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Samsung smart view not working- How to fix?

Samsung Smart View is a feature that allows you to see whatever you watch streaming video from the phone or computer on any Samsung Smart TV. If your Samsung Smart View is not working, then how will you fix that?

The Samsung Smart View application allows users to watch anything from the phone or computer on the Samsung Smart TV while also controlling it with a smartphone.Smart View is a Wi-Fi-based technique of reflecting the cell phone to a television. On a wider display, users may see their favorite images, films, slideshows, and sports.

If Smart View isn’t functioning, users may typically fix it by restarting or rebooting the gadget. Though if you’re experiencing difficulties utilizing Smart View, take a note of the following critical Smart View requirements.

Samsung smart view not working
Samsung smart view not working

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What is a Samsung Smart View?

Samsung Smart View: Samsung is dedicated to producing some of the greatest LED and OLED Television screens. Furthermore, it manufactures screens for firms such as Sony in addition to one’s own Televisions. That would be the primary place where customers purchase televisions from the brand.Next, we’ll show you well how to get the most out of the smart TV by utilizing the Samsung Smart View app on the cell phone.

Now let us start with an explanation of what Samsung Smart View entails. This is a freeware Android/iOS software which could be easily loaded from the Google Play application or the Apple Application Store on any device. It allows users to broadcast and manage media on the Smart Tv.

Verify to see that the product’s software and accompanying applications have been upgraded to the most recent edition preceding attempting the suggestions under. Kindly see the procedures below to update the software on the phone or tablet.

Step 1:Browse to the configuration menu then proceed to Software Update as an initial step.

Step 2: Hit Download after which Install from the options menu bar.

Step 3: Adhere to the guidelines on the display.

Checks for fixing of Samsung smart view not working

1. Make sure that the user’s mobile device and Television are on one connection. 

The cell phone and smart Television should really be on the same network. Verify whether the same Wi-Fi network should be used by following the instructions under.

Step 1: To access the Quick panel, slide down to the end of the device’s display.

Step 2: To access the phone’s Wi-Fi configuration, press and keep the Wi-Fi symbol.

Step 3: Join the same internet. Users may check if you’re linked to the appropriate connection and, if needed, modify it.

2. Permit access to the television 

Permit on Television is required if the television needs it.

Step 1: Just on the Quick panel, click the Smart View button.

Step 2: Choose the television and permit.

3. Make sure that Smart TV’s equipment is working properly. 

End up making software interfaces on the television that are up to date. If users have a Samsung Smart Television, go to the settings screen and look about current software upgrades.

Step 1: Choose Support from the Settings menu.

Upgrade your television’s software

Step 2: Choose Software Update and afterwards Update Immediately.

 Install the latest on your television. 

Step 3:If fresh updates are available, they would be downloaded from the internet on the Television. Click OK to depart when there is no latest update.

Keep in mind: Wait till the update is finished before turning off the Television. The Television will automatically reboot after the update is completed.

The route to firmware updates might change based on the Television version.

4. Make sure that device’s screen ratio is correct. 

One can modify the screen resolution in Smart View if the picture on the device appears overly tiny on the Television screen. Click the blue Smart View symbol on the mobile, and so the Handset area ratio. Then you may well customize your preferences.

5. Conduct a factory data restore on the smartphone

Note: Keep in mind: this may take some time

Smart View is compatible with Samsung devices that run Android 4.3 or higher, as well as Miracast-enabled monitors.

Based on the gadget version and software edition, visuals and menus might differ.

Anyone can ask a concern in the Samsung Members app if your Samsung cell phones, tablets, or smartwatches are behaving strangely.

6: Switch to a new mirroring application.

The great percentage of clients favor the standard mirroring programme that arrives included on numerous gadgets.

Nevertheless, users are still not limited to just using certain programmes. If there is one on the cell phone that is not working, try downloading something from the application store and seeing if it fits best.

7. Physical tripping impediments must be eliminated.

Since the casting mirror operation is based on wireless connectivity, users must keep an eye that no material items are trafficking the transmission from their mobile device to the television set.

While trying to attach the mobile device to the television set, keep things in mind that there are for obvious reasons no obstacles.

8. Single gadget at a moment

For most circumstances, when using screen mirroring techniques, users could only use a single piece of equipment at a time.

To prevent this, just attach 1 item to the tv at a given stretch.

If the Television senses that users are trying to link many gadgets at once, this will refuse the link and users will be unable to join.

9. Double-check the TV connections for functionality.

To start, check to see if the tv’s connection is configured to screen mirroring.

Users can have trouble mirroring the display of the cell phone to any TV if they utilize alternative forms of input, including an HDMI connection.

Users could better the overall input over most television sets by browsing to the configuration page.

Instead, users can choose from the options that appear on the display.

10. Use a Mirroring Support Rendered by a Third Party

It is indeed conceivable that an issue so much with the conventions users are using is preventing people from the use of screen mirroring.

Apple AirPlay and Google Cast are sometimes not dependable entertainment options.

Consider utilizing alternate solutions, including such Chromecast, to see whether these may help users finish the assignment faster.

However, if users were having issues with the audio on the Samsung Smart Television, this must fix that.

11. Switch on the Samsung TV.

The above glitch is way too common with Samsung Televisions sets, therefore reconnect 2 to 3 times again to analyze if somehow the glitch pertains.

When the mobile device is just not in a condition to get connected to the Samsung Television, go with rebooting it prior to this.

Since it has been stated moment and moment repeatedly that rebooting the gadget can welcome a broad range of obstacles.

To prevent it, I propose that you can also switch off and then turn back on the tv.

Step 1: Press and keep the standby key on the Smart Tv controller for several seconds.

Step 2: Keep waiting until the display turns entirely black.

Step 3: Reboot the device by hitting the standby or power key once more.

However, at times, examination to view perhaps the “smart view” is not working on the Samsung Television set ” issue has confirmingly been solved.

Cheers if the issue is fixed; otherwise, proceed to the next stage in the procedure.

12. Reboot the cell phone

It really is obvious that the screencasting glitches are raised by both mobile devices and Samsung television sets.

As nothing more than a consequence, it is indeed not valid to conclude that the glitch is only related to the Smart Television set.

As a consequence, without passing away, one must try restarting the cell phone at a minimum once.

Step 1: Tap and press the power button for a few seconds.

Step 2: Over the screen, a small menu bar will pop up.

Step 3: Out from the drop-down list, choose just the reboot or restart choice.

Try to see whether the issue has indeed been addressed after rebooting the system.

13. Employ third-party software as a fix.

If the issue persists when you have tried the remedies mentioned, it is indeed possible that the cellphone’s standard casting/screen mirroring feature is not operating correctly.

Several people have found satisfaction using 3rd party programmes like Letsview and Apowermirror in fixing the issue of “Screen mirroring is not functioning on the Samsung TV.”

But if you’re still unwilling to actually accomplish screen mirroring and projecting from any Samsung TV after using these programmes, feel free to contact support.

So like more than just a validation, on top of the standard options, we defend using the Google Chromecast gadget to display mirroring the Samsung TV.


These are the various ways that will surely help you to fix your Samsung smart view not working issue. Mentioned above are the most possible reason and fixes for the smart view not working. In case, if these solutions do not work for users, then one can contact customer care for further assistance.

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