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LG Remote App: The Magic Remote

Do you know the features of your LG Remote App, this works like a Magic Remote. Remote is not just a collection of some buttons or commands, it is rather a boon for someone, who wants to control everything without moving even a bit. Not just these people, we all want to control everything around us with a single thought in our minds. Unfortunately, this is not possible right now, but yes, we can control some things with a flick of our finger. Yes, the remote is designed for this very purpose. But what will one do, if a button comes out, gets damaged or the remote is broken? There is nothing to do then; or is there anything we can do?

As we all identify, every problem has a solution. And in this case, we have the “LG remote app“. Gone have the times when the remote was the pirate of entertainment. Now, we can keep it aside and pick the digital remote. Whether it is an “L.G.-1” television or an “LG-2” television, everything is under our control with this form of digitalization. Just pick up your mobile phone or a tablet, and go forward to control the television. Just thinking about it passes a chill down to our body.

LG Remote App
LG Remote App

The hectic problem of the remotes has finally been solved. And the solution turns out to be a simple and easy-to-use application. But nevertheless, we cannot forget our beloved remotes entirely. They have been our partners for an indeed long time and maybe will keep on living with us. Who knows? But taking that into account, a truly rich remote has also been launched and it is known as the LG Magic Remote.

But some users might not know how to use this properly. If you are one of them, you should surely go through the article properly. Might be, you will never need to read this again.

What is the “LG remote app”?

This is nothing more than a simple and well-liked app that allows itself to be used as a substitute against the traditional T.V. remotes. There are many other remote apps too in the big market of applications. But LG remote app has got something special and something very useful too. This app is a ‘Universal remote app‘. This simply means that this digital remote control can control different, and almost every type of LG’s television. This thus allows us to pass the commands to any television we want, without having to download different apps for televisions of different models. This company is itself technology-oriented and this remote-control app is their companion in making the use of televisions easier and problem-free. Thus, the time has come to keep your remotes aside forever.

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What can this amazing thing do?

There is much that this remote app can do. The basic functions that are present on the traditional remotes are present on the app. These can be changing the channel number, raising or lowering the volume, getting some information, switching on or switching off the television. The app, besides these simple functions, also has some special applications that are not present in the traditional remotes. The “LG remote app” has a feature to connect your mobile phone to your television, if it can pair. Thus, it becomes easier to screencast your mobile phone’s content on the television. Some other tasks it can perform are:

  • It provides a special numerical keypad, helping to switch around channels quite easily.
  • A cursor and a scroll bar are also present, this allows you to get access to some special features, such as viewing the content of different programs.
  • You can also get the channel list of your T.V. via the app.
  • There is also a special feature of the “Gamepad”. You can enable this feature through the mobile app, and then easily play games on the LG television in a better and thrilling way.

How to use the LG remote app?

To use this amazing app, first of all, we have to download the app on our mobile phone or our tablet. This app is easily available on trusted app sources, such as the “Google play store” for android users, and “App Store” for iOS users. Apart from these sources, you can get this app from any other website you trust. But make sure that the website is a trusted one. The procedure for downloading might be different for different operating systems. But once downloaded and installed, the further process is quite similar for all systems. So, once installed, you have to open the app and follow the instructions which will be given by the app.

Some steps have been told below, which will help you to confirm whether you are on the right path or not.

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1.)The beginning

After opening the app, you will first be asked to give some permissions to the app, such as “Access to your files” etc.

Then, you will have to accept the “User license agreement”. It is advised that you should first read the agreement properly before proceeding, for your satisfaction.

After accepting the agreement, the LG remote app will ask you to turn on your Wi-Fi, if it has been disabled. You should then enable it to proceed further.

2.)Proceeding further

Now, the app will tell you that you need to get your mobile phone on the same network as that of your television.

In the list of the available devices, you must try to find the name of your television. If you do not know the name, then remember that the right name will have a T.V.’s symbol beside it.

3.)Connection established successfully

After the connection between your device and the television is established properly, then the remote setup, with various features will appear.

For the first time you use the LG remote app, you will see the features of raising or lowering the volume and the forward and backward buttons.

4.)Using the different features

As told above, there are many other special features present. Try to use them according to your need.

  • There will be three lines or any such thing in a corner of the screen.
  • This is the sign for the menu.
  • On pressing it, you will see different options and features.
  • Try to use them, as there are many interesting features also

Some tips and tricks to use the LG remote app

If the app does not work properly, or in the required way, then there is no need to get disappointed or to worry. Sometimes, some tricks have to be essentially followed to make things work properly. Below are some of these which may help you and save your day.

  1. Get the app that has been presented by the company itself. There is a huge number of remote apps. So you should get the app which is provided by the “Samsung electronics” only.
  2. Remember, the app will work with an “Infra-red blaster” device only. You might have noticed a light-producing object at the front end of your remote, which emits light on pressing a button. It is an Infrared blaster that sends the signal to the T.V. Hence, for your mobile too, you need to get an Infrared blaster. Nowadays, many devices come with an in-built blaster, so check if your mobile has one.
  3. On your first try, you should use all the features as this will help you to determine if all the features are working properly.
  4. If your mobile does not have an Infra-red blaster to work with the LG remote app, then you can try to take out one from a damaged remote control. After taking it out, you can connect it to your mobile and it will send out signals.

LG Magic Remote

And finally, we will be talking about the remote, the magical remote. Wait, is there any magic in reality? Maybe, you are thinking right, nut the features present in the new remote are so pleasant  that it truly feels like we have a magical wand instead of a remote in our hands.

What is this cool thing?

The LG magic remote is a new type of remote that is entirely different from the traditional ones. Just pressing the buttons is boring and hectic. But what if we can scroll, click and even pass voice commands on a single remote? The whole world of remotes will change. Well, this is something that has been done by LG magic remote.

How to use LG Magic Remote?


First, we will have to pair our remote using it. For this, turn on the TV and after about 20 second, point the Magic remote towards the TV and it will automatically pair. If pairing id done successfully, a message will appear. If it does not pair, switch off the TV and try again.

The pointer

For the pointer to appear, you will have to shake the remote after it will have paired with the TV. Then the pointer will appear. To move the pointer, move your remote in the desired direction and the pointer will also move. Press the OK button to use it as a mouse-click

Changing its nature

To turn your Magic remote into a conventional remote, you have to press the Up, Down, Right, or Left button. Then you will be able to use it as a traditional remote.

Changing the settings

The speed and sensitivity of the pointer might not be suitable for some users. But no need to worry, this can be adjusted according to your need. For this, press the OK button. Then, go to settings and go to accessibility section. Then you will see different settings such as pointer speed and others which you can change.

Some frequently asked questions

While there are so many problems, there are also some questions that are asked by many. Some of them are given below.

1.) Is LG Magic Remote worth it?

The Magic remote is an amazing device. It makes the experience of using the remote and enjoying entertainment more pleasing. It allows you to float your remote in air and control the TV. Scrolling and clicking give an alternative to people who cannot control the magic. So, it is worth it.

2.) How do I pair my LG remote?

The method has been explained properly before. Just switch on your TV and point your Magic remote towards the TV. Then press the home (OK) button. It will automatically pair with TV.

3.) How do I sync my LG TV remote?

Syncing is same as pairing. Just do the former process. Switch on the TV, after some time point your remote towards TV and press the OK button. If it does not sync, switch off the TV and repeat the process.

4.) Why is LG remote not working?

If the remote is not working, try the following:

  • Replace the batteries if light is not emitted.
  •  Press Exit button for 5 seconds and then pair again.’
  •  Shake the remote.

Tips and tricks

  1. If you do not use pointer for some time, then it will disappear. To bring it back, move your pointer (shake it) and the pointer will reappear.
  2. If there are some obstacles in the path of signals, then there might be slight communication failures.
  3. If the pointer is not working smoothly, then take it to an edge and it will start working properly.
  4. Be careful not to bump into things while using the remote.


Certain apps make our life easier. The LG remote app is one of them. Allowing you to wish goodbye to your troublesome phones, this app also gives you some special features, which you might miss out on due to traditional phones. You must try the amazing app at least once. Then, you will not have to worry at all, even if your remote gets lost. You will have the mobile, and the mobile will have the remote. Also, you will not have to give away your money to get a remote. LG remote app is truly an app, that helps everyone who needs it.

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