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8 Easy Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks to Make You an iOS Pro?

All the phones that are present in the current generation have some kind of tricks and gestures that allows us to do things faster and make our phones look cooler. The IOS environment also provides some cool gestures and Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks that make things easier and cooler. In today’s article, let us try to know some tips and tricks which make your user experience better. The Apple ecosystem is full of such tricks, unlocking all of them may not be possible, but I will make sure you will learn something which makes you a pro-IOS user.

Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks Notifications on the lock screen

If you want to look at the notifications when our screen is locked, all you have to do is scroll up from the middle of the screen instead of from the bottom.

8 Easy Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks to Make You an iOS Pro
8 Easy Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks to Make You an iOS Pro

Search Bar for any app on IOS

The search bar is really useful when we want to search anything inside an app. Almost all the ios apps have this feature, but to enable we need to do some gestures. So when you are using an application and you want the search bar, simply click on the clock in the top left corner to get the search bar, this reveals the search bar.

Accessing the notifications in a folder

We generally combine some apps into a folder based on our preferences, like we make a folder of all our social media apps, etc. So when there is a notification in any of the apps, we can see a pop-up showing the number of messages or texts on the folder. So to directly open that app without having to go into the folder, we just need to long-press the folder and hold it. It shows the application which has got the notifications, so we can directly access it from there.

Customizing the app icons

IOS has recently introduced this customization feature into the iPhone by introducing home screen widgets and the opportunity to change the app icons according to your heart’s liking. This is a cool feature and does not even cost a dime. We can also use some third-party applications to do this. All you have to do is use them to change the icon as you wish and save them.

Back tap feature to launch your favorite app

Back tap is one of the cool tricks in the IOS 14. It not only lets you activate your favorite app but also has a range of features like Spotlight, Reachability, and many more. All you go to do is go to the shortcuts app and enable the feature or app you want to use using this gesture. Now we also have to enable the back tap feature too, for that go to the settings-> Accessibility-> Touch-> Back Tap-> Double-tap/ Triple tap and then select the shortcut. We can also use the spotlight to get the desired apps. Enable the back tap and select the Spotlight, when you double-tap/ triple tap you can observe a search bar.

Always listen for ” Hey Siri.”

Hey, Siri” does not work when your iPhone is facing down or covered. The makers designed it to let the Virtual Assistant be unnecessarily invoked every time. But what if you want it to work every time even when it is covered and facing down, you can change the settings to “Always Listen to Hey Siri” in the accessibility. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone-> Accessibility-> Siri. Now, switch on the feature. There is also a cool iOS trick for iPhones to have Siri call you by a nickname.

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Hidden Apps

A feature almost everyone wishes to have on their mobile is hiding apps. Some apps which are related to our personal life are better hidden. Only you can access those apps by a passcode or some kind of restriction for others. To use this feature on iPhone, Settings-> Screen Time-> Content & Privacy Restrictions-> Allowed Apps. You can set a passcode for accessing those apps.

Lines of preview (Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks)

When you open a mail app, the default settings let you read only the first two lines of the message. If you want your preview to be more number of the line you can change it in the settings. Settings-> Mail-> Preview. In this preview, there will be 6 options, starting with none to five lines. Select the number of lines you want for preview.

Hiding the Hidden album

In the IOS, just like any other device, there is a way to hide the photos in a hidden album. We just have to click the share button and there is a hidden button, on clicking the hide button the picture moves to the hidden album. But this Hidden album can be easily found in the photo gallery itself. So there is a new feature in IOS, using which we can also hide the hidden album. Go to the Settings-> Photos app-> turn off the toggle for Hidden Album. Now, we will no longer see the hidden album in the photos.

These are some of the gestures and tricks we can use to make ourselves tech-savvy with the new IOS. Along with these, we can also use some tricks like hiding alerts from specific chat, automatically closing the Safari tabs, using new voices for Siri, showing real-time transcription of your speech, Selecting the whole paragraph by clicking on the screen for 4 times, Cut, Copy and Paste using three fingers, Using reachability while using with one hand, using dictation for faster typing, etc. There are many more cool hacks when it comes to the IOS, all you go to do is spend some time to know them better.


I hope Above Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks may help you to get better at using iPhone. Enjoy the above Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks and use your iPhone with more speed and these Easy Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks may have made iPhone more useful to you.

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