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Hello Android users, today we have brought information about another new Android topic “coolEUkor” for you, but maybe you know its name and feel. It is a complicated thing, but it is not so, even though its name can create confusion. But this is a specific topic about which we have brought complete information for you.

“coolEUkor,” Maybe some of you already know about this. You are facing some problems, so you do not need to worry because we have brought your solution in this article.

And this topic is somewhere connected to the storage of your Android phone. Many apps’ data starts in the full of your device storage. When your storage is full, then you start freeing up your storage without even noticing. What kinds of apps are you uninstalling from your device? Let us know about an essential app or how much effect this app has on your storage.

You know the working of this app. You want to see whether you should disable this app to maintain the storage of your device or not. Let us learn to clear your confusion about whether you have to uninstall it or not.


Before going into deep read about RoseEUkor & ChocoEUkor

What is coolEUkor

First of all, you should know what a cooleukor is. It is an app that is designed to manage the settings of the font. coolEUkor is a pre-installed app made for this Android device. It is pre-installed in all Samsung Android phones. It allows the user to change the font style, and when the user changes a font, it will enable that font in your device.

Why is the coolEUkor app pre-installed on android devices?

It works to change or manage the font style in your android devices, so it is a pre-installed app on the android device. Mostly, it is available on Samsung devices.

There are many font styles available by default, users can enable whatever type they want, but there are many fonts that keep on changing or getting updated. Those updated font styles are not available inside this app.

This app comes pre-installed inside the Android device. User can use whatever font which is available in it.

How does the coolEUkor app affect your Android device’s storage?

We have given you an introduction to this app. We have told you what it is, why it is used, and you know whether this app has any effect on the storage of your android device. This app fills up more storage.

Most of the users do not understand why their storage is filled. Specifically, which app has full storage, they start installing all the unseen apps so that their storage becomes free, but now let us tell you that this app doesn’t give full blame to your device, so don’t think that this app is the root of all problems. 

Well, admit that this app fills a little more storage. So you can understand it from bloatware too. But, with this, you do not say that it fills the entire storage.

What is bloatware in androids?

Bloatware: This is a kind of software that comes pre-installed on new Android devices. 

It casts a burden on your device, which makes your device run slow. It’s a kind of program that comes with the new device. 

And when you download any other app or any other file or any other thing, along with them, some such programs come into your system or, unfortunately, say something like this with them when you visit the website. Then also, such programs get into your system.

How can you remove the cooleukor app from your android device?

CoolEUkor: This is also a kind of app in your system, so as you remove all other apps, the same process is to remove this app.

I told you that this is a pre-installed app, or you can also understand that this app is a system app. so it is not so easy to remove it or completely not in your hands. For this, you have to take root access. Only then can you remove this app.

So let’s also know about all those steps using which this app can remove.

Steps for remove this app

1. Go to your phone’s settings.

2. Go to the Application option.

3. Search for the coolEUkor app name.

4. You will get a force to disable the option. 

5. Click on it.

Maybe some of the users are unable to use the above steps. Due to any reason you are not able to remove this app using the above steps, then now we show you another way. Through which, you can remove this app, so let’s see which way it is.

Can you remove this app with the help of any third-party app?

Yes, of course, you can remove this app from your Android device with the help of any third-party app. You have to keep in mind some points while downloading any third-party app. 

As you know, it is a pre-installed app. To remove it, you need root access. So whatever third-party app you are taking help from it must have root access. And you can forcefully disable this app. or can zip it from the storage.

How will you benefit from removing installed apps from your device?

You must know what those pre-installed apps are. What methods can you adopt to remove them? But, if you are trying so hard to remove such apps, then let’s also know this is important. What would be the benefit of this?

Benefits to remove un-useful system apps

The first thing is that all the pre-installed apps are not helpful, some of the apps are in use, and some are not in use, they just come pre-installed with the new device, so when those apps are pre-installed in your device, then It’s just that they dropped your device’s storage.

And due to the full storage of the device, it starts working slowly, or there are some problems like hanging, then, why not remove those pre-installed apps which are not in use. By doing this, performance will be good, and the speed will also be good on your device. Then this is the advantage that you should remove the unused system apps.

There are some third-party apps through which you can remove any system app.

ROM toolbox – You can easily remove system apps from this third-party app, “RPM toolbox.”

You don’t want to remove system apps. There are other ways by which you can zip your system apps. To do this, you will need zipped apps, so let’s talk about the name of those apps.

So the app name is Package Disabler pro, with the help of which you can zip pre-installed apps in your system. You can reinstall when you need to.

So, in my opinion, this is a good way by which you can reinstall system apps whenever needed. Will not delete it from your device permanently.

Note – You know the question arises that coolEUkor fills up the storage in your system. That spoils your system performance. That’s why you want to delete these apps.

When you want to change the font on your device, how will you do it? Now, you have deleted the coolEUkor app, so let’s know how to change the font style.

There are some best font changer apps given.

With the name of the best font changer apps, we are providing download links as well. So you will not search randomly. You can easily download these font changer apps.

When you click on the downloading links, then you will reach directly on the Google play store. You can click on download. Then the app will download to your system.

We are also telling you about which app needs root access for proper working.

Here we are going to tell you about the best font style-changing apps. You can use these apps easily. You will not need to do any heavy work.

  1. Apex Launcher
  2. iFONT (Experts of Fonts)
  3. Font fix
  4. Stylish Font
  5. Fontster
  6. HiFont
  7. FlipFont

Note – Some apps will need root access. Then it will properly work on your device.

These are the best apps given. You can download any app from this one page only. Also, you do not need to go to another page to search for the download links. You can search on the given apps to download.

To enable these apps, you need to download and install the app. you can download it by clicking on the app’s downloading link. 

You have to launch them in your system and follow some basic steps for other apps. Steps have to be followed, and then you can easily use these apps in your system. You can also change the font style as per your choice.


You have read this complete article. So you must clear your doubts. What is your decision whether you want to disable system apps or you would like to zip them? We have told you both the ways. You want to disable system apps.

You want to correct the performance of your device by deleting it completely, then we have also told you about some third-party apps, with the help of which one can manage the settings of the font. So you can use any app as per your wish.

System apps are pre-installed apps, so they are not easy to uninstall.

We have also told you about a ROM toolbox. You have to need root access to delete system apps.

Now you must know all the required information about the coolEUkor system app. Now you can decide what you should do. You have to disable or zip it. How do you want to use this app? 

You have complete information about it. If still, you are facing any issue with this system, then tell us. We will come with a new solution for your problem.

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