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LG TV not connecting to Wifi


One of the most common issues with LG Smart TVs is that their WiFi connection will not connect. While you may not think this is a common issue, trust us, it’s more widespread than you might think. In fact, we find about 50-100 people each month coming to our company blog asking for help on fixing LG TV not connecting to Wifi

LG Smart TVs look very similar to a conventional TV. And they use HDMI cables to connect to the internet or the TV service provided by the provider. This one-of-a-kind device that has revolutionized home entertainment delivers a combination of innovative technology and convenience. However, despite these perks, you may be facing problems with connectivity and thus facing the LG Smart TV not connecting to the WiFi problem.

LG TV not connecting to Wifi
LG TV not connecting to Wifi

There are two reasons why an LG Smart TV won’t connect to the Internet over WiFi: 

  1. The router/modem and 
  2. The TV itself.

How to connect Wifi to your Smart TV?

  1. Power up your Smart TV and, when it is ready, hit the Smart, Menu, or Settings button on your remote.
  2. Next, find the Network submenu and switch “Start Connection.” 
  3. It will ask for a password. If your password is correct, Then it all sets.

Why my LG TV is not connecting to wifi?

Selecting the correct wireless network is easy. The network name (SSID) should match the one that your Internet Service Provider provides. In addition, you need the valid password you were given to connect to your network.

With the amount of streaming content connected to an Internet-connected TV, a home network is becoming every bit as necessary and as simple to use as broadband. Setting up is easy with the step-by-step prompts on your TV’s screen and the LG Network Setup Wizard app for Android and iOS.

Recheck Twice

The first time you connect to a network, jot down the password on a piece of paper. Type only the password where indicated. If you’re unable to connect to the network, ask your system administrator for help. From this point forward, simply pick up your computer and walk over to the wireless access point (AP), then choose Other Connection and enter the network name (SSID) and password.

When you try to connect to a network, your device prompts you for a password.  If the information is not correct, you have two options:  – 

  1. Select [Forgot Password?] and follow the steps to reset your password. – 
  2. Press and hold the power button to turn off your Surface and turn it back on again.  When you log in again, enter the correct password.

How to fix LG tv not connecting to Wifi?

If your LG TV doesn’t connect to the WiFi, there are a few things you can do first before you contact LG support or call a technician. First, we recommend that you do a hard reboot on your TV. A hard reboot is when your TV goes off for at least 5 minutes and turns back on, then try reconnecting to the WiFi again. 

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Tip 1: Check with your date and time

The simplest (and stupidest) method to use is changing the date and time. Well, a few people on the Internet claim that this doesn’t work for them for whatever reason. 

  1. Tap on Date and Time⇒Date and Time⇒off (next to Set Automatically). 
  2. Then tap on Date and Time⇒and set the time manually to the same time it was on the day you didn’t face any issues. 
  3. Next, go back to Settings⇒General⇒Reset⇒Reset Network Settings. 
How to fix LG tv not connecting to Wifi
Check with your date and time to fix LG tv not connecting to Wifi

Tip 2: Switch on/off

If you’re experiencing this issue when powering your TV. Just turn it on and off for few seconds. That said, we strongly recommend that you have your TV professionally serviced if this issue persists.

While this won’t fix everything, the restarting process forces the TV to clear out its buffers and refresh itself, resolving some issues. If your screen is not black or displaying no picture, the TV itself may be the issue. If the screen is black or shows no image, it can be a simple cable issue. 

Tip 3: Double-check with wifi network

Connect your WiFi-enabled devices to the network. If you’re using a phone or tablet, enter the password listed on your TV’s screen or in the manual. You can also connect them to your Wi-Fi network using one of the other methods listed above. 

Your WiFi network name and password are available on the sticker located on the bottom of your Samsung Smart TV. All WiFi-enabled devices will have access to the same WiFi network, so make sure to change the password if you think it might be compromised.

Double-check with wifi network
Double-check with wifi network

Tip 4: Try factory reset

Factory Reset is a feature on HDTV sets, wipe out all the stored information on your HDTV and returning all settings to factory default. There are two ways to reset your TV. One is by using the power switch on the back of your TV, and the other is by going into the Settings Menu. First, we will show you how to power reset your TV. 

The moment you turn on your new TV, the settings are default. Therefore, having to reset all your television settings can be very frustrating. However, a factory reset is easy to do if you try and does not require any experience. All it takes is a few button presses.

Tip 5: Check with your connection

To troubleshoot, please make sure that the WiFi module in your TV is not covered with a sheet of dust or other particles. TV models with a gray and black border around the screen have the most common type of WiFi module. Assuming that the TV’s WiFi module is faulty, the easiest way to proceed would be to call Lg. If it is determined that this is the case, you can have this fixed by a technician while still under warranty.


If you’ve ever had problems getting Internet access on your smart TV. You’ll identify that it can be frustrating–but there are normally manageable fixes for this sort of problem of LG TV not connecting to Wifi. It is essential not to get too disheartened if the first couple of pieces you try don’t serve. And, remember, rebooting stuff work more often than you might imagine. This isn’t an Internet obstacle(at least not in the conventional thought of the term). Most cable and satellite providers have WiFi connectivity evolved into their systems. And several of them use APs (apps that implement wireless access) for their consumers.

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