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What is com android vending?

This looks very new for an android user, but a developer can understand it easily. Here we are trying to explain in layman’s words. What is com android vending? Fix the com.android.vending.error within a few minutes, without the need for any third-party application! Are you stuck with “The program ( process com.android.vending) has suddenly stopped working“? I don’t know why this error appeared abruptly? Are you curious about what com android vending is utilized? Learn what the android vending error is about and what you can do about it.

Learn how you can track the root of the problem and then fix it as professionals do. Discover the reasons to consider this error seriously and get it fixed as quickly as you can. Did you aware that this error could render your phone unusable and vulnerable within a couple of days or even weeks. This error could render your phone without any updates or the ability to download new apps on Google’s Play Store. Don’t fret as we’ve can help you with various solutions.

Learn how to solve problems by disabling software updates or resetting your system factory or by using root Explorer as well as Flashing your Gapps. If you’re not sure about rooting, no worries since we’ve got you covered in our second article. Find everything you need to be aware of in one place, without any trouble. If you’re attracted, check out an instructional video to find a speedier solution.

What is com android vending?

Let’s first learn the meaning behind com.android.vending is and why we should use it. It is mostly the name for the installer on the Android platform. Understanding the syntax of the word does aid in knowing it better. The word installer informs the android was the source that the app is installed. Now the word “com.android.vending informs that the app in query is being lodged from the Google Play Store. It’s likely that you’re aware of com.android.vending in addition to the reason it is being used.

The information related to Google Play Store is stored and protected, however, should it be deleted on a phone, not root. In this case, you’ll see the error that says “The program ( process com.android.vending) has suddenly stopped working”. The app you tried to install will stop in the queue for task completion and be removed. In this case, you’ll be in confusion as to what the word “work Android” vending refer to?

Be aware that this problem is present on non-rooted phones since smartphones with root have the ability to alter to Gapps (Google Applications) at any time. If you’ve got an Android phone that is rooted, the issue will be the result of the Gapps that you installed in your installation process. The problem usually happens after the old days of Play Store are interfered with or removed with force.

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What do com.android.vending errors can cause?

If you have encountered this error, then we are concerned that you will not be able to download anything from your smartphone. This error can impede the ability of the user of downloading any application that is available on their mobile. When you try to download any app, you’ll get this error, and the application will not be installed.

Like other errors, this one is extremely serious and you must fix it as quickly as you can. This error could render your phone inoperable, since it is not able to download any new app, or even update an application. We suggest clearing your calendar if you wish to fix this issue on your phone. However, keep these points in mind before proceeding further:

  • Charge your smartphone to atlas 70-80%, as it may require some time to resolve.
  • You can recover all your data on either external storage such as or an SD card or upload to any cloud.
  • Don’t attempt something else without understanding exactly what you’re doing and you could end up causing more damage.
  • Try restarting your device for a few times before you try other options to see if this fixes the issue.
  • Have a backup phone on you in case you’re an active person or you receive lots of calls.

Let’s now look at the many methods we can find a solution to com.android.vending.

We’ve discussed the issue, but let’s now look at how to fix the issue on your phone.

How can I resolveprocess com.android.vending stopped unexpectedly?

In the event that Play Store data is removed or deleted accidentally on a device that is not rooted. You’ll get an error message that says “the app (process com.android.vending) was stopped unexpectedly. Try again”. The error may occur repeatedly when you try to access the Play Store for downloading any game or app.

If your device is rooted, the issue could be due to Gapps, the Gapps (Google Applications) program that you downloaded on your phone. If you notice that the Google Play Store database is not functioning as expected or began to act up due to reasons. We have already stated that it will limit the capacity of the customer to access and use applications. This renders their phones unusable, since you will no longer utilize your smartphone after this issue.

You aren’t the only one to experience this issue as there are plenty of users who are experiencing this error. In the past, many users have been experiencing this error on their phones, despite what they have done. Sometimes, third-party applications will also be able to erase the data, but generally poorly created or coded programs are able to do this. We’ve compiled an outline of ways you can attempt to fix the issue. However, keep in mind that if your device isn’t rooted, then you are not able to attempt the “only for users who are rooted” steps. If you’re interested in rooting your phone and testing these steps, then read our guide.

Now let’s explore the possible ways to fix the issue:

Uninstalling the most recent version of Play Store

This will resolve the issue and is worth the opportunity.

  1. Open your phone and search to ” Settings“.
  2. Once you have found it, go to the settings and search to find ” App and notifications” or ” App manager“.
  3. Open it , and then tap ” Show all apps” or ” show system” to show all applications and look on ” Play Store“.
  4. Search for the app in the list, and then start it when you locate it.
  5. After it has been open, click on ” Uninstall the latest version” after which, when it’s completed, restart your phone.
  6. After that, launch your Play Store and let it update for approximately 10-15 minutes. The problem should now be fixed and you will be able to download any game or app you’d like.

Factory reset your phone

This shouldn’t be your first choice since all of your user information will be lost. This is the reason you should back up every single one of your files.

  1. Open your phone and search to ” Settings“.
  2. Then, go to the settings, and then look at ” Backup and restore” or ” Backup“.
  3. Once you have it open, look for the settings that say ” Factory data reset” and then click it to open.
  4. After the phone has turned off, switch the phone into Recovery mode, by holding on the Power button and the volume up.
  5. After the settings are open Once the settings are open, press Power button it and use the volume button to move around.
  6. Clean up the cached information on your phone and restart your phone. Your issue should be fixed and you are able to download any game or app.

Your phone will be restarted with the sole difference being the amount of time required to complete. Once it is completed, your phone will appear as it was when it first came out.

Note: Charge your device at least 80% prior to trying to factory reset your device. If your device fails to turn off during the reset process and you are unable to restart it, you could be in danger of damaging your phone. Also it is possible that you may ruin your smartphone.

Flashing Gapps

If your phone isn’t properly rooted, you may not do this step.

  1. Turn off or power off your phone.
  2. Then put your smartphone into recovery mode using Pressing the Power button, then Volume up (Home button, if you have that).
  3. Then, flash Gapps (zip file) once more on your smartphone and do it all over again.
  4. If the process is successful, restart your device and the issue should be resolved. You will need to sign back in to all of the Google accounts.

Using Root explorer

Employ the root explorer app on your phone, utilize the app to accumulate access to the “com.android.vending” folder. The path to the folder is ” Android/data’ or “Android/data/data“.

After you have found the folder, remove the folder.

Open Google’s Play Store and try to download the game or app that you want to download. This should fix the issue and you shouldn’t face problems in the future.


We looked at what’s com android vending as well as the best way to fix it ” The application (process com.android.vending) is not working in a sudden manner“. Remember that you should consider rooting your phone since it’s more secure than reset. If you do decide to reset your phone factory then we have written a few articles in which you can find out how to accomplish it. We also included a hyperlink to our article on the best root apps. You should take a look.

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