacts. One can also customize your sounds and buzz patterns for individual contacts so users recognize who is calling them before the cell phone leaves the pocket.

What is the procedure for adding a number to the speed dial? 

When you register a contact to the speed dial, one can call them without having to search up their number. Keep holding down on the number allocated to the person you prefer to call here on the dial pad once they have been registered to the speed dial. To discover how to save a contact to the speed dial, follow the instructions here.

  • Step 1: Click Contacts on the mobile application.
  • Step 2:The choices icon should be tapped. It’ll show up as three dots.
  • Select the settings icon from the menu (three dots)
  • Step 3:Numbers on the speed dial can be tapped.
  • Step 4:To alter the speed dial number, tap the down arrow.
  • Step 5:To register an established contact, click the contact symbol, or put in the mobile number.
  • Step 6: Click the – adjacent to the contact users want to delete to remove it from your speed dial.

Is the APK com.samsung.android.dialer secure or malware?

Even though innovation has improved and worked out just fine and more data accessible, the pace at which folk’s personally identifiable information is disseminated is concerning. Customers are now-a-days conscious that even apps installed before the system programs are dangerous and can support the unauthorized exchange of sensitive data, which could proceed to the damage.

Some have already alleged also that Samsung dialer software is spyware in the past years. Obviously, Samsung guarantees its users that the software is protected and therefore does not collect any private details. Despite having access to connections, it will not share the info with others.

In truth, Samsung and PlayProtect policies safeguard the dialer and incallUI apk packages. That is to say, one has nothing to be alert about.

In truth, Samsung and Play Protect rules safeguard the dialer and incallUI application files. 

That is to say when using the application to dial calls. There is not a single matter to be concerned about.

Is the com.Samsung. android. dialer Application required for the device’s operation, or is this just bloatware?

Another criticism leveled at the Samsung dialer software is that this is bloatware, implying that it would be superfluous in the device despite consuming available resources such as memory. The reality, nevertheless, might shock you because you need the application to make and receive calls, and users wouldn’t be capable of doing that without it until you found a customized dialer software such as Contacts+.

The software here, of course, consumes computing and memory space, just like every next program on the phone. In addition, aside from what is required, the Samsung dialer application uses up no additional space or storage.

Few might have alleged that the software is malware that damages the cell phone. However, it is not true because the application is protected by Samsung rules.

The Consequences of Possessing com.Samsung.android.dialer

Despite the impressive capabilities it may provide, any pre-installed software application, including such klms agent and BBC agents, seems to have its own set of problems. Similarly, dealing with the Samsung dialer application would provide some issues, like storage capacity and memory usage, albeit this is indeed a minor issue given that all the other programs consume the very same amount of capacity.

If users install multiple dialing apps in addition to the standard one, they will jeopardize the device’s performance, and the phone may begin to slow down and quickly shut down. Another drawback is power usage, which may necessitate frequent charging of the device as the application consumes power.

Languages available on com.samsung.android.dialer

Several dialer dialects are included in the pack, and you may switch between them using the Android Dialer application. Dialects are a group of languages found in the dialer application.

The dialer language is set to English by standard, but then you can switch it to any desired language straight from the Menu. 

  • Step 1:Navigate to Menu initially.
  • Step 2:After that go to Settings.
  • Step 3: Then move to the Dialer & Calls option.
  • Step 4:Select the desirable Language to modify the dialer language.

Permissions needed for operating com.samsung.android.dialer

The following rights are required for the com.Samsung.android.dialer application to work properly:

  1. Change phone state, record call logs, call numbers directly, redirect outgoing calls, check call logs, and retrieve phone status and identification.
  2. Check phone condition and recognition by viewing up the system ID and call info.
  3. Locate profiles on the smartphone, manage the contacts, and view your contact details with Contacts.
  4. Storage – read, change, or erase the information of the USB storage device.
  5. Capture sound with a microphone.
  6. Other – full network access, start automatically, view internet connections, keep devices from napping, and regulate vibration.

DW Phone Numbers & Contacts

Is a robust stock dialing tool, contact information, and telephone tool management addon.

It is mostly concerned with business operations. Boost the effectiveness of the work.

  1.  It enables us to Search contacts in every possible route.
  2.  Provide us with a function to make a note in call logs
  3.  It also generates and maintains reminders for incoming and outgoing calls.
  4.  Announce the caller ID of the incoming call
  5.  Displays the exact time of missed calls.
  6.  It supports Skype, VoLTE, Lite
  7.  Enables to share contacts with different modes such as text as well as v cards which we can forward with messaging apps.
  8. Available with Batch mode for faster and smooth transmission of messages
  9. Also comes with a call filter

Why ‘Com.Samsung.android.dialer is no longer active?

The com.samsung.android.the dialer software package may quit functioning when you are attempting to make a phone call or search contacts, and you will receive an error message saying “com.Samsung.android.dialer has stopped.” This is a prevalent problem with Samsung phones, and it can be affected by a combination of things, such as:

  • Cache files that have been damaged or overburdened; this occurs when cache files have still not been emptied in a long period, resulting in its overload or distortion.
  • One may encounter the problem notice if he or she has used the Samsung dialer application for such a long time but it has become old.
  • Internal application problems; can happen if users install a 3rd party dialer software or if the Samsung dialer application has underlying issues.
  • Firmware problems, such as the dialer’s firmware becoming obsolete, third-party firmware being used where original firmware, or the device’s firmware getting corrupted. As well firmware in devices will get outdated.

How to fix com.Samsung.android.dialer when stops working

The statement com.Samsung.android.dialer has block troubles has been mentioned earlier and can be resolved in several methods, including;

1- Make sure the Samsung Phone application is up to date.

  1. Just navigate to the Galaxy Store.
  2. Scan for any awaiting phone application updates.
  3. Then finally initiate it.

2- Install firmware (Stock ROM)

Flashing the provided firmware with a firmware flashing application or obtaining firmware data from a firmware file obtaining site.

3- Perform a factory reset on the smartphone.

Reset the default configuration. This may be performed by initially saving up your data to Samsung Cloud or Google Drive, then navigating to Settings.

  • Step 1: Navigate to General.
  • Step 2:Afterward go to Reset.
  • Step 3:Then click on Data from the Factory Reset.
  • Step 4:Finally tap on Reset.
  • Step 5:This will Delete everything.
  • Step 6:A passcode may be used for the final stage.

4- Erase the data in the Samsung dialer application and force stop it.

  • Step 1: Initially tap on Settings.
  • Step 2: Then navigate to Apps.
  • Step 3: After that click on Phone.
  • Step 4: Next tap on Storage.
  • Step 5: Then hit the Clear cache option.
  • Step 6: Select the Clear data option over there.
  • Step 7: Finally click on Force Stop.

Can users remove the com.Samsung.android.dialer application package from the device?

Even though the dialer software is essential for something like the cell phone, users may choose to remove it. It is also possible that the warning notice continues popping up, which you discover inconvenient.

Though, removing the apk is not recommended because you would be disabled to reload it or have phone conversations. One can either use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) or the System Application Removal application to remove the program.

How to utilize the System App Remover to remove the application?

This option necessitates root privileges, something you must first obtain. If you’re not sure how to use it, consult the phone’s Android Rooting Manual before downloading the System App Remover.

Step 1:Start it up and just observe how it runs.

Step 2:Start searching by typing the com Samsung android dialer application package on the web.

Step 3:Once you are able to get it.

Step 4:The dialer application will indeed be completely uninstalled from the phone if you choose ‘uninstall.’

Utilizing USB Debugging to uninstall the application

The ADB approach necessitates the use of a Windows PC to install the ADB and run the instruction.

Step 1: Choose the ‘Settings’ button from the menu bar to use it.

Step 2: ‘System’ and ‘About phone’ are the next two options.

Step 3:So when the ‘Build Number’ choice displays, press it many times until about Step Step 4:‘Developer Options’ choice displays.

Step 5:After that, go back to the main page and click Settings immediately, this time selecting the Developer Option. 

Step 6:Allow USB debugging and install ADB on your Desktop. 

Step 7:Then, after extracting the zip file, look over the file system. 

Step 8:Double-click on space while holding down the SHIFT button.

Step 9:After that, select ‘open PowerShell window here’ and type ‘adb services’ in the command prompt. 

Step 10:Link the Samsung cell phone to that same PC with a USB connection.

Step 11: On the cell phone, enter ADB shell pm uninstall – com.samsung.android.dialer, and the dialer software and associated data will be removed completely. 

Step 12:After the operation is terminated, navigate to the Google Play Store and install a dialer software like Google Phone or Contacts Plus.


The default Samsung dialer software is the Com.Samsung.android.dialer application package, which enables users to make a phone call, access contact information, and conduct several other dialer functions. Even though other people believe it is dangerous and collects personally identifiable information. Samsung guarantees the application’s security to its customers. An issue notice may show from time to time for a myriad of purposes, and the page has explained how to correct the error. Use either the ADB method or the system application uninstaller technique to uninstall the application.

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