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iOS-Android: What’s Good for Combining Online Study-Web Development

As tech continues to advance, students require top-notch learning resources to enhance their education. When we talk about suitable technology, it goes beyond the internet, screen size, or storage aspects. It also includes an operating system (OS) that is functional and makes it easy to install and run educational apps. Let’s take a look at which OS is more suitable for learning between iOS and Android while comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of both. So, dive in what’s Good for Combining Online Study and Web Development.

iOS & Android: What’s Good for Combining Online Study and Web Development

Learning prospects

While both platforms are suitable for learning, each has unique features, advantages, and disadvantages. This also has to do with the kind of apps you are using and their compatibility with the OS you are using. While Android is an open-source OS, meaning it allows third-party apps to run, iOS apps may still perform better when it comes to learning. 

The two OS connect to the internet effectively, and this should not be a problem unless your internet is faulty. You can download as many apps as you need for learning purposes. The only difference is some iOS apps have to be purchased. As a student, this may be challenging.

How these OS can help with homework

While in college, you need an OS that makes your education easy as you try to navigate between online classes and assignments. Many students have a challenge with their essays because of their busy schedules. You can go for the Edubirdie essay service, a popular platform for many students to write their essays. It offers a top-notch essay service, and you can easily hire a writer at a convenient rate and be sure that it will be delivered on time. 

Features of the OS

The features of an OS differ depending on the functionality, performance, and reliability. Each OS has a unique feature that can enhance your learning experience. One key feature of iOS for learners is the Focus feature that limits unnecessary interruptions while you are learning. 

On the other hand, Android has a feature that allows third-party applications to run as long as they are legit. This feature is not available on iOS, which may limit a student from accessing certain apps specific to a certain learning need. 

OS performance

This is an important factor not only in app development but also for some learning apps. Students need an OS that runs smoothly on their devices and helps them access services without technical glitches. Modern apps require an OS that is superfast and performs at maximum level. Conducting research or attending an online class on a slow OS can be super frustrating. 

iOS has a reputation of having a super-performance compared to Android iOS. When it comes to performance, iOS beats Android, but you should also consider other factors such as what are your irreducible minimums when it comes to performance. 

Cost implication

This has been a long going debate on the price of the two operating systems and whether students get value for their money. There is also a concern on whether the cheaper OS has been compromised in quality. 

While iOS assures its customers of quality, they tend to sell their products expensively. In contrast, it is surprising to see Android devices of a lesser price having access to all the features on iOS devices. For students, you should go for an OS that matches your budget. 


Apps matter a lot in this smartphone era, as they are what make phones functional. Without apps, smartphones may just be rendered useless. For learning purposes, app developers have to ensure high consideration to the quality of their apps. 

Creating a great app for learning is one thing, but running it on an OS is a different thing. iOS has a strict policy on which apps can be installed on Apple devices, while most Android apps can be sourced from any platform as long as they are compatible. 

While Apple’s restriction has a benefit for iPhone users, Android users can also benefit from the ease of finding apps they need for learning. Most iOS apps are not free, but you will easily find an android app for free. 


Android and iOS are some of the leading operating systems that enhance students’ education. While education technology continues to advance, web developers across platforms have to offer the education sector reliable features that make learning easy. Students are keen when choosing which brand to go for, and the OS matters greatly. Whatever OS a student chooses for their online learning, they should be able to access books, reading materials and attend classes without glitches. 

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