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Android Update Error 402

The most occurred situation of failure in mobile is the Android update error 402. In this article, we are dealing with the different ways to fix this issue. You can also directly jump to the main point by skipping the other contents, but we will suggest you understand the core problem of the issue update Error 402.

Operating Systems (OS)

Every electronic device on this planet requires what we call a CPU. A central processing unit (CPU) processes every bit of information and data that is required for the functioning of the tasks that the device is supposed to do. But how do we tell the CPU to perform a task? We cannot yell at it and think that it’s going to work.

A CPU speaks the language of 0 and 1(Binary). We speak English or any other language as a medium of instruction between us. The CPU on the other hand does not speak English and thus can’t understand any of the things we say to it. So, in order to make the CPU work, we need to have an intermediary who speaks both Binary and English.  This intermediary shall receive an input in English and convert it into the Binary form, i.e. in the form of messages written in 0 and 1. Also, the intermediary shall receive the output from the CPU in Binary form and convert it into English so that the user can get the desired results he/she expects from it. This is where an Operating System(OS) comes in handy.

An Operating system manages the CPU, ALU, and other parts of the device that makes up a functional unit. The most important characteristic of an Operating system is to devise a User Interface(UI). A UI is the visual representation of the different commands and acts as the bridge between the user and the processing unit. Having an OS is the only viable way that we can make things happen in a device. The icons we have lying on the screens of our devices, the widgets we get, the various buttons we see on the screen, and everything through which we interact with our device makes up the OS of the device. Some examples of operating systems are iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux. 


Well-known, Android is another such example of an operating system. Android was developed in October 2003 in Silicon Valley, California. It was developed with the aim to create a system that knows user preferences and locations and provides them with the assistance they need in a particular environment. Google acquired Android for 50 million dollars in 2005. Since then, Android has been a property of Google Inc. To understand the issue of android update error 402 first, go through all the updates:

1.0 G1

The first Android version launched on actual devices was the 1.0 G1 in 2008. At the time of launch, it came with an inbuilt Android browser and 35 apps. It sparked the revolution in the Tech Industry.

1.5 Cupcake

The next version of Android marked the beginning of the iconic dessert names of the versions. This was the very first version to introduce widgets.

1.6 Donut

It added the search for everything on the versions and launched the market place which we know as Google Play Store. 

2..0 Eclair

Multitouch made its debut on android in this version of Android. Multiple Google accounts were allowed in this version of Android.

2.2 Froyo

This marked the introduction of the media house that we know Android is today. The popular feature of Personal Hotspot made its debut on this version of Android.

2.3 Gingerbread

Video calling, NFC, Video calling, and download manager were some breakthroughs that made it to this update.

3.0 Honeycomb

Video chatting with google talk and the full-screen support with photos gallery made it to Honeycomb. 

Since this, major changes were introduced in the UI, and small or big advancements made their way one by one in these future updates. 

Further updates are as follows:

  1. 4.0 Ice cream sandwich: The smartphone and tablet softwares were merged and the revolutionary Face unlock was introduced in this version. This was 6 years before Apple came out with the Face ID on their iPhone X.
  2. 4.1 Jelly Bean: This version saw a transition from a feature-rich driven software experience to a smoother and more user-friendly UI. This was made possible by Project Butter. 
  3. 4.4 KitKat: Google really collaborated with a food company to create the KitKat OS. Our all-time favorite emojis were introduced in this version.
  4. 5.0 Lollipop: This has to be the most revolutionary update Android ever got in terms of UI. Google introduced a flat UI with the material design.
  5. 6.0 Marshmallow: This update brought many features to Android including fingerprint reader support, USB Type-C, and 4K for apps.
  6. Advancements after these versions were mainly software-driven and UI-driven.
  7. 7.0 Nougat
  8. 8.0 Oreo
  9. 9.0 Pie
  10. 10.0 Q
  11. Android 11.0
  12. Android 12

The biggest advantage of the Android OS was that it was an open-source software. This means that anyone in this world had access to the Source code of the OS and could make changes to it. Even though every OS has its own issue. We have also seen android update error 402 on many devices.


When we do some stuff we may not get the desired results and sometimes even fail to do a certain task. This can be due to various reasons including unavailability of resources or some problem in the tools you are using to perform the task. 

When there are somethings that don’t work the way they are supposed to, errors are more likely to occur. For example, a faulty meter rule may give an inaccurate reading and collapse your whole task. Similarly in software, if there is a single error in any of the millions of lines of code the software may not work properly and we may face an error. The billions of lines of code that go into building software are likely to have errors since they are written by humans like we and humans are prone to making mistakes. 

No matter what the error is, there is always a way to make things right and get everything back on track to the way they are supposed to. The process of locating errors and making necessary changes to eliminate those errors is called Debugging

In this article, we are going to handle one such error in the niche. 

What is Android Update error 402?

The Android update error 402 is an error that occurs while updating the Android version on your device. This error was primarily found on the Samsung devices from Verizon. In most of the cases, this error popped up when users tried to install the new software update into the devices. This is quite a common error in Samsung devices. 

How to fix Android update error 402

Such a technical name of the error may really get on the nerves of some people. There is no need to worry. We have got you covered. 

Method 1: Wipe data/Factory reset

Android update error 402 error occurs when you try to update the software version of your Android device.This error was initially received on the devices in the US. It mainly occurred in the Verizon devices as the code 402 is a Verizon error code. The steps are a lot easier than you might initially think if you face this error.

Step 1: Turn on Developer Settings.

  1. Go to Settings>About Device>Build Number.
  1. Tap on the build number 7 to 8 times this will enable developer options on your device.
  1. Search for ‘Developer Settings’ in your settings app. This shall take you to the developer settings page. 
  1. Enable USB Debugging. 

Step 2: Boot your device into Recovery Mode.

  1. Power off your device. 
  1. Hold the power button and the volume down or volume up button. Every device has its own preference. Try both and one of these is definitely gonna work for you. 
  1. After the device is booted into Recovery mode, select the ‘Wipe data/Factory reset’ option. 
  1. This will take some time and after the process finishes power on your device and set it up. 

This will definitely solve the problem.

Method 2:  Wipe cache partition

  1. Follow the step 1 and starting 2 points from step 2 of the first method
  2. Use the volume keys to navigate through the Recovery mode and select the ‘Wipe cache partition’ option.
  1. Use the power button to select the ‘Wipe cache partition’ option. 
  1. After this is done Reboot your device. 
  1. Go to settings and try to install the software update. 

This will install the software update. No error shall occur after this procedure. 

If you still face the problem try this another method.

Caution: Backup your device’s data before carrying on this procedure. This might wipe your data from the device. 


Q1. What will happen to my data on the device?

Ans: Method 1 will spare your data on the device. It is still advised to backup your data before you proceed with any steps. Method 2 will definitely wipe all your data and give your device a fresh start.

Q2. What are the other ways to solve the problem?

Ans: There are many ways to solve the problem of Android update error 402, and we have listed a few of them thoroughly in detail so that you may solve the problem either way.

Q3. What if my device does not support USB debugging?

Ans: No problem, if your device does not support USB Debugging you can still proceed with any one of the above-mentioned methods to approach your problem. 

Q4. Will this work on my device?

Ans: Yes, the above-mentioned methods work universally on every Android device there is. 

Q5. Which of the two methods should I use?

Ans: Preferably you should initially use the first method in case the first method does not work then only try the second method. Once again, keep in mind to backup your data before proceeding on to the second method(updated soon).

Q6. What if the problem of Android update error 402 still persists?

Ans: If none of the methods stated above are working for you. Then it is advised to take your device to the nearest service center and ask them to flash your device. Flashing is basically the installation of the original software which means your whole of the Android software is installed again in the device. Doing so yourself is not advised as it may potentially mess up your system. So, always try flashing the system under the supervision of an expert. The option still is to take it to the Service center.   

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