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Samsung moisture sensor

 We all know the traditional method of drying a smartphone when it gets wet. We keep our mobile in rice grain for a few hours, the rice absorbs water from the smartphone, and it gets dry. Samsung moisture sensor works as detectors for moisture. If any moisture is detected in the phone, it will automatically generate an alarm saying that “moisture detected.”

Moisture sensors safeguard the phone from short-circuiting or damaging devices.

Recently, Samsung launched devices with protection from moisture dust. It is known as an IP68 rating. Smartphones with an IP68 rating can resist humidity on their own. It is the most helpful feature of new models of Samsung smartphones. If your mobile gets wet, it sends a notification that moisture is detected; if you have connected the mobile to a charger, it automatically stops charging.

List of devices having IP68 ratings

The list of devices that have IP68 ratings means they are waterproof and can withstand small amounts of water and dust.

1. Samsung Galaxy S series –

S7, S8, S9, S10, S20, S7 edge, S8+,S9+,S10+,S20+,S20 ULTRA 

2. Samsung Galaxy A series –

A8, A8+,A30, A50, A80

3. Samsung Galaxy Note series-

Note 8, Note 9, Note 10

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab series 

TAB A, TAB active 2, tab active pro

All the above devices give the alarm that your mobile gets wet. 

For example, Samsung S9+ shows the message as

Moisture has been detected. Remove the charger and stay until both the charger and USB port are moistless.”

IP68 is a very outstanding feature of Samsung smartphones, and it can save our smartphones from getting damaged by wetness. 

Causes of moisture in galaxy phones

Nowadays, all smartphones come with waterproof facilities. So damage due to moisture becomes rare. All the waterproof devices give an alarm if the Samsung moisture sensor senses some wetness, indicating a message. No tiny drops may enter into the mobile through ports. But some moisture damages the charging port’s contact edge and leads to permanent issues.

In some cases, it may be possible that you may face a moisture problem without any water contact. Moisture is generally caused by humid air; if you live in a humid environment, humidity from the air enters into mobile ports to display a “moisture detected” message.

Mobile gets wet by mistake also. Don’t worry if you have an IP68 rating android, and it will display a message of wetness.

How to fix the “Moisture detected” error on Samsung Galaxy devices?

 First of all, check that the mobile’s USB port (charging port) is dry or wet. If it is damp, keep it mobile for 2 to 3 hours to evaporate water from the dock. Also, you can get a deep mobile into rice grain for 1 to 2 hours so that rice will absorb water from the port. Do not connect the mobile to the charger until moisture detected notification goes away, and it may harm your mobile by short-circuiting. Connect to the charger and start charging a smartphone whenever the message goes away.

Followings are the list of methods to fix moisture detected issues-

1. Charge mobile by switching off

 This method helps bypass “moisture detected” errors. It is an easy solution for S20 and S50 to fix moisture detected issues. If your mobile is off condition, you can’t do anything about the moisture issue. This process is easy because you will not see moisture messages until you charge your mobile sufficiently.

2. Check that your phone is not liquid damaged

Samsung smartphones have liquid damage indicators in the sim slotting tray. Pull out the sim slotting tray outside and remove the sim card from it. Now, check for a small white sticker. If that sticker is white, your mobile is completely dry and safe. But the color of that sticker gets changed to purple, red or pink, and then it indicates that your mobile is liquid damaged. It is advised to reach the service center for the safety of the mobile.

3. Dry the wet ports using a hairdryer.

A hairdryer is not safe to dry wet ports. But if you adjust the temperature at a low level, you need not worry. Use a hairdryer at low temperature for 2 to 3 minutes. After that, use a dry cloth to wipe moisture.

4. Precise data of USB settings

It is infrequent that your mobile has any software problem instead of hardware and shows a “moisture detected” message. But try this method also, you don’t see which will benefit you.

To clear USB settings, follow the above steps-

  1. Click on “settings”
  2. Press on “apps.”
  3. Check for “USB settings” from the list
  4. Now select “storage.”
  5. Lastly, click on “clear data” and press “ok.”

5. Reboot your phone

Rebooting or restarting can be helpful for most of the problems of android. If you confirm that your mobile is not liquid damaged or that the ports are clean and dry, connect the charger to the mobile. If it displays “moisture detected,” then reboot your mobile, and it will work for you.

6. Change charging cable

Most of the time, it can be possible that your mobile is free from moisture, but the charger has some wetness or dust. It would be best if you cleaned the charger port with a dry cloth because it will harm the contact edges of the charging ports. If cleaning the charger does not work, then replace the charger cable to keep your phone safe from several damages.

7. Put the galaxy in the rice bag

putting galaxy in rice bags is a primarily used method for removing moisture, and it can be quickly done at home without any issue. This method will always help remove water and is commonly used by people.

It will suck all moisture from every part of the mobile and make your smartphone moisture-free.

8. Disable fast charging

It is the most commonly used method and works best to resolve moisture detected messages on Samsung galaxy. To disable this, use the following methods

  1. First of all, go to settings, select device maintenance, click on battery, tap on three dots and select advanced settings. You will see the “fast charging” option; turn it off.
  2. Select settings, select device care, choose a battery, click on charging and turn it off.

9. Force stop android system

Another simple technique to fix moisture content issues is the force stop android system.

Follow the above instructions to force stop android system-

  1. First of all, you need to go in settings, now search for “android system” in the search box
  2. Tap on the “android system” app info page.
  3. Now tap on force stop.

It is a simple method and helpful for fixing moisture content issue

Now charge your mobile and check whether any notification displays or not.

10. Factory reset of the smartphone

If all the techniques mentioned earlier do not fix moisture issues, you should move to the last option, “factory reset .”It will completely reset your mobile. You will lose all data within the smartphone, so take care that important files are attached to the mail.

To do a factory reset, follow the steps as mentioned earlier-

Factory reset using the settings menu

  • 1. restore all your essential data at a safe place
  • 2. go to the settings app
  • 3. scroll down a list and find for general management
  • 4. Now click on reset
  • 5. choose factory reset, click on it
  • 6. Now, read all information carefully and tap on a reset.
  • 7. now click on delete all to complete the process

Factory reset using hardware buttons

  1. keep your all-important data in a safe place
  2. first of all, switch off your device 
  3. now press volume key+power+bixby buttons together
  4. wait until the vibration of the device; after that, release the power button
  5. release all keys when the list is displayed on the screen
  6. use volume key until you get delete all user data option
  7. to select it, use the power button
  8. again, use the power button to select yes.
  9. Now press the power button to highlight and click on the reboot option.


Many issues users raise when using their smartphones. Moisture detected is one of them by Samsung Moisture Sensor. People get frightened when they see that their mobile becomes wet. If you face water-detected messages, there is no need to worry. You can quickly fix that issue. The waterproof technology is provided in most newly developed smartphones. So moisture detection becomes easy, and our smartphones become safer and safer.

This article will benefit you if you are unaware of moisture detection in Samsung devices.

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