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How to make a discord bot

With the free Discord app, you can talk to other players, set up gaming sessions, and seamlessly launch into games on your PC or phone. How to make a discord bot? By bringing everything together in one place, Discord makes it easier to find online gaming communities that suit you best.

In this tutorial, You’ll make a simple calculator bot and add functionality to it over time. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have a working Python script that provides commands for interacting with a Discord server.

How to make a discord bot
How to make a discord bot

What is discord?

Discord is built specifically for gamers. It lets you see which of your friends are playing and even allow you to chat with your friends. It works on your smartphone, tablet, and PC. As a bonus, it also comes with an easily accessible web browser widget!

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What is a discord bot?

A Discord bot is a third-party application used for administrating a server. These bots can be programmed to do many things, from giving title ranks to custom commands. Discord allows bot users to interact with text messages, kicks, invites, and other highlighted events. A server’s admin or owner often performs these processes. Below are some examples of applicable automated processes Discord bots can run:

  1. You’ve probably already seen a bot with the word guild in the name–these allow your community to manage a lot of guild information and interaction in one place. For example, using an Invite Bot will enable users to get into your community quickly but stay out of their way while doing so.
  2. It helps us with all sorts of things, from messaging new members to moderating chat channels. For example, with a bot, you can automatically respond to new guild members joining your guild. You can even control how each bot behaves.

How to make a discord bot?

 In the top-right corner of your computer screen, you’ll see a window. This is the Discord desktop client, and it contains all the tools you need to start playing with bots and automation. Discord also has a Discord Bot Master you can use to create your account and application to meet its requirements. You will also need Discord “Guilds,” which you can start from within Discord itself. 

Discord account

After signing up, you will be asked to create or log in to your account once you’ve signed up and activated your account. Next, you’ll see a landing page asking for either a personal or business email address. The email address will be used for more than just registering, though. When the registration process is complete, you’ll receive an email with additional instructions.

New application

The next step is to create a new application, and Developers can use Discord APIs to build applications such as bots that require authentication and limited access. 

How to create an application?

  1. You will have an option called to create a new application in the right corner. Click on that tab.
  2. A new interface popup, asking the name of the application. Enter the name as you wish.
  3. Congratulation, you have made a new application.

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Create a bot

Bot-related API calls are available under the “Bot” or “Bot-like” subcategory. For details on how to access these services, 

  1. first, navigate to the Bot-related API directly via the “Get API” link at the bottom of your Discord home screen. 
  2. With this command now, after clicking on “Get API,” you’ll be presented with a dialog box that will allow you to determine the categories of services you can access and details about each one. 
  3. Click on Add bot, and your bot is added successfully.

 You want your bot to interact with each other, so you’ll create a guild that allows them to do so.

Create a guild

A guild is a Discord channel dedicated to one thing: making friends. You can join any type of server by clicking the “Join” button in the header. But communities vary greatly, and you’ll probably have the best time by jumping on a server dedicated to your interests. It’s easy to find one. Just look around the directory for a community that suits you. Then, click on the create a new server, and you are all set.

Invite your bot 

Once you’ve created your bot, you’ll then need to add it to Discord by clicking on the “Add Bot” button. When the Add Bot button appears. A box will appear asking if you want to make an invite for that specific account. If you don’t like to invite that account, then just ensure that you hit the reject button at the bottom of the page. After the invitation has been made, it can be accepted through either the discord client or Discord itself. Unfortunately, since bots can’t send invitations, they have to be used sometimes in conjunction with regular user accounts. To get around this limitation. It’s a good idea to create a bot with access to your API keys and enable the OAuth2 protocol for all your creations.

If you want to have a bot on your Discord server that can do all the stuff a regular user can and accept invites from other users like a regular user, you have to go through a few steps. First of all, you have to install Discord bot extensions. Then, you have to copy the contents of discord/botaccessible/all into your own Discord server’s /user/ directory and enable them via the server configuration.

A bot can, 

  1. monitor a guild chat, 
  2. welcome new members, and 
  3. respond to general requests for help from users with helpful information. 


There are two ways that you can use Discord bots: you can either build them in discord, or you can write third-party scripts to extend its functionality. It’s up to you which one works best for your needs. But there are some things you should know before choosing a programming language. In addition, discord has pretty comprehensive documentation. Understanding the various sections of this document will help you know everything about using Discord bots and how to save your programs for later use when needed. See more articles on discord: Discord bots: Music, Gaming- How to repair when not working.

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