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sim not provisioned mm#2

Today, if your device shows “SIM not available” or “Sim not provisioned mm#2” in Android this means that you are unable to establish a connection for the cell network, or perhaps your service provider could not find your mobile phone account.

SIM cards are small chips that act as a method of connecting to your cell phone with the operator. It is designed to assist the operator to understand certain aspects of mobile phone use. Finally, you’re able to make calls and utilize mobile phones.

What is the reason why Sim not provisioned mm#2 error happen?

In the pop-up window that says “SIM not available” on Android, There could be different reasons. But, in the end, it certainly affects all those who have signed up for a brand fresh eSIM card. If you’re experiencing this issue in a few instances, or if you’re experiencing issues with the SIM does not work in iOS it’s because the issue is on your SIM card, and you must fix it.

  • The most recent handset requires a new SIM card.
  • The connections are transferred to the most recent SIM card.
  • In the event that the authorization registry for the carrier network provider is not available.
  • If you don’t have a roaming agreement, you’re not in control of the service area for your network and this is not the only reason.
  • New SIM cards do function flawlessly, however. But, for security reasons it is important to ensure an active SIM card enabled.

In case you’ve not bought a brand newly-issued SIM card and until now it was working perfectly So the most likely reasons for this could be described below:

  • If you notice that your SIM card is too old or has gone dead. You should try to repair it.
  • The SIM card could not have been placed correctly into the slot. Alternatively, any residue in between SIM or handset pins could be there.

Another reason could be an explanation that has the company has deactivated the SIM card due to the fact that it could be locked to another handset. In the present, if you connect a SIM card into a different device or system you might be able to see a message that reads “SIM isn’t true.”

How do I solve Sim not provisioned mm#2

We have provided a variety of options to test them, one by one that will fix the issue.

Restart the device

It may sound like a lot of work however, simply shutting off the device will correct the issue that is which is not covered under the SIM. Follow the steps necessary and then wait for the device to reboot. Within a few minutes, you will notice that the error message has disappeared and you can also disable your SIM card.

Insert your sim card properly

The issue isn’t related to the activation of your SIM card as well as the network. It could simply be a poorly-fitting SIM. It could be due to problems with the design and design of SIM itself or an inadequately designed slot (or caddy) for SIM cards.

Switch off your mobile and look for it’s SIM card to test if the SIM is properly seated.

Find your SIM card if you have one that is newer or less expensive by removing the back door. To access into the SIM card port you may need to take off the plug.

Its SIM card port is normally located on the back of the handset in flagship models, but there are also models that do not have batteries that are removable. It’s usually a caddy where the SIM card sits. You’ll have to remove it using the help of a simple SIM removal tool. Look for a small opening at the edge of your phone and then slide the phone into the opening to take out the SIM.

NOTE: Make sure to remove your microSD storage card , but do not disable your SIM card.

This SIM card can be difficult to remove. If there’s batteries that are removable then you may need to employ tweezers or simply jimmy it from below. You can blow your SIM card out, and perhaps a brush made of an unlint-free cloth.

Clean the SIM card and take charge of putting it in the correct position as directed. There is usually an indication on the side of the opening for the SIM card or an engraving that indicates the correct direction on the SIM.

Change your phone’s SIM card, and then switch it back on. The “not supplied SIM” error should disappear. You can use the SIM on another device, in the event that it fails.

Sim card has to be activated

In some situations the SIM card would immediately be activated within 24 hours after the installation in a new cell. If this isn’t in the situation, then there are three options for activation:

  • Contact an automated number
  • Give instant message
  • Log in to the account associated with the activation service of the carrier.

Each of these options is quick and simple, but depends on how the service provider sponsors the solutions. The SIM can be used in certain scenarios and the sim is not provisioned mm#2 error is corrected.

Contact the network operator or carrier.

If your SIM isn’t functioning, it’s time to call to your network or provider (from an alternative gadget!). Then, explain what the message means to them, along with your actions up to now. In the above example the activation server could be experiencing a problem that hinders process of activating your SIM card. The warning message “SIM not provisioned.”

Typically, your carrier will place your phone while they investigate the issue. In the event that authentication is in question and the issue is not resolved, there could be a delay in activating the SIM. The reason will be explained for the error in the positive and possibly a time to correct the error.

A brand new sim card can help make certain

To do this, you can call your provider but you’ll find that calling an area phone shop is much easier. Maybe better is you should consider a network division or franchise channel.

With your SIM certificate, users will be able to perform tests and solve the issue that says “SIM not supplied with MM2.” Don’t be worried should they fail to follow any of the methods you’ve already completed as it is part of the test process.

If you are using a brand fresh SIM card, so it should not be a problem. The store must have the capacity to manage the switch and link your wallet to the most recent SIM.

Use different devices

If you’re still not satisfied and are irritated over the SIM that’s not in your Android post. Try using another Android operating device. Use on the SIM card from the computer that is causing the issue, and then try connecting it to other applications on your smartphone. This might let you know if the issue is solely on your computer or the SIM card it self.

Verify that the sim card is free of dirt

The problem could sometimes be as simple as cleansing your SIM card and SIM tray. Make sure that the SIM isn’t damp, and then put it back into its spot. If this is the case, then it is likely that the SIM that isn’t working in Android could be due to dust or humidity that caused a problem in connection with SIM card pins and mobile circuit.

Another option of Sim not provisioned mm#2

In this regard, we’re thrilled to announce dr.fone-System Repair (Android), one of those devices that fix nearly all Android OS problems in only two taps. If it’s a SIM that’s not available on Ios or SIM that isn’t working in Software or the system is stuck in a reboot cycle or death screen, it’s time to fix. The most likely explanation for the error is security issues with your Android App. With Dr. Fone – Fix (Ios) you can repair the security of your Device App fast and efficiently when you are in trouble.

Sign into an account on your Android app

Install and download your dr.fone software on the device you are using, and then select in the primary GUI to select the “Machine Repair” option. At the same time, you can use an authentic cable to connect your Android application connected to the machine.

Second, Android Repair choice and most crucial information

Then, press then the “Android Repair” option from three choices to the left side, then press on the “Start” option. For essential content that is device-related like models, brands, countries, and carrier information You will be required to enter the information on the screen that is coming up. Then, click “Next.”

Active the device with Update Mode

To ensure faster recovery for Your Android OS, it is essential to put your PC in download mode. Always follow the instructions on the screen to start the Android into DFU mode, and then hit “Next” following that. Once the process is completed, the application will begin to install the most reliable and up-to-date firmware.

Initial Reparation

The app checks the firmware, and then activates the repair process of your Android device once the update has been completed. It will show that your Android PC was successfully patched in an hour.


As previously mentioned this is a list of possible solutions that can assist in solving this issue known by the name of ” Sim not provisioned mm#2.” If the issue persists regardless of these solutions and solutions, it’s time to switch your sim.

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