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How to fix a charger port on a tablet?

In this blog let’s know how to fix a charger port on a tablet, how to change the battery, connector flex cable, and the charging port of a tablet when the tablet won’t charge. Day by day our semiconductor consumption is increasing. If you are wondering what is a semiconductor. Semiconductors are nothing but the things which are used in your tablets and all the electronic device that you use. We can use this device only if you power up them. But it is difficult to carry the power supply everywhere, that’s where batteries play a major role. We can charge our batteries and we are good to go as long as the juice is enough to power up our device. We often face problems charging the device sometimes. In this blog let’s see how to diagnose your device and troubleshoot the problem.

I’m sure that every one of us would have come across the term mAh (milliampere-hour) while buying a tablet. The bare minimum explanation of mAh is that it is the amount of charge that a battery can hold. Therefore, the higher the mAh longer the tablet or laptop will last.

There are some cases where you cannot charge your device or the device might charge when the charging pin is at some angle. Here are the possible ways in which you can rectify the problem.

How to fix a charger port on a tablet?

What should I do when my device is not charging? Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Remove the charger from the socket.
  • Plug the charger into some other socket.
  • Now try charging the phone. This will fix the charger port issue of the tablet.

If these steps work, then call your electrician and get your socket fixed as there might be some problem with the socket in your wall.

  • Try plugging in a different USB cable to your charging adaptor.

If this step works, then there is a problem with your USB cable, you can try cleaning the USB cable to make sure that there is no dust and the pin is clear.

  • Remove the USB cable from the adaptor.
  • Use a clean toothpick to clean the USB pin, you can also use alcohol-free sanitizers to clean the port.

Sometimes doing so will solve your problem.

Still, if your device doesn’t charge. Try connecting it to your laptop, desktop, or car charging port.

If the device starts charging, then there is some fault in your charger adaptor. If the device doesn’t charge then there is some problem with the adaptor.

Before going out and buying a new charger. It is always recommended to borrow a charger from your neighbor and check whether the device will charge or not. Because sometimes there will be some problem with the device itself.

If you are sure that there is some problem with your charger. Then you can go out to a tablet dealer or visit an online store to get your charger. But hold here is a few of the things that you should keep in mind before buying a charger.

What will happen if you use the wrong charger to charge your tablet?

  • Your tablet will take longer than expected to charge.
  • The charger gets heated up.
  • The charger will get damaged.
  • There are chances that even your table battery will get spoilt.

Therefore, there are few things that you should keep in mind before you buy a new charger.

What are the things that you should keep in mind before buying a charger?

Spending few extra bucks while buying a good charger can save your tablet from getting damaged. So, it is very much necessary to choose a proper charge to ensure that your device is safe.

  • Check the input voltage rating.
  • Check the output current rating.
  • Insulation Symbol.
  • Check the output voltage rating.

You can find all these on your charger adaptor.

What will happen if you use a charger with a lower current rating than your original charger?

  • The charger will take a longer time than expected.
  • As the tablet will use more current more than the capacity of the charger, the charger adaptor gets heated up quickly.
  • The charger will get damaged on prolonged use with the wrong device.

It is always recommended to buy a genuine and certified charger to make sure that both the charger and the tablet are in good condition.

What if your charger is in good condition but still you can’t charge your tablet?

Then the possible problem will be because of

  • Charging port.
  • Battery.
  • Charging port flex.

How to know whether your battery has a problem? 

These are the few things that show that your battery has some problem.

Battery dying constantly

If you run out of battery soon when compared to battery life when you purchased the tablet.

The battery gets hot

Apps opening slowly and lagged touch experience are also signs of a damaged battery. In few cases, the battery becomes hot when you start using your tablet.

The tablet doesn’t charge completely

Even if you charge for the whole day, your tablet battery won’t charge 100%, this can be a sign of battery damage.

The tablet is getting older.

Yeah, you heard it right, even if your tablet gets older your battery loses its life. A typical tablet battery is designed to last a 300-500 charging cycle. Which is enough for 18-24 months.

You can always check your battery life and diagnose whether your battery is fit or not.

How to diagnose table battery?

  • Open settings.
  • Search for Battery.
  • Open battery usage.
  • A deep analysis of the battery usage will give you an idea of whether the battery is in good condition or not.

Sometimes the battery will be working fine but you still will face the problem while charging your device. In such cases, There might be dust clogged in the charging port.

How to clean the charging port?

Compressed air

Use a blower to shoot the burst of air into the charging port, the pressure will loosen up the dust.

Avoid blowing air from the mouth as the breath contains water vapor.


Use a toothpick to clean the charging port but make sure you don’t bend the pin or do anything rough as this might damage the charging port.

Sometimes even this might not work, in that case, the next option is changing the charging port.

How to change the charging port?

For removable battery-type tablets.

  • Open the back panel of the tablet.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Remove all the screws properly.
  • Open the cover carefully, Don’t do anything forcefully. If something feels stuck, look for screws under the stickers.
  • Find the charging port board.
  • Remove the flex cable and remove all the cables connected carefully.
  • Replace the board and connect all the flex cables and wires removed again.

For non-removable battery-type tablets.

  • Heat the back panel of the tablet.
  • Remove the back panel when the panel expands.
  • Follow the same steps as followed by removable battery-type tablets.

Sometimes the battery needs to be changed as the battery gets old.

How to change the battery?

Changing the battery of a tablet with a removable type battery is pretty easy.

For non-removable battery-type tablets.

  • Heat and remove the back cover.
  • Remove all the screws carefully and don’t lose any of the screws.
  • Next, remove the flex cable of the battery carefully.
  • Also, remove the sticker of the battery and place it in the place of your old battery.
  • Connect the flex cable of the battery on the board.
  • After installing the battery, don’t turn on the tablet.
  • Charge the battery to 100%.
  • After the battery is charged fully it is important to factory reset the table
  • . So, that the tablet registers the firmware of the new battery.

There are few cases where both battery and charging port will be working fine. In that case, changing the flex cable connecting the charging port and the battery will help you solve the problem.

How to change the flex cable connecting the battery and the charging port?

  • Open the back panel of the battery. If you have a non-removable type of battery, heat the back panel and remove it.
  • Remove the battery if it is a non-removable type battery.
  • Be careful while opening the battery. If you poke or bend the battery. The battery gets spoilt.
  • Heat the battery and the glue gets off.
  • Now you can find an orange color flex cable running from the charging port to the mainboard.
  • Remove the cable and place the new cable.
  • Connect back the connectors properly.
  • Put the glue and paste the battery back and put the back case in its place.

How to take care of the charging port from getting damaged?

Prevention is better than cure, So to avoid fix a charger port on a tablet, you should take care from getting damaged.

  • Use case which comes with port protection flap
  • Avoid using different chargers as it will damage the pin.

Tips to maintain a good battery life

  • Charge the device properly.
  • Never you the device when the battery is running low.
  • Do not use your device while you are charging the device.
  • Do not overcharge your device.
  • It is a good practice to trickle the battery for 10 minutes once a month.
  • Use the charger that comes along with the box.

How to clean the charging port of a laptop?

Usually, the laptop charging ports will get accumulated with dust because it is always open and that no covering. Almost care should be taken when cleaning the port as the slightest negligence would lead to big damage. Use a toothpick to clean the port thoroughly.

How to change the battery of a laptop?

Unlike tablets, Changing the battery of a laptop is much easier.

  • Turn OFF the laptop.
  • Flip the laptop.
  • Push the switch towards the unlock position.
  • There will be a pull switch towards the opposite side of the unlock switch.
  • Pull the switch, Simultaneously pull the battery out.
  • Now plug in the new battery.
  • Don’t forget to revert the switch to lock position.

In case you have a laptop with an inbuilt battery,

  • Remove all the screws and open the back panel.
  • Find the battery and its connector pin connected on the motherboard.
  • Unplug it carefully.
  • Place the new battery and connect the connector pin back to the motherboard.


So finally we came to the conclusion of how to fix a charger port on a tablet.

  • When a tablet won’t charge start with diagnosing the problem.
  • Check whether the USB cable is working.
  • Check whether the USB adaptor is working properly.
  • Use proper charger.
  • If the battery is dead change the battery.