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How To Clean MacBook Keyboard?


Do you want to scrub/clean your MacBook keyboard without a lot of effort? Learn how to remove dirt from your MacBook’s keyboard in just a few minutes. To conduct an efficient and thorough cleaning as well as how to take keyboard keys off the MacBook. Find out the best methods to remove dirt from and maintain the keyboard with no damage to anything during the process. Learn how you can clean Apple’s magic keyboard and boost its effectiveness and longevity.

Maintaining our phones in good condition is vital since these are among the top frequently used devices. You’ve probably heard the reality the following “A toilet seat is less contaminated with bacteria than the phone.” This is a bit true, and it is the same for the MacBook’s keyboard. Cleanliness will improve the lifespan of the keys and make them more efficient over the long run.

We will look at what’s the best method to clear the MacBook’s keyboard. These same methods are applicable for the Apple Magic Keyboards or any third-party keyboard.

How do I clean the keyboard of my MacBook?

Let’s first make it clear that it’s not necessary to clean your keyboard even once throughout the lifetime of your MacBook. The same principle applies to cleaning your room. You can be productive in a messy space without issue, but it is easier to work in a tidy and well-organized space. You can also consider as an illustration a neat vehicle and the idea is that it’s always good to keep our gadgets tidy.

We suggest developing a routine to clean the inside of your MacBook at least once a week or at the very least once per month. As time passes, you will no longer think of it as an obligation and will view it as a relaxing task. Be aware that it’s a beneficial practice when you’re at the center of a pandemic in the article’s author.

Note: If you experience or have experienced damage to your water (liquid) damage, you should have it fixed at an Apple-approved repair facility. Make sure that your device is turned off and, if it is possible, remove the battery in order to avoid any harm to your circuit. (Keeping the device in a container of rice won’t work. However, you could keep the device in a container filled with silicon balls.)

Prepare your inventory

Before we begin cleaning, we’ll need to gather a few items that will be helpful later. The list of items that we’ll require is given below, but we will not require every item.

  • A cloth or paper towel that is lint-free
  • Isopropyl alcohol (99 percent) or hand sanitiser made of 95 percent alcohol
  • Air cans or a blower
  • Q-tips (ear swabs)
  • Any cloth for dusting

Things to be aware of

There’s a chance that you’ll face the challenge of cleaning dirt and oil off any surface that has accumulated over time. Keyboards are prone to get soiled in the corners and between the spaces between keys, which hinders you from cleaning your keyboard completely. The dirt beneath the keys causes the damage, and it can destroy an excellent key on your MacBook.

Quick clear

Perform the quick and easy clean-up If you’re on the go or you’ve purchased the latest MacBook. To get rid of the dust and other unwelcome items, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Close the MacBook (unplug the USB cable if it is Mac) and ensure that it’s shut down but not in sleeping mode. (Remove your USB cable to connect the MacBook Magic Keyboard).
  2. Use a small piece of cloth and clean all dirt, and dust off the keyboard. The keys and the frames’ sides to ensure there’s nothing remaining.
  3. Take the cloth or paper towel and wipe down the entire keyboard repeatedly. Clean the dirt from between the keys as well as in every corner in which there is room for dirt to collect.
  4. Use the isopropyl alcohol on the paper towel or cloth and clean the entire keyboard. It will clean the surface. Clean the body, screen, and the lower part of the MacBook to eliminate all bacteria and germs off the MacBook.
  5. Do not use large amounts of alcohol as it could cause damage to your keyboard when it drips onto the keys. Like water, alcohol will evaporate very quickly.
  6. Keep the lip closed for 2-5 minutes prior to switching it back on so that the alcohol has enough time for it to evaporate completely.

Deep clear

This routine should be followed when you’re cleaning your keyboard for a lengthy period, as well as if you are cleaning the keyboard for the first time. It’s recommended to thoroughly clean your MacBook every once in a while, and this can increase your productivity following the process. Follow these steps:

  1. Switch off the MacBook and then wait for it to shut down. Make sure it’s not sleeping.
  2. Cleanse the entire keyboard with a clean cloth. Tap the keys and edges to eliminate any dirt. You can use any regular cloth to wipe it clean, but be sure it’s not hard, or else the keyboard may be scratched.
  3. If you see that dirt has not gone out, then turn the MacBook to 90 degrees, then tap the edges and keys. This should eliminate all the dirt, and you are now ready to proceed to our next stage.
  4. The time has come to use canned air. However, If you do not have it in your possession, an air blower can work. Be sure that the pressure isn’t too much; otherwise, you risk damaging the keys.
  5. Sprinkle on the keyboard with air and cover all corners, as well as the area beneath the keys. Don’t turn the MacBook or blow it up at high speed, as both could damage the keys’ delicate surfaces. (Use short bursts to conserve some of the air that you can freeze for the next time.)
  6. Use the soft bristle brush and scrub it across the sides of the keyboard, ensuring that no dust particles are remaining. MacBook 2015-2017 has extremely low-profile keys that make them difficult to clean. Make use of a fine bristle brush and attempt to reach underneath the keys. Use air and the brush to clean it.
  7. Use the isopropyl alcohol disinfectant with alcohol on either the towel paper or cloth and clean across the whole keyboard. Clean the body, screen, and top and the bottom of your MacBook to get rid of all bacteria and germs from your MacBook.

Note Make sure to use only tiny quantities of alcohol, or it could cause damage to your MacBook keyboard when it drips onto the keys. In contrast to water, alcohol can evaporate very quickly.

  1. Keep the lip closed for about 2-5 minutes before switching it back off. It will allow the alcohol enough time for it to evaporate completely.

Note If you feel that a key is loose or not responsive, or less responsive, you must go to Apple’s Apple service center and have it checked out. If you are using a toothbrush or canned air with too much force, it could cause damage to the keys.

How can I remove the Apple Magic Keyboard?

Its Bluetooth model that comes with the Magic keyboard is able to last many years even under extreme use, however, only when you care for it. To maintain the keyboard in good condition, you should keep it clean regularly. It is possible to follow the deep cleaning steps for Magic Keyboard as well, but with a few modifications.

Follow the steps listed below to clean your keyboard in a proper manner:

  1. Switch off your Mac and take all batteries off the Magic keyboard. We don’t need to allow the keyboard to be running while we clean to prevent any harm. (There is an on/off switch on the magical keyboard that sets it to its turn-off mode.)
  2. Hold the keyboard at a slight angle and begin wiping away dust. Once you’re done, apply a brush to clean dust from the spaces in between your keys. If you see dirt, then make use of canned air or an air blower to eliminate dust. You can then apply the brush using a bristle that is small.
  3. Use the isopropyl alcohol disinfectant with alcohol on either the towel paper or cloth and clean the entire keyboard. Wipe the body, the screen, and the top and the bottom of your MacBook to clean all bacteria and germs off your MacBook.
    • Note: Make sure to use only tiny quantities of alcohol, or it could cause damage to your MacBook keyboard in the event that it drips into the keys. In contrast to water, alcohol will evaporate rapidly. Be careful not to spill alcohol on the keys or anywhere else that has microchips.
  4. Keep the lip closed for between 2 and 5 minutes before switching it back on. It will allow the alcohol enough time for it to evaporate completely.

How do I remove the and an MacBook keypads?

We’ve already discussed ways we can remove dirt and grime that is under the keys. However, it’s not always efficient. In order to remove the dirt correctly, we must remove the keys first and then clean them thoroughly. The importance of maintaining your MacBook is well-maintained, and this is why we must do this at a minimum once.

The positive side is that we can get rid of all keys off the keyboard and scrub them clean from the inside with a bit of work. Make sure to gather the essentials for sleep and follow the steps below:

  1. Use a screwdriver with a flat head and put it into the corner in the bottom left of the key you wish to take off.
  2. You can now push the screwdriver to the top of the screwdriver and then push the key up. This should release the hinge mechanism. You will hear a click.
  3. When the hinge has been disengaged, remove the key from the keyboard (there shouldn’t be the slightest resistance).
  4. Utilize a clean cloth to get rid of all dirt and grime. After that, apply a clean cloth using isopropyl alcohol.
  5. If you find that there’s a ton of dirt in the keys that you are not getting rid of, make a soapy solution and place all keys into it. (Put three drops of dishwashing soap into one cup of water, and mix it until you can see bubbles.)
  6. Soak keys in the soapy solution. Then, pick the keys one at a time and clean them using an emery cloth with soft bristles.
  7. Clean the keys thoroughly and place them into a bowl with clean water. Stir the keys with the water to remove soap. Remove them from the water and allow them to dry for about 10 minutes (do not store them under the sun for too long).
  8. Put all the keys back onto the keyboard. Use an image as a reference to put each key in the proper sequence.


We were taught that it is important to clean our MacBook keyboard regularly and the most effective cleaning methods. Keep in mind that cleaning your MacBook keyboard every day will help it last longer and provide greater performance. Do not keep the lid on for long periods because dirt can build up in the keyboard and eventually settle beneath the keys. If you’re not sure about each of these steps, take a look at the video on our Youtube channel.

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