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How to reset my MacBook?

Are you looking for the ability to reset your MacBook in just 12 minutes? Are you looking to protect your personal data from prying individuals? Find out how to easily and completely restart your MacBook without a pause. Learn how you can prepare your MacBook to be reset. Learn how to tidy up your MacBook prior to selling or giving it away to people. Do you need to determine the best way you can restart your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro in the correct manner? You don’t want to cause a mess by setting your MacBook incorrectly? Perhaps you’d like to clear your personal data prior to making the decision to sell your MacBook. If you’re looking to learn an easy route, go through this article.

Whatever reason you’re seeking to restore the settings on your MacBook, making sure you do the right thing, is essential. In this article, we’re going to look at how you could reset our MacBook and restore it to how it was when it first was when it came out of the box.

Point1: You can follow the same steps to reset your Mac (computer) as well as any Apple device that runs Mac OS on it.

In order to restart your MacBook or Mac, we must perform some adjustments that depend on the model of your MacBook. The steps are applicable to the most current version of macOS Catalina and most other older models. If you are running an earlier version of macOS, we suggest that you update your version prior to resetting.

Point2: Before we can begin the resetting process, you should backup your data, as the reset process will delete all of your personal data. You can now backup your data to iCloud or external hard disks, etc. Take note of the size of your information as if making use of cloud-based storage services, you might be charged more. If you’re not sure about how to back up your data, you can read other articles on the internet for similar information.

What should you do prior to resetting your MacBook

When you reset to a fresh start on your MacBook when you reset your MacBook, there are a few things to be aware of. This will ensure that you do not use any personal data, such as videos, images, work files, etc. Even if you’re shifting to an upgraded MacBook, these guidelines will make life much easier.

Be aware of these things when you are resetting your MacBook:

  • The first and most crucial thing to do is to backup every single file. Making backups every month is a good idea, particularly if the files are related to work. You can save your data on physical storage like a pen drive. It is also possible to back up your files using cloud storage, which comes at affordable prices. The top choices include Google drive, Apple cloud, Mega Drive, and Mega.
  • You should now close all your accounts like Google accounts, Apple accounts, and other third-party apps. This is also helpful in the event that you decide to sell your old MacBook to someone else. However, this trick will not be very helpful since all your information will be deleted, together with your login details.
  • Log out of your iCloud (Apple cloud), then go to the menu, then select the system preferences. Click on Apple ID and turn off the Find My Mac feature. Once done, sign out.
  • Check to see if you’ve downloaded all passwords to ensure you are not locked out of your accounts. If you’re not certain what to do, you can watch them on YouTube or record them when you feel more confident.
  • It is now time to disconnect all Bluetooth devices such as Apple pods or Apple buds so you can avoid any issues with connection later on. It’s unlikely to happen, but it is worth taking the necessary precautions. To turn them off, open your Apple menu, then go to settings preferences, then choose Bluetooth. There you can unplug your Bluetooth devices, such as earphones, headphones, and speakers.

Now that you’re ready to reboot your MacBook with no issue that comes up. You can keep these tips in mind when resetting any other gadget. If you plan to sell your MacBook on eBay and sell it on eBay, you must reset your MacBook in order to verify whether there are any sensitive files remaining.

We’re now ready to follow our step-by-step guide to reset your MacBook. It is possible to skip these steps, in case you intend to use the MacBook for yourself following the reset.

How do I reset the password on a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

  1. Do not open the MacBook at first. Press the Command + R keys(together) on your keyboard, and then wait for the MacBook to boot up. Apple logos should appear when you press the keys.
  2. Select the language you prefer when the MacBook is running and then continue. Choose ” Disk Utility” and click continue.
  3. You must now choose your startup disk. It should be located on your sidebar (the default selection would be ” Macintosh HD“). After selecting it, click on the erase button.
  4. When the disk is erased and you’ve selected the name, you’ll need to choose MacOS Extended from the drop-down menu and then click erase.
  5. If you want to secure your disk to protect it from theft, select the “Joined, Encrypted ” Journaled, encrypted” choice. You’ll be asked to set up your password. Select GUID map.
  6. Click on erase, and you’ll be done. Close the application once it’s completed.
  7. You must now add the Wi-Fi you were prior to since it will be reset. You can connect to Wi-Fi by going to the upper right-hand corner of the screen and following your daily use steps.
  8. Then you must reinstall macOS onto your MacBook. Go into the main menu and select restart macOS, and then go on.
  9. A pop-up will appear on your screen. Click on continue.
  10. Once you have clicked, you will be able to view an agreement for software licensing. You are able to read the agreement in your own time if you wish. Once you have signed the agreement, click “Agree” and select your boot disc.
  11. After you’ve selected your boot drive, press Install and then wait for the initial step of the installation to be completed. It will take some time, so we suggest that you turn off your MacBook in charge and perform another task.
  12. After the initial step is complete, MacBook will restart, and then you are able to continue the installation.


We’ve discussed what you need to do in order to prep the MacBook before resetting and the reason why it is crucial to erase all personal data. Resetting the MacBook isn’t difficult. However, resetting it in the right method can be difficult. The steps are easy to follow, and the manual will guide you through the steps.

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