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Error 67 Sprint- How to fix

Error 67 Sprint is also called as “Data Call Failure”. Error number 67 appears on Sprint/Android phones from time to time. It appears in the form of a pop-up message or notification on the device. It shows right after we receive a message from Virtual Machine or when we join a Wi-Fi data network. It does not let us approach the web. It makes us unable to perform any other tasks. Nowadays, a lot of customers report that this error (error 67 – sprint) appears every 20 – 30 seconds. Calls and messaging failures are prompted by Error 67. Some individuals have found a solution by repeatedly resetting their phones. This is especially noticeable on the Samsung Galaxy model.

The error pop–up appears in this form: “Unable to establish a wireless data connection. Please select Update Profile to correct this problem. If the problem persists, please contact the phone company.”

Error 67 Sprint

Reason of Error 67 – Sprint:

The most important thing to remember is that CDMA devices require you to provision your cellular account to the AirCard. If your internet service provider fails to set up your account appropriately, the AirCard will not be able to connect to the network. When you try to connect to the internet, you get the registration error or error 67 sprint. In such a scenario, the cellular device is not able to register with the Packet Data Serving Node which is abbreviated as PDSN.

For mobile stations using a CDMA2000 Radio Access Network (RAN), the Packet Data Serving Node (PDSN) offers the principal wireless mobile data access to the internet, intranets, and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) servers. In support of two major services, Simple IP and Mobile IP, the Cisco PDSN (Packet Data Serving Node) provides a gateway, Foreign Agent (FA), and packet transport for Virtual Private Networking (VPN) functionality.

How to fix error 67 sprint:

Troubleshoot and swap the network approach:

Generally, the error prompts due to the wrong network approach source. Going into Network mode options is the final goal. This error might occur when the network mode is set incorrectly. For the carrier to comprehend and send data packets, selecting the appropriate network mode is critical. If this was the issue, switching to the correct mode of the network will permit your device to establish with the internet. To resolve this type of issues, follow the steps as shown below:

  • Step 1: Go to Settings section of your device.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the “Network Tab”.
  • Step 3: Click on “More”.
  • Step 4: Tap on “Mobile Networks” and open it.
  • Step 5: Select “Network Mode”.
  • Step 6: Among all the options present, Select LTE/CDMA.
  • Step 7: Finally, Click OK.

Keep a note that the path to follow the above steps may not be the same for all the devices. It varies from device to device depending on the functionalities of the device.

After Network Mode has been changed, update your service of the device. Steps to update the service are given below –

  • Step 1: Go to settings options of your Android appliance.
  • Step 2: Open General Tab from the settings section of the device.
  • Step 3: Proceed to “System Updates” option.
  • Step 4: Update Profile from there.

Test the service after upgrading the profile to inspect if the issue subsists or not. If the error doesn’t exist, the issue is resolved. Otherwise, it can be understood that the issue wasn’t caused by a faulty network mode, so move ahead and change it back to what it was originally.

Reboot the Android device:

Many errors are often caused by a bug or a transient glitch. If this is the case, rebooting the device may help to slow down the issue. Try rebooting your device and then attempting to establish the connection to the internet after it has done so. This problem would have been rectified if it had been caused by a transitory malfunction.

Switch your Mobile Station ID (MSID):

Mobile Station ID is abbreviated as MSID. This is basically a Mobile Identification Number. One reason why error 67 – sprint is being generated is that you may not be using the correct MSID (Mobile Station ID) so far. Follow the steps to change your MSID:

  • Step 1: In order to obtain the correct MSID, approach your service provider and request it. Replace an existing MSID to the one that the company provides.
  • Step 2: After that, enter ##847446# and select Edit.
  • Step 3: Next, choose “Cell Phone”.
  • Step 4: Select OK button.
  • Step 5: Click on MSID.
  • Step 6: Modify the stated numbers with the ones provided by your service provider once you’ve arrived.
  • Step 7: Click on done.
  • Step 8: Once you have clicked done, restart your Android device to update the saved changes. Hopefully, you won’t get the error 67 – sprint any longer.

Verify a few details and keep PRL (Preferred Roaming List) up to date:

If you’re using a custom ROM or kernel, go back to stock. You must double-check that your ESN and SIM numbers are identical. Other than the Sprint 67 notice, a mismatch can cause a slew of other problems. Error 67 can potentially occur if your area lacks data coverage. In this instance, you should contact your service provider and request that an internet tower be installed within a closer range of your property. PRL on your device should be updated. Follow the steps discussed below to update the PRL:

  • Step 1: From the menu and open settings.
  • Step 2: Scroll and navigate to “Update PRL” after the settings window pane opens.
  • Step 3: Then, in the confirmation window that appears on the screen, click “OK.”

Now, examine if the error 67 – sprint continues or not after your device’s PRL has been updated.

A database used in CDMA devices is called PRL. It’s created and delivered by your operator, and it’s used to link your phone to the station. It specifies the broadcast bands, sub-bands, and service provider IDs that will be looked for, and then enable the mobile to the appropriate station.

Attempt to resolve any issues with connectivity:

An Access Point Name (APN) contains all of the information required for your device to access to cellular networks. Your network provider should provide you their APN details in a config message if you’re launching a new device or inserting your SIM card for the first time. According to your network operator, your APN will be varied.

Change the APN (Access Point Name) to check if the problem persists. Follow the steps discussed below to change APN settings on an Android device:

  • Step 1: From the menu and open settings.
  • Step 2: Scroll down and Open Mobile Networks.
  • Step 3: Under Mobile Networks, point out to Access Point Names.
  • Step 4: Open New APN followed by the Name field.
  • Step 5: Type out Internet and press OK.
  • Step 6: Now, open APN field and type “everywhere” and tap OK.
  • Step 7: Click on Username field, enter “eesecure” and tap OK.
  • Step 8: Open Password field, enter “secure” and tap OK.
  • Step 9:  Finally, open Menu icon and choose “Save”.

When you change your APN settings, your network provider interacts with your device in a different way. As a result, network connectivity faults are more likely to be resolved. If this method doesn’t work, visit your network provider and discuss the situation. If needed, make a new complaint to the ISP. They will investigate your complaint and guide you in rectifying the issue.

Perform a system update:

Backdated systems might cause network issues, which aren’t always visible. Consider updating your handset if you have a number of outstanding updates. This is because every update includes some bug fixes and security updates, whether minor or large. So, in order to avoid problems, it’s critical to stay on top of the latest updates. Go over to your device’s settings and then to the system. Navigate to System Updates and download the updates.

Use HBoot Recovery:

You can return to the Bootloader screen using the HBoot recovery programme. This restores your device to its previous state. If your device has been infected with a new bug that prevents you from connecting to the Internet and continues to throw this error, this strategy is a good solution.

Connect to Wi-Fi:

If none of the other options work, try connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Take Wi-Fi connectivity if you don’t have Wi-Fi at home. The other alternative is to change carriers or service providers, which you should consider doing while keeping in mind the cost and data charges.

Unplug your battery and replace it:

This strategy may appear unusual at first, yet it is believed to work in many circumstances. Turn your phone off. Then, look at your device’s handbook for the portion to remove to reveal the battery. Remove the outer cover first, then the battery one at a time. Then, replace your battery in its slot. Restart your phone and try to access the internet. By the time, the error may have been corrected.

Factory Data Reset:

This is the final solution to any problem, but it comes at the expense of all your data. If using a Wi-Fi connection or switching to a different data provider isn’t an option, the only other alternative is to do a reset. It’s worth noting that when you execute a data reset, all of your crucial data is erased. As a consequence, it’s invariably a good design to back up your data before conducting a reset. As factory data reset will erase all of your data and, as a result, will most likely fix error 67 – sprint.


When your handset becomes unable to connect with the internet via mobile data, a pop-up error called error 67 – sprint appears. This error is caused by incorrect APN (Access Point Name) settings, network usage, obsolete system software, and an invalid MSID (Mobile Station ID). To fix error 67 on the gadget, perform the steps indicated above. Because not all of these solutions will work for you, you should attempt each one at a time to see whether one of them addresses your problem.

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