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Black and white lines permanently stuck on screen

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It is very much frustrating when you are watching your favorite video and suddenly black and white lines permanently stuck on Screen of mobile, PC, laptop, TV, or tablet, any of them. Nowadays, our devices have become highly sophisticated, which has led to their development. Within the big factories and long assembly lines, there are so complicated tasks that have to be performed, that even if a single task goes wrong, then our whole device will start malfunctioning. There is a huge list of these kinds of problems. Some get treated, while others do not. Some many problems and vulnerabilities have entered into our mobiles, tablets, computers, and televisions.

One such problem which is faced by nearly every user at least once is “Sticking of black and white lines on our screen“. Gone have the days when this problem was faced only on our televisions. This problem has now spread like a virus to mobiles, tablets, computers, and other devices. These lines are not some physical ones, that can be removed by erasing or covering. Rather, these are just very minor issues in the assembly of some parts or a problem in our software. If you are also looking for a solution to this problem, then this article is meant for you.

Black and white lines permanently stuck on screen
Black and white lines permanently stuck on screen

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There are many ways to cure this hectic problem. We will be exploring the solutions to different devices one by one. But first, we should remember that this happens primarily due to some reasons:

  1.    Wrong or defected assembly.
  2.    Wrong setting regarding the software.

Black and white lines permanently stuck on smartphones or mobiles screen

The issue of black and white lines is faced in many mobile phones. But the good news is that this problem can be easily cured in phones. There are many methods to do this. They are discussed below.

Fix1: Choosing the dark mode

  • Some mobile phones have the feature of ‘Dark Mode‘, which uses Black color as the preference for positive space instead of White.
  • To do this, go to the settings app of your phone and try to find the dark mode feature.
  • You can also search it in the search bar. But this feature is present only in some mobile phones, so check if your phone has it.

Fix2: Changing settings

A minor change in settings can help you a lot. This is a very good option. If it works then it is amazing. For this:

   Go to settings and go to the “Display” section.

Display setting

   Then turn off “Auto-brightness” if it is enabled.

This method usually works, but if it does not, then you should probably try out other methods.

Fix3: Restoring settings

There are some changes in the settings of our phone which might be the reason behind this problem. Some settings are enabled by us, which should not be. Hence, bringing back the default settings might help us a lot. For this:

factory reset
  •    Go to settings and try to find the section of “Resetting”.
  •   Click on it, and you might see many options or a single option of “Factory reset”.
  •   If there is only one option, click on it and see if you see more options.
  •   If yes, try to find the option of “Restore settings only”.
  •   Click on that option and then see if the problem has been resolved.

To assure you, no data of yours will be deleted or erased. It will keep all of your data safe but will restore the default settings. This method is highly helpful may work for you also.

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Fix4: Booting

Booting is a very powerful tool, that can help you in resolving most of the problems. This feature is specially designed to treat problems themselves. For this:

  1.    Switch off your phone.
  2.    Switch it on and keep holding the power button.
  3.    When the logo of your company appears, then hold down the volume down button.
  4.    This will take you to the startup menu. Then you will see different options.
  5.    Among them, the option of “Booting” will be there.
  6.    To move up and down, use the volume up and down button and to choose an option, use the power button.
  7. This might resolve the problem effectively. So you must try this.

Fix5: Safe-booting

This is another type of booting. There might be a bad third-party app or an unwanted app that might be there on your mobile. Removing them may also help you to remove the black and white lines. For this:

  •    Initially follow the instructions given in the above method.
  •    When you can see the different options, and then choose the option of “Boot in safe mode”.

This will boot your phone and also check out for a faulty app.

Fix6: Technical method

This method should be tried only if other options do not work. This is because this method involves opening your phone and then repairing some faulty wires or connections. This can be done by you also. But it is advised to go to an expert and get it done, as you might damage your device because of no or little technical knowledge.

Black and white lines permanently stuck on tablet screen

There is not much difference between a tablet and a phone. Except for their size and degree of performance, they are having the same attributes and features inside them. Therefore, the problems faced in mobile can be faced by a tablet user also. So this is no surprise that the solutions that work well for mobiles might work for tablets also. After all, a tablet is nothing more than an enlarged mobile phone.

All the methods such as booting, booting in safe mode, restoring settings, etc. will work well on tablets also. There might be very slight differences such as the locations of settings and all that. But the core concept remains the same. There is a manual repair, which can be performed on the tablet also, as on mobile phones.

Black and white lines permanently stuck on Computer screen

Computers are the best devices ever. Their huge computing power makes them amazing. But still, this problem can be faced by the computer systems also. This can slow down our working speed and may even cover some important information such as figures.  These are the tiny blocks that emit light or ‘Pixels’ that are damaged or dead. S, there is also a physical way to treat them. There might be a problem either in our system or in the monitor. So, we have to check it.

  1.    First, unplug the monitor’s cable from the CPU.
  2.    Then the message “No signal” will appear.
  3.    If this message also has those lines, then the problem is with our monitor.
  4.    If not, then the problem is in our system.

Method1: Remove all the connected wires

  • You have to take out all the peripherals from the computer after unplugging it.
  • Then wait for some minutes and switch on the computer.
  • The problem might get solved if it is due to faulty power transmission to the screen.

Method2: Changing the refresh rate

The refresh rate in our computer might be causing the problem. So, we can change it too.

  1.   Right-click on the desktop screen once.
  2.   Then choose the option of Screen resolution or Display settings.
  1.   Then try to find the setting of Refresh rate by going to advanced display settings.
  1.   On finding, lower it down and see if the problem is resolved.
refresh rate to fix Black and white lines permanently stuck on screen

There are good chances that your screen will get normal.

Method3: Factory settings

Restoring your settings to default can also remove the black and white lines. For this:

  •    Go to the menu on the computer.
  •    Then go to “Factory settings” mode and reset the settings.

This will correct any faulty setting and your issue might be fixed.

Method4: The physical method

This method should also be tried only if others do not work. To do this:

  •    Switch off your computer.
  •    Take a slightly wet cloth.
  •    Apply some pressure on the affected area with the cloth and while doing this, turn on the computer.
  •    While the computer turns on, remove the pressure and see if the problem is resolved.

Black and white lines permanently stuck on laptop screen

Laptops do not have so many wires, like in the computer. So, there is a slight change in the way treatment is done. The methods for a laptop are given below.

Tip1: The battery

This is the easiest way to resolve the problem. For this, switch off the laptop.

  • Then take out the battery.
  • Press and hold the power button for some seconds.
  • Put the battery in place and switch on the laptop.
  • This will most probably cure the issue and there will be no more black and white lines on your screen.

Tip2: Drivers

The problem might also be faced due to the drivers in our laptop. If they are not up to date, then also the problem can occur.

  •   So, go to the official website of your company and check the latest version of the drivers available.
  •   If your drivers are lagging, then upgrade them.
  • There are good chances that your laptop might not have those black and white lines again.

Tip3: Applying pressure

By using the method as told in the computer’s section or by applying pressure by bare finger, the black and white lines might get resolved. For this, just apply pressure with fingers over the lines and see if you get the desired results.

Black and white lines permanently stuck on T.V. screen

This problem is mostly faced in televisions. But fortunately, there are many cures to it.

1.) Switch off and on

If you are facing it for the first time, then switching off the T.V. instantly can resolve the problem at the moment itself.

2.) Taking out the cables

Taking out the cables that are connected to T.V. and then re-connecting them might also solve the problem.

3.) Restoring factory settings

There are factory settings for televisions also. There are different methods to get access to them in different brands. So you should get the method for your T.V. and then restore the settings. This might prove to be very useful for you.


  1. Try getting the devices repaired by an expert or someone with technical knowledge only.
  2. Changing your graphics card can also help. The issue might be appearing due to a graphic glitch. So changing the graphics card may remove it.


No device is free of glitches or problems. But there is no such problem that cannot be cured. The sticking of black and white lines is just one of them. It can be easily cured with simple and easy-to-use methods. The problem is widespread and this article is meant to spread its solution also. Be smart and fight these problems with our guidance.

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