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How to make a shield in Minecraft


    One of the popular games developed under the Mojang Game franchise was Minecraft. It is supported with multi-player mode, open-world, and free roam. Everything in this is played with three-dimensional blocks. The player needs to mine blocks from stones, trees, ground, etc. Those objects get stored in the items list. And from those objects, we can make anything from a small hut to a castle. Things around the player are in the form of 3D cubes. The newer versions of this game are very popular. A player can select a mode where he needs to defend himself/herself from the hordes of attackers. The issue in the new release of the game is that many of the users do not know “How to make a shield in Minecraft”. So, in this article, we are going to find a solution to this problem.

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History of Games:

First signs:

The tech field is always in search of something new. The physicist William Higginbotham made an experiment in the Brookhaven testing laboratory. It was the first game. the object bounced from one to another spot giving it a tennis-like feeling.

Further improvements:

 This led to the foundation of advanced system games. The world’s first game was released in 1972 namely the Pong game. It is based on Physics simulations. The ball used to bounce back from one player to another player. A computer scientist named Allan Alcorn developed this 2D graphics game. The players were on the opposite sides of each other. The time each player hits that ball on point used to get incremented. This is the screenshot of the pong gameplay:

pong gameplay

    The dropping rates of Television made some of the researcher’s design integrated systems that can be plugged with TV sets. They were eventually called consoles. After the console development, the demand for these games raised in the market. In one year the number of console games sold was one lakh.

Image of the world’s first gaming consoles:

world’s first gaming consoles

Making a video game those times was not an easy job. The lack of resources, knowledge, and many more caught a slow pace. But, in the late 1980s, the Japanese Nintendo Entertainment System launched the Super Mario Bros. This was a game-changer, and the gaming market eventually pushed the graph of development to the next level.

     This industry is getting popular on its way so you also can make a career in it. Today, in the development process many programming languages and their supportive frameworks are enough for one person to design a game within a week or some even make it in two days. Minecraft is also created by a single person only. The further contributions in its development were given by a team of developers.

Some key points about Minecraft:

  • Game category:
  • The game is a sand box game. Means the type of game containing a number of milestones, challenges that a player needs to complete. This makes it more entertaining and adds more while playing.
  • Player can also create his/her own world by making houses, small towns, and exploring the map.
  • Crafting weapons like sword, crossbow, etc.
  • Building huge ships is also possible in later versions of minecraft
  • Game type: Open world games. They are generally free roam games and player can do whatever he wants to.
  • Creator: Mojang Studios, get more info on this link.
  • Programming language used:
  • C++ : for starting versions
  • Java : for new versions
  • Awards acclaimed:
  • Best game developer award in 2013
  • The Best family game award acclaimed from 2013 to 2016
  • Best Children choice awards
  • Key developer:

Markus Persson, one of the key founders of Mojang Studios. Popularly known for creating sandbox games. Size is not at all issue in this game because it is roughly of 1 GB

System requirements for Minecraft (Java edition):

  1. Processor: intel core i3 3rd generation with max clock speed upto 3.2 GHz/AMD A87600.
  2. Graphic processing unit: Not required, supports integrated graphics.
  3. Operating systems: Windows 7 and up/ macOS all versions of 64 bit/ linux 64 bit releases from year 2014 and above.
  4. RAM: 4 GB and greater.

Versions of Minecraft available:

Depending upon the support teams Mojang released Minecraft year by year. This is the first game that I saw had so many versions developed for different ambitions and categories. But, the flaw is, they all are paid. So you need to have some money in your wallet for this game to play.

  • Minecraft java edition: Supportive on Windows, Mac and Linux, this new mine-craft comes with a new treasure added in it.  It needs to be purchased for $26.95. If you have this amount in your pocket visit Minecraft.net and the game is ready to be yours.
  • Minecraft windows 10: Mainly designed for windows operating system. This one comes for $26.5.
  • Minecraft Android: Designed to work with windows. On the Google play store the app can be purchased with $6.99.
  • Minecraft iOS: For playing in iOS devices support. Needs to be paid for $6.5.
  • Minecraft  X-BOX: Microsoft and Notch launched the game in the marketplace on the 9th of May 2012. It Supports X-Box 360. Comes within $26.5.
  • Minecraft Ninetendo: This version is for Nintendo consoles support. Release on 18 November 2011. Costs $29.9
  • Minecraft Play Station:  Released by SONY for Play Station 3 on . Price tag is $19.9
  • Minecraft education: For teaching.Price not available.
  • Minecraft PI: For tinkering and educational purposes. Price not available.

How to make a shield in Minecraft:

     The Java edition of Minecraft is version 1.9. This version is already a very nice update from the Mojang studios. The difficulty level here is quite increased/ in older versions, you can defend yourself from attackers. But, how to handle mobs of skeletons! Well, that’s crazy. So to tackle this problem they also added shields. The armor in mine craft versions is not so durable when it comes to fighting with mobs.

They can be of custom to make a shield in Minecraft but, for a starter pack you need the following items to make it:

  1. 6 Oak wood planks
  2. 1 iron ignot

Follow these simple steps to make a basic shield:

  • You need to go to your inventory/crafting table which looks like this:
inventory/crafting table to make a shield in Minecraft
  • Then place them in ‘Y’ shape in the crafting table. Note that: place two planks with an empty block in between. Then place three blocks in the second row and one block in the last row in between.
‘Y’ shape in the crafting table
crafting table for making a shield in Minecraft

And there you go! Your shield is ready to defend you:

shield is ready

Right-click to activate your shield and if you need to hold it in other hands then press the ‘F’ key.

Have a look at it:

 (view: First-person mode)

First-person mode

(view in third person mode)

Now, you can take the sword in another hand.

How to make a shield in Minecraft

This is how to make a shield in Minecraft.

Customizing your shield:

Now, there are a number of options you can play with. Adding banners to your shield makes it looks cool and fancy:

So, here is a simple tutorial to make a shield in Minecraft look awesome.

For creating a white banner:

You require:

  1. 1stick
  2. 6 white wool
  • Go to crafting table
crafting table
  • Place the 3 white wool blocks in the first 3 rows one by one
  • Place the other 3 wool blocks in the second 3 rows the same way
3 wool blocks
  • Then place the stick in the middle block of the last row. Your white banner is ready

For creating an orange banner:

You require:

  1. 1 stick
  2. 6 orange wool
  • Go to the crafting table
crafting table
crafting table
  • Place the 3 white wool blocks in the first 3 rows one by one
  • Place the other 3 wool blocks in the second 3 rows the same way
creating an orange banner
  • Then place the stick in the middle block of the last row. Your white banner is ready. Place in the inventory to use it.

For crafting the shield with that banner:

You need a stick to make a shield in Minecraft:

Then place the banner and the shield as shown in the image and your customized shield is ready in the last square:

crafting the shield
crafting the shield
How to make a shield in Minecraft

For creating a Lozenge banner:

You require:

  1. Loom
  2. Dye
  3. Making a loom requires: 2 Strings and 2 wood planks:

Place the objects in the blocks as shown below:

creating a Lozenge banner

This is how it looks

Now let us craft dyes:

We are creating a cyan color dye for our shield so to make a cyan shade. We need green and a blue dye. Place them in the crafting table as shown below and craft the dye and place it in the inventory.


Now we have both the items in our inventory so let us go in the Loom interface to apply the design to our shield:

Loom interface

This is how it looks

Now, place all the items from the inventory in the blocks on the left side in the loom interface.

left side in the loom interface

Then make the selection of the Lozenge pattern from the given list of options.

Lozenge pattern

The shield with the Lozenge pattern is ready. Now you can use it for defense from mobs of skeletons and other attackers. But first, place the shield in the inventory otherwise all the efforts taken by you and me will get wasted.

So, let us put it in the inventory:

How to make a shield in Minecraft

it looks good, right.


    This was all about “How to make a shield in Minecraft” and customizing it. This game is making a hustle on all the gaming platforms. In a nutshell, it is full of fun and entertainment. Open world games are a good way for doing time pass and enjoyment. 

    Gaming is good for relaxing and enjoyment. But some people make it a bad habit. They involve in gaming investing hours and getting nothing in return. Due to this effect, most of the small children are losing their eyesight too. From the conclusion part of this article, I am trying to tell you that some things if done under limits do no damage. But, if limits are crossed then they lead to total loss and destruction of life. So, a gamer being within limits has a lot to see.

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