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Pokemon sword and shield- The Secret Revealed

Want to know the secrets of the Pokemon sword and shield world? Learn how you can become the Pokémon champion within just 10 minutes. Even learn the gameplay elements of the game to see if you like it. Unlock the secrets of becoming a good pokemon trainer in no time. Check the list of gym leaders and what their weaknesses are to defeat them the first time. Want to take a short way in? Then check out the video on our YouTube channel.

What is pokemon?

We all are familiar with small creatures that come on all shapes and sizes within the Pokemon Universe. But if you have been living under a rock for the past 2 decades then let us give you a summary of Pokemons.

Pokemon sword and shield
Secrets of the Pokemon sword and shield

Pokemon live in the wild nature or with their trainers (humans), and like all the other animals they can’t speak with humans. However, there are few exceptions where the Pokemon are capable of speaking with humans in their language. Humans (trainers) capture Pokemon from the wild and then they are responsible for raising and training Pokemon. A Pokémon will grow (become stronger) and evolve with experience or special occasions.

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Pokemon Sword and Shield

Just like any other Pokemon game, Pokemon Sword and Shield is also a role-playing game where we pick up just after the events of the competition in Pokemon Sun and Moon (2016).

This game follows the steps of the previous installments in terms of storytelling and follows the story of a young Pokemon trainer. In this installment, we are aiming to become Pokemon Champion in the new Galar region based in the United Kingdom.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, your main objective is to dethrone Leon (the current Pokemon Champion) and other Gym leaders throughout your journey. You will encounter several different rival teams and NPCs (Non-Player Characters) with different Pokemon levels. Pokemon Sword and Shield introduce 81 new Pokemon along with 13 pre-existing regional forms Pokemons.

In addition to all the new Pokemons, you will also get to see Dynamaxing, Gigantamaxing, Wild areas.

  • Dynamaxing- It will increase the size of your Pokémon under certain conditions.
  • Gigantamazing- It will in addition to Dynamaxing also change the form of your Pokémon (only certain Pokemon).
  • Wild Area- It is a large and open world area with cooperative gameplay elements where you can roam the area with free camera moments. There are two more games (Pokemon Let’s go & Sun and Moon) that reintroduce the previous features.

The gameplay of Sword and Shield

We already discussed above that just like all the previous Pokemon games, Pokemon Sword & Shield is also a role-playing game with adventure elements. The game offers you third-person gameplay with a fixed camera like most pokemon games. However, in some cases, you will be offered a free camera angle option which will change the feel of the game to a certain angle.

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, you play as a young trainer who wants to become the next Pokemon Champion and we follow this quest mainly. To win against other trainers you need to fight their pokemon with yours to win their title. To defeat stronger trainers, you need to train your pokemon and evolve them over time to make them stronger.

The Pokemon battles are turn-based and with health and attack statistics available to you during the battle. You will gain experience with every battle and this will increase your chances of beating the main protagonist of the game (Leon). And if you want new Pokemon for a hard battle then you need to capture one for yourself with wild encounters. Catching Pokemon is no easy task since you need to weaken the pokemon. Once the pokemon is weak enough, you can catch them with the help of pokeballs (the iconic white and red ball). 

In addition to catching pokemon, you are also able to trade them with other online players on the Nintendo Switch platform. The trading requires the Nintendo connectivity feature only available in the Switch, most people use Switch for the same. If you are wondering why you can’t find the special pokemon on other games then some of the pokemon are unique to the game. However, you can trade pokemon from and to both the games, Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shields.

Story summary

This game takes place in the Galar region in the Pokemon Universe which is based on the real UK(United Kingdom). The city of Galar consists of several different cities and beautiful towns and all are interconnected with Routes. There are also “wild-areas” where you can roam freely in that open-world with free camera moments. The wild area is filled with tallgrass bodies and different water bodies along the routes.

The fun part about the wild areas is that you will have many random encounters with different wild pokemon just like in the real world. However, the random encounters are not limited to the wild area and can occur anywhere in the vast open world. You may need to battle trainers aside from the wild pokemon in the city or the towns or even the wild areas. You will need to travel to different towns and cities to take part in the “Gym Challenges” and beat different trainers. Gym challenges are an open tournament in which you can challenge the gym trainer and after beating him/her become the greatest pokemon trainer in the region. There are in total 8 gym leaders varying from very weak to very strong in different cities and towns.

Every gym leader has their special technique and champion pokemon with special abilities that make them gym leaders. You will earn badges after each battle you win and that will increase your status as a trainer. After you defeat all the 8 gym trainers and earn the badges, you will be able to take part in the Champion Cup which is the main objective of the game. This tournament unlike others is a single knockout tournament with the best gym leaders in them. You will face the Champion Pokemon trainer after beating all the other trainers. And after defeating the champion you will become the new champion of the Galar region.

Pokemon sword and shield starter evolutions

Deciding which starter pack you want can be overwhelming with all the available options and we are here to help you out. But just like all the other pokemon games, there are some fixed starter pokemon:

  • Scorbunny: The starter pack fire-type pokemon.
  • Scobble: The starter pack water-type pokemon.
  • Grookey: The starter pack grass-type pokemon.

BUT the good thing is that no matter which pokemon starter pack you use it will not affect your progress in the match. So you can choose the cutest or the meanest looking pokemon if you want without any problem.

But the choice will affect which trainers will be harder or easier to beat when starting the journey. The first three trainers will be fire-type, grass-type, and water-type. So you got a chance to prove yourself with the pokemon of your choice in the game.

If you are new to the pokemon games and want to get a good experience then you should pick Grookey since it will not take too much damage which will be important initially.

But if you are an experienced pokemon player then you should pick Scorbunny as you will have more abilities with it. And later in the game, it will be easier to defeat the 6th gym leader.

Over time you will find your favorite pokemon by capturing new pokemon from the world. If you want a flying type pokemon to defeat a gym leader then you can catch one in the Galar region. You can even find a flying type pokemon in the Galar region, you just need to explore the world a little for it.

We would suggest you don’t pay too much attention to your starter pokemon and don’t let it overwhelm you. Just pick up the game and dive into the amazing pokemon world.

Gym leaders in the game

In total, you will be facing eight gym leaders with different pokemon of different types. This is for the core game and we are not including the gym leaders from the DLC(Downloadable Content).

We have listed down all the gym leaders you will be facing with their pokemon types.

  1. Milo is the gym leader of “Turffield Gym” and uses a Grass-type pokemon which means you will need a fire-type pokemon to defeat him.
  2. Nessa (Second Gym leader) is the gym leader of “Hulbury Gym” who uses a water-type pokemon. This means you will have to use Electric, Grass-type pokemon to defeat Nessa.
  3. Kabu is the gym leader of “Motostroke Gym” and uses a Fire-type pokemon. This means you need to use Water, Ground, Rock-type pokemon.
  4. Allister is the gym leader of “Stow-on-Side Gym” and uses a Ghost-type pokemon. To defeat Allister, you need to use Steel, Water, Dark-type pokemon.
  5. Opal is the gym leader of “Ballonlea Gym” and uses a Fairy-type pokemon. So you need to use Ground, Fire-type pokemon to defeat opal.
  6. Melony is the gym leader of “Circheester Gym” using the Ice-type pokemon. To defeat Melony, you need to use Rock, Fighting, Steel, Fire-type pokemon.
  7. Gordie is the gym leader of “Circhester Gym” and uses the Rock-type pokemon so you need to use Fighting, Ground, Grass, Ice-type pokemon.
  8. Piers is the gym leader of “Spikemuth Gym” and uses a Dark-type pokemon. So you need to use Fairy-type pokemon to defeat piers.


So, this is all about the secret Pokemon sword and shield that we have revealed, we learned what a pokemon is and about the wonderful Pokémon world. Remember the tips to defeat all the gym leaders as fast as you can to become the champion. Picking your starter pokemon is not going to be as important as learning how to use them. Over time you will be able to catch more pokemon and defeat different pokemon. So just relax and enjoy the wonderful world of pokemon. Revealed your secret below.