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How do you backup iPhone data?

Making a backup of your iPhone data is a worthwhile time investment. Before upgrading to the newest iPhone. Updating to iOS 15.4, or making arrangements in the event that your iPhone is stolen or lost, you should make a backup of your important photographs, videos, and text messages. 

Spend a few minutes now to avoid future headaches. As a result, many methods exist. iCloud is the most convenient method, but it has flaws. No need to panic if you don’t have enough iCloud storage to backup.

iCloud backups for Mac and Windows do not need the use of cloud storage, and I’ll teach you how to do so as well. If you like, I can explain how to get around some of iCloud’s limits and assist you with some debugging.

How do you backup iPhone data?
How do you backup iPhone data?

Before learning how to backup iPhone data let’s learn about iCloud

iCloud is a cloud storage developed by Apple Inc. It provides an account for online storage and backup services. At the same time, it allows you to share data between multiple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Create a backup copy on the iCloud

You can backup iPhone data on iCloud which is a freemium service that can be accessed using your Apple ID (more on that later). This software, on the other hand, does not back up all of the information stored on your phone.

Due to Apple’s possession of proof of purchase, any apps or music you’ve bought with your Apple ID won’t back up and will instead be made available for free download again. Gmail, for example, is the most popular service for syncing email, but you can also use iCloud to sync your calendars, contacts, and other data across your devices.

All of this may be double-checked by going to Settings and then picking one of the options from the drop-down menu: Email, Contacts, Scheduler, Notes, or Reminders. Using any of these techniques, you may get access to your multiple accounts by choosing Accounts. Mail, contacts, calendars, and other information are all shown under the appropriate accounts.

To backup iPhone data on iCloud, do the following steps

  • Navigate to the Settings menu and choose the Apple ID tab, which contains your name at the top of the screen. 
  • This will cause your iPhone to begin backing up to iCloud. Create an account with your iCloud service if you don’t already have one. 
  • To begin the backup process, choose iCloud Backup from the menu bar, then activate it and click Backup Now.

Depending on the amount of iPhone data you have and whether or not this is your first time using the service, the amount of time it takes to backup your data will vary. When your iPhone was last backed up, look below the “Back Up Now” button on the side of your phone to see when it was done. 

The iCloud storage service will now automatically back up any new data that is created on your iPhone when it is turned on, locked, and connected to the internet through Wi-Fi. Apple’s free iCloud storage meets the demands of the majority of users, but it may not be enough for everyone. iOS 15 will provide a temporary means to back up your data to the cloud even if your device’s space is full, but this will not assist you right now. Although it is feasible to buy more storage, the cost soon escalates.

There are two ways you can backup data on an iPhone

1) Using a Mac system for backup

Use Finder on macOS 10.15 Catalina or later, or iTunes on Windows or macOS 10.14 or older. Choose “File” > “New Finder Window” from the top menu bar and search for your iPhone under “Locations” in the left-hand menu.

Enter your Apple ID and password to log in. Only your computer can approve this option. “Authorise This Computer…” after logging in to Account > Authorizations. Because of this, the Finder and iTunes processes are nearly identical. A verification code may be required if this is your first attempt. 

During iPhone setup, new users may be asked whether they want to start over or restore from a backup. If so, choose “General” at the top. “Backups” is under “Categories” within. To use it, select “Backup all iPhone data to a Mac” in iTunes (in the Finder).

Secure data is encrypted. Password-protect your iPhone backup or local backup using iTunes (in the Finder). You can’t access your files without it. After encryption, the backup may start automatically. “Backup Now” is an option. Alternatively, return to this page and select “Restore Backup…”. As a best practice, connect your iPhone to your computer and set it to back up automatically. Make sure “Automatically sync when this iPhone successfully connects” is selected in the “Options” section underneath “Backups.”

2) Using a Windows PC for a backup

Using iTunes to backup your iPhone data on a Windows PC is still possible. 

  • For the first time, connect your iPhone to your PC through iTunes by launching the software on your desktop or laptop. 
  • Finally, click the iPhone icon in the window’s upper left corner. In the Backup section, under the Automatically Back Up heading, choose “This Computer” from the drop-down menu. 
  • Eventually, your computer’s hard drive will include a duplicate of your iPhone. iTunes’ Options and the Devices tab may be used to verify if the file is correct. Use iTunes to see a list of all iPhone backups that have been made.

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How to Enable Syncing Over Wi-Fi?

Every time you back up, you shouldn’t have to connect in. To enable Wi-Fi syncing between your iPhone and PC, follow these simple instructions:

  • Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Select your iPhone from the sidebar of Finder on your Mac. When connected to Wi-Fi, 
  • choose the option to show this [device]. Then open iTunes, click the iPhone icon on top of the screen, then the Summary option, then choose Sync with this [device] via Wi-Fi under Options.
  • To finish, click the Apply button.
How to Back up the iPhone in just 1 min?
How to Back up the iPhone in just 1 min?
Don't want to lose the important data from your phone and the pictures you saved. Here is the step to step guide that helps you on how to backup your iPhone in just 1min by using two different methods
By Akhila Emmadi


We all use our phones to snap photographs, and we all want to visit those memories in the future and relive those experiences again. Even if you’re backing up iPhone data to iCloud or your PC, it never hurts to have a secondary location where you can save all of your family photographs and favorite vacation images.

Keep in mind this iPhone backup is nothing more than a duplicate of the data you used to perform the previous operation. The security of your computer’s backup files might potentially be compromised if it has been hacked. I hope you got your answer from the above content. To get more knowledgeable content about iPhone, Android, and other gadgets, search manually on Google or visit to our website basicknowledgehub.com .

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