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How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV

For a few days, I have been experiencing a lot of lag on my Samsung TV. Also, I wanted to install a new application that just got released on the Apps page of the Samsung Smart TV. But, I didn’t have much space on it. This was weird for me as I didn’t install many applications other than the ones that were already there. Then I understood that a lot of space was occupied on my Samsung TV by the cache of the apps that I already had. This was also the reason, my TV got slow over the period. 

I know how maintaining a routine of clearing the cache of a smart device is a necessity. I used to regularly clear the cache of my smartphone and web browser. Because it helped in getting a faster and smoother performance. However, there aren’t many clear guides on the internet, and who keeps the manual after getting the product out of the box.

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How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV
How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV

I had to search every setting on the Samsung TV and I found out some ways to clear out the cache from the TV. The following guide would let you know all about cache, how it is important to clear it regularly, and most importantly, how you can clear it on your Samsung TV.

What is Cache?

You use every smart device around you regularly. Be it your phone, your computer, and even your television. And using these on regular basis can create a pattern of application that you have to use almost every time. This is where Cache comes in.

Cache in a device stores temporary data related to your apps, browsers, and websites. This data in the Cache is used to load any of your most-used applications or website at a faster rate to maximize your time management. Cache on your smart device makes your favourite apps run faster to provide you with your work or entertainment instantly.

Before smart TVs, there wasn’t a need for Cache as everything on the television that you watched on television was shown to you from a remote hub. Now, with smart TVs, almost everything you watch is on the applications available on it. Whether it be Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or HBO Max, you have got an app for everything. And to provide you with your favourite shows without any moment to get bored, the cache of the app gets used. 

Why is Clearing Cache Important For Your Samsung TV?

You might be thinking, why would you want to delete all of your caches now, especially from your TV. At last, it makes your apps on your TV open faster than without the app having any cache. However, there are a few benefits to deleting cache from your Samsung TV and those are as follows.

Performance of Your Samsung TV’s Browser Increases

The cache stored in the applications of your Samsung TV can take up a lot of space. The cache stored, all combined from different apps could be similar, can be compared to the space taken by an individual app. This can interrupt the smooth functioning of your Samsung TV. Thus, clearing out the cache from apps removes most of the problems that might have been accumulated with other data in the app. 

Your Samsung TV Becomes Safe from Viruses

A lot of the time with updates some corrupted files might get installed in your Samsung TV’s storage. This might make your TV prone to not functioning properly. At other times a lot of cache files stored in your TV can be prone to unwanted virus infestation. To avoid this, a routine for clearing cache proves to be beneficial. It can clear out any small corrupted file from your storage and protect your application from getting ruined by it.

Increases the Overall Speed of Your Samsung TV

Cache, on your TV, takes up a lot of space and this might influence the speed of your TV. Due to lack of space, there can be a situation where your application slows down or lags. Hence, regularly clearing out your cache is a nice option to eliminate any chance of slowing down your Samsung TV.

How to Clear Cache of An App On Your Samsung TV

Clearing the cache of your every application can help you get over the slower speed you have been experiencing recently. Or you might need to clear some space for a new app that just launched on your Samsung TV. Clearing the cache of every might be the key to your answer. Here is how you can clear the cache on your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Start by switching on your Samsung TV.
  • Click on the Home Button on your remote to go to the Home Screen of your Samsung TV.
  • Below the Home Button, there are arrow buttons. Navigate to the Settings option on the Home Menu.
  • Scroll through the different options of the Settings Menu. Choose the Apps options from the menu.
  • Then, go click on the System Apps from the Apps Menu.
  • To clear the cache of an app, scroll through the options of the application and choose the app you prefer.
  • Upon, clicking on the app you want to clear the cache of, click on the Clear Cache option.
  • Next, you would be shown a confirmation box, to go through with clearing your cache, click on the OK button.

By following this guide, you have just cleared the cache for one specific app. If you want to clear the whole cache from your Samsung TV you have to clear the cache of each app one by one. After clicking the OK button, you have to wait for some time to go through with the process.

How to Delete Cookies On Samsung TV

If you want to clear out more space from your Samsung TV, you can also try clearing out your cookies from the browser. Cookies are like cache but it saves the preferences you chose when going through the browser. Here is how you delete the cookies from the browser of your Samsung TV.

  • At first, switch on your Samsung TV
  • Like before, go to the Home Screen by clicking the Home button on the TV’s remote.
  • With the arrow keys on your remote, navigate to the Settings options.
  • On the Settings menu, find the Broadcasting option and click on it to open the window for it.
  • Inside the Broadcasting menu, look for the Expert Settings and click on it.
  • The window for Expert Settings would open up. In this window, select the HbbTV Settings.
  • To clear out all the cookies from the browser of your Samsung TV, you have to delete the whole browsing history too. If you want to go through with it, click on the Delete Browsing Data option under the HbbTV window.
  • Finally, after clicking on the Delete Browsing Data you would be shown a confirmation box. If you are sure you want to delete your browsing data and cookies, click on OK to confirm.

If you are unable to locate the Expert Settings option in the Broadcasting Window, you have to check which mode your TV is in. This might happen because you are in HDMI mode and you have to change it to Live TV.

How to Clear Cookies on Samsung TV ( For J, JU, JS Models Only)

You might be surprised that the above methods aren’t working with your Samsung TV. You might have gone through all of the guides and you are still confused as to where is the HbbTV option on your TV. This might be the case just because you have a Samsung TV whose model number starts with the letters, J, JU, or JS. To delete the cookies of your J, JU, or JS Model Samsung TV the process is quite different. Here is how you can clear your cookies if you have these models.

  • Firstly, switch on your television, and similar to the previous guides open the Browser Application.
  • Click on the Menu button that is on the top right corner of the browser’s window.
  • Among the different options present in the menu, choose Settings.
  • In the Settings menu, select the option of Privacy and Security.
  • The option for deleting your browsing data would pop up titled, Delete Browsing Data. Select the option.
  • To confirm your process of deleting cookies and other browsing data, select the Yes option in the box that would pop up.

After confirming the process, it might take some minutes to clear all the cookies from your browser.


Through this guide, we discussed how you can clear the cache of your Samsung TV whether it’s the standard model or the J, JU, or JS model. Cache in a smart device is one the most important thing and maintaining a good routine with clearing out cache is very important for your Samsung TV’s good performance and well-being. We learned how the cache is a part of the TV that eases the viewing experience on television. And how clearing the cache from time to time is very beneficial but shouldn’t be done very often as it might disrupt the proper working of the television.

To delete the cache or cookies of your Samsung TV, you can do it by just finding the Apps option or the Expert Settings. To clear out the cache for an app, go to the Apps window and to clear out the cache and cookies from the Samsung TV’s Browser you have to select the Expert Settings.


Can I Clear Cache from Any Smart TV With This Method?

The guide provided to you above is for any Samsung TV. However, there are a plethora of other smart TVs produced by different brands. Thus, the methods mentioned above might not be appropriate to try on any other smart TV as it might complicate the device for you. There might be a chance that in following this guide you might create more problems than solving one. 
Use this guide only if you want to clear cache from your Samsung Smart TV and not any other brands.

Can I Use Any Third-party App to Clear My Samsung TVs Cache?

Unlike other popular Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs don’t work on an Android OS. This takes away the vast range of applications that most Android TVs have. Samsung Smart TVs are limited to very few applications that are considered sufficient for the device.
This is the reason there is no option for installing a third-party app for helping with the clearing of your system’s cache. You have to adhere to the above guides to clear out the cache present in your Samsung TV application and also clear out the cookies present in the browser of your TV.

What does it mean to clear Cache on my Samsung TV?

Every smart device or application has temporary storage where it stores the necessary data that has to be accessed regularly or frequently. This help the application or the device to run the system smoothly without letting you wait. However, over time the cache takes up a lot of space which makes the feature counter-productive. It doesn’t let your device have space for more applications to be downloaded, and makes your device run with a risk of lag. Thus, it is a good habit to routinely clear out the cache from the device. On a TV, you won’t find much space similar to a phone or a computer. Thus clearing cache is a way to clear out the space for newer applications and make your Samsung TV run smoothly.

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