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Discord audio quality

According to Discord, approximately 1.5 million users are connected each day, which means that a large number of people use the service to chat online. Therefore, the quality of voice for each user should be excellent. However, there have been complaints from users saying that the audio quality is terrible. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix bad audio quality on Discord for each voice channel and how to set a custom bitrate for all your Discord channels. 

Setting a custom audio quality bitrate for each voice channel on your server not only makes it easier to understand what other people are talking about but also helps you save your money. For example, if all of the channels on your Discord server use the variable “min_bitrate” in the Audio Setting section, you can set a default custom bitrate for all the channels. In Discord, you have the option to use any of the three audio quality bitrates as well as to change the bitrate on any channel/server. This tutorial will show you how to adjust and change the audio quality bitrate for each voice channel on your server.

Discord audio quality
Discord audio quality

Discord audio quality setting

The settings for each channel can be edited to adjust the quality of the voice calls, and you can set the default audio quality for future channels. The usual default setting is a sample rate of 800019 kHz, while 5.1 surround sound has a higher rate of 24000 bits per second. Discord Nitro allows up to 10 people to talk at once in a voice channel. However, Discord only allows playback of voice channels with an audio bit rate of 64kbps and below. This includes users with the Nitro feature enabled in their Discord account.  Sometimes, when your bitrate is set at 128kbps or higher, you might encounter some issues regarding your microphone level not being loud enough or too low while talking to other users in a voice channel.

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Features of Discord audio

With the remarkable features that Discord Nitro grants to its premium members, it is very annoying when the voice channels of a server are operating at a low bitrate. This will ruin your gaming experience in these channels and keep the communities away from them. And indeed, the owners will be disappointed their efforts to attract players into these channels fail. But you can avoid this situation if you learn how to set up your voice channel bitrate on Discord Nitro servers. As said above, Discord servers can manage bitrate for audio voice channels. This tutorial is focused on people who can add a bot on their own Discord server.

Follow the steps below to add the Bitrate Manager Bot on your Discord server to get best audio quality.

Discord audio setup in mobile phone

Follow the steps given below to adjust the voice channel bitrate manually,

  1. Navigate to the discord app.
  2. Tap on the small gear icon to open a dropdown menu. Tap Server to open a server settings window. Select Voice Channel.
  3. Tap the three dots on the upper-right corner of the channel, and select Edit Channel.
  4. Click the button to change the bitrate. The optimal bitrate is anywhere between 30kbps and 64kbps.
  5. Once you’ve adjusted the bitrate, tap on the Save icon at the top-left corner of the screen.

In Discord audio quality, the recording quality level you choose has a direct impact on the file size of your podcast. A higher bitrate will create a larger file, and a lower bitrate will make a smaller file. It should be noted that the sound is virtually identical between the two bitrates, but the file size is drastically different and likely more than Adobe Audition lets us export at one time.

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Discord audio setup for PC

  1. Follow the same steps as mentioned earlier then,
  2. When you hover your cursor over the voice channel, you will see an icon. Click that icon.
  3. Click on the arrow labels to decrease or increase the bitrate.
  4. Save it to get discord audio quality.

These bitrates are just examples of two-way communication, but you can also go as high as 160kbps or even higher. It will entirely depend on the client’s internet connection and media player. Please note that if there is a massive latency between the player and server while playing, you need to lower the bitrate in order to compensate for it. If the ping is good, we recommend using 128Kbps worldwide since it gives you a pretty decent audio quality. If you want to voice chat with your friends, it is recommended to set the bitrate of the voice chat a little lower than the actual setting since higher values tend to increase ping while playing.

What is the exact range?

Discord is a text and voice chat application that you can use to communicate with your friends. The app functions like Skype chat, but it also offers more features like video chat, image sharing, etc. In addition, it lets you create groups, Tiny type emojis. There is an official desktop version for Windows and Mac OS X from Discord. With Discord, you can have up to 10,000 members in a server, which means you do not have to worry about being alone on your server or channels. In short, you can choose the Discord voice quality as low as 16 kbps. This option will allow you to establish a connection with other individuals in your channel or server.

However, keep in mind that this value is relatively low. And many users still experience quality issues when using this particular setting. This goes for both audio quality and video. Nevertheless, you can comfortably enjoy lag-free Discord calls with just a bitrate of 128kbps. In fact, we had recommended you reduce your bitrate down to 64kbps or 32kbps if necessary.


Voice chat is a really important aspect of online gaming. And this is why Discord has created the best possible Discord audio voice quality settings. Moreover, they promise to do everything possible to allow game players to improve their game scores and achieve higher ranks. As always, we’re waiting to hear from you and respond to questions you might have. Should you found this guide helpful, let us know in the comments. So, what type of voice quality do you use? Which one of the options as mentioned above is your favorite? Write a comment below and let us know. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your gaming friends on social media.

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