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What is a DOS attack: ACK Scan?

Do you know what is a DOS attack: ACK scan? Do you what does it does? If not, you are at the right place. Hello everyone, in this article, you will gain knowledge about DOS attacks. It can frighten you in the beginning, but you need not worry if your system is protected. You will feel like your personal data has been leaked, or the router has been attacked, as it will affect your internet connection. In this article, you will study everything related to DOS attacks, whether it is from a different IP address or not, etc. So, without any further delay, let us study about it.

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DOS attack: ACK Scan
DOS attack: ACK Scan

What is a DOS attack?

A DOS attack or Denial of Service attack is a cyber-attack with one goal, which is to shut down the services, internet, or an entire machine. It is basically done to give unnecessary trouble to users so that they cannot access anything. It is done by fake traffic which overflows the network. In layman’s terms, you can say that any hacker sends a lot of data to a website, router and it cannot be managed. So, the data gets over-crowded and eventually, it crashes the server, router or website, or anything. 

If any network verifies any cyber-attack like this, it yearns for the direct scan. 

What is ACK Scan?

Let us quickly study about ACK Scan. ACK Scan is made up of two-term: “ACK” and “Scan“, which means scanning is performed and acknowledgment is sent by the firewall. They are employed to collect data about firewalls and to check the filtered ports.

What is a DOS attack: ACK Scan?

DOS attack: ACK Scan is the combination of the DOS attack and ACK Scan, when an attacker sends a lot of bot traffic there is a scan of traffic is done by a firewall of the CDN or server is done, and an acknowledgment is sent to the user. The DOS attack: ack scan basically informs you that the firewall is working properly. DOS attack is visible if the threshold of your router is relatively low. 

A DOS attack: ACK Scan looks like 

[DOS Attack: ACK/SYN SCAN] from "ip address," port "port number," "day," "date."


[DOS ATTACK: SYN/ACK SCAN] from, port 95, Sunday, December 25, 2022. 

[DOS ATTACK: SYN/ACK SCAN] from, port 1195, Friday, February 5,2022.

 But if you see any entry of the DOS attack again and again, then you should be concerned as your device might be vulnerable.

From the above entries, you must be wondering about SYN.

What is SYN Scanning? 

SYN scanning is a way of checking if any communication port is open or close. Hackers generally use this as it does not require any TCP connection. Using SYN, attackers generally leave a request for joining the server but hardly ever follow it, thus leaving it open and vulnerable.

How protect from DOS attack: ACK Scan?

You should protect your system from cyber-attacks. To do so, you should:

  1. Keep your IP address a secret. Never tell it to anyone.
  2. Always keep your system and operating system protected.
  3. Constantly update the firmware of your router and your operating system.
  4. Copy your IP from logs and put them safely in your firewall.
  5. Keep your router secure always. Try and configure it to WPA2 instead of WPS as WPS is easily hackable. 

If you ever feel like you have attacked, just restart your router immediately and inform your internet service provider. There are some techniques used by the cybersecurity team of police departments that can help people. 

  1. By analyzing the technique and filtering.
  2. Ip- based preventions
  3. Sink holding technique by changing the path of the attack to any location according to holder.

Why do hackers attack?

Routers can be attacked very easily, and this is done because of the absence of the user’s consciousness. Sometimes there are flaws because of the service providers only. This can also be considered as another reason. Professional hackers use Cyprtojacking for mining. This is also malicious and can attack a router as well. Hackers can collect your personal data very easily through a DOS attack. The biggest reason for DDOS attacks is botnets. A botnet is a network that is infected and is owned by the hacker. These botnets allow cyber-attackers to take the power of your router.

How can a user detect this cyber-attack?

You can tell easily if your system is under any cyber threat or not by paying minute attention. You can see a slow internet connection when you try to open a page. It would have more than the average loading time. Sometimes, the most popular pages are not loaded easily and quickly. The network’s connectivity is poor or is sometimes not there, which can be experienced by users with different devices on the same network.

Also, you can detect from an application known as Wireshark. Download it from the official site. You can detect the information of the attacker, including his/her IP address as well as address or location. You already know about the DOS attack, but did you know about the DDOS attack?

Difference between DOS and DDOS attack

The fundamental difference between DOS and DDOS is based on the number of connections that any cyber-attacker uses. In DOS, there is only one connection, whereas, in a DDOS attack, there are multiple connections. Since there are so many connections, obviously there will be more traffic. Hence DDOS attack can be more dangerous to some extent. 


DOS attack was famous during the 2010s. At that time, DOS attacks were very famous, and people were really scared during that time. By 2015, when cybersecurity became effectively popular, and these cases reduced drastically. Cybercrime is still increasing, but these DOS attacks do not have that much impact nowadays. Police investigations and cybersecurity have helped a lot in the past. Some hackers have also been caught, and if you face any issue because of DOS or DDOS attacks, or should not be scared. Now when someone asks you that What is DOS attack: ACK Scan, I hope you can answer very clearly.

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