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Why does my phone say no sim?

This article is entirely about a soft alert coming daily, and it is a standard alert that your phone says that has no SIM card. It is all of you have seen. Because it is a type of alert that can come in front of everyone, whether you are running any phone, there may be many reasons to bring this error, but we may be why most people get it for some special reasons. Why does my phone say no sim?

Sometimes people understand that whatever is written in the alert, it is true that all I do not have a SIM in your phone. But it does not happen quickly, but it’s another reason this address comes.

The methodology is that if there is no SIM in your phone, you can remove the SIM and remove this woman and run your device comfortably, but if you have a SIM insert in your device, you are getting this alert. There are several ways in this article. We will also tell you how to expect you to avoid this alert.

Why does my phone say no sim?

It is not a big problem. Many users face it several times. But most of them understand that there is no SIM on their phone. That is why they are getting such alerts on their phone. But it is not the case every time. There are some other reasons why does my phone say no sim:

  1. Your device is unable to read your SIM.
  2. Network connection problems.

When your phone has no network, at that time, it also gives an alert no sim card or inserts sim. But you can resolve it through the given steps.

How to resolve issue in just few steps:

  • Restart your phone.

We are sure that your problem will be solved after restarting your phone. Still, you are facing the same problem with your network connection.

  • Go to your phone settings.
  • Click on the mobile network connection.
Why does my phone say no sim?
network operator
  • You will see the option “search network.”
search network
  • Tap on it. Select the network, your problem get fixed in just few simple steps, if still problem is there read below.

How do I fix the no SIM card error on my android?

We have given you several simple solutions above. It would help if you used them first. Still, you are facing this no sim alert, and then you can solve those big problems.

Ways to come out from the no sim alert:

  • Reboot your phone – when you insert a new sim on your android device. It may happen that your phone can not read and understand the content of your sim. It is because you are inserting a new sim. Once you restart your phone, your sim will start working. It will not give the alert of no sim.
  • Remove the battery of your phone – sometimes, the problem may happen with your phone’s battery. It will work if you remove the battery from your phone. Wait for 30-40 secs then again insert it.
  • Adjust the sim card on the sim slot of your phone – if your sim slot is loose in your sim card or the size is not the same as your sim card and slot. Then it will show the same issue with no sim card on your device. You have to make sure that the size should be the same. For example, if your sim slot is for nano size, your sim size should also be nano-sized. Only then will your sim fit in the slot.
  • Change the networks – there is an option to change the network to auto on all phones. You can use it. If you allow your phone to change the auto network, your phone will auto adjust the network according to the need. 
  • Airplane mode – try to fix this error by turning on and then turn off the airplane mode. It may change your phone’s connection to the cellular network, and finally, No sim error will resolve. 

Steps to auto change the network:

  • Go to the mobile settings of your device.
  • Click on the mobile networks.
  • Look for network mode.
network mode
  • Tap on “LTE/3G/2G(auto connect).
  • Clean the dust onto your sim card – clean the dust from the golden part of your sim card because dust can damage your sim.
  • Test your sim – if you have applied all suggestions. Still, your sim card is not working. Then you should use a new or another sim. If the new sim will work, then the result clarifies any defect in your old sim.

In the end, if your problem is not solved, then you should contact your customer service center. And share your problem with them. 

How do I fix the no SIM card on my iPhone?

The iPhone has so many more advanced features than an android phone. But almost all the work is the same. I am telling you about the exact working of android and iPhone. Because if you are using an iPhone instead of an android phone, then solutions are the same. 

We have told you different ways to fix the no sim problem in your android mobiles. The only difference is the operating system. But the trouble is the same. 

You can go through the same ways for the iPhone also.

Some other ways to fix this problem in iPhone –

Update the operating system – it can be a causal problem. Sometimes you use all the solutions to fix no sim card problem on your mobile. But for a consistent reason, you do not focus. 

Would you mind checking in your iPhone if there is any update available on your device? That means your operating system needs to update, so you have to update your operating system by clicking on UPDATE.


Why is my sim card not working suddenly on my phone?

Sometimes it may happen because of the weather. In the rainy season, your network does not work correctly. It is due to the wind and rain. It can create problems for signals. That is why in the rainy season, suddenly your phone says no sim card on your phone. 

Just restart your phone or remove the sim and battery and again put them in your phone. Still, your sim does not connect to networks, so don’t worry because you must follow the various steps above. 

Why is my phone not reading my sim card?

There can be several reasons for your phone not reading your sim card. But we have to focus on a primary cause: the loose slot if your sim slot is loose for your sim.

The sim will not fit in the slot. Your phone will not read your card.

It is a problem that many users face. But there is no fixed reason due to occur. There are many causes of no network connection on your mobile whether you are using 2G/3G/4G. 


  •  take a new sim card which can fit in your phone sim slot.
  •  Use any paper and fold it, and put it in the corner of your sim slot. So that the sim will fit.

Does my phone say no sim card emergency calls only?

When your sim card is not inserted into the sim slot properly, at that time, your phone will have this error. Firstly you make sure that you have inserted the sim on your phone. Then check for the network connection.

Restart your phone and wait for 30 seconds. Then look at your display. You will face the no sim or invalid sim alert again.

Why is my sim card locked?

It is the same process as an ATM to check the personal identification of the user.

Suppose you generate a PIN for the identity of your sim. And you entered three incorrect PINs on your phone. Then your sim card will lock.

How do you fix a lock sim card?

Once your sim is locked, you need to unlock it and generate a PUK(pin unlock key). You have to enter PUK on your phone to reset the sim.

Where you can get PUK 

There are few ways to get a PUK, and it is helpful to reset your sim card.

Look at your sim card package – when you purchase a new sim card. Your new sim comes packed in a package. Your sim snapped in a plastic card. Look at the bottom of that plastic card. You will get a PUK code.

Contact your mobile or sim carrier – if you do not get PUK on the plastic card of your sim. You should contact your mobile carrier because they manufactured your sim. They have built a PUK for each sim card.

Note: – if you enter ten times wrong PUK, then your sim will lock permanently. Be aware while entering your PUK.

How many digits are in the code to unlock the sim?

An unlock code can be ten digits or 15 digits. 

Ten digits of unlock code are the minimum value. Fifteen digits of unlock code are the maximum value.


 To conduct this discussion for why does my phone say no sim, we have covered the maximum points. Whether the phone can be any brand, but no sim error comes in all of them. Most features are the same in all smartphones. In high quality, phones have some advanced features. But solutions are the same for all.

We have talked about various solutions to resolve this error in android phones. Users can take the same guidelines for their phones. But one thing is crucial that can damage your sim permanently. 

It would help if you were careful while entering your PIN to unlock your sim. Because you can join it only three times, it will give you an invalid PIN after three times.

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