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How to Split the Screen on iPhone?

To learn about How to split the screen on iPhone, please read the full article and follow the desired method to split the screen on iPhone. A split-screen lets you work on two different sites or applications at a single time. Which is twice as useful and productive as a single screen. The split-screen allows you to multitask at a single time. The Split screen lets you use two apps simultaneously, or we can compare two products on Amazon or any other shopping website. The iPhone does not have an inbuilt feature to split the screen but we can do it by either jailbreaking or by using a third-party app. Even if we are using any of it the split-screen may not be feasible for the older versions. The models with plus, max, and pro as suffixes support the split-screen.

Some iPhone do have the inbuilt split screen options but are not fully functional.

Spilt Screen Using iPhone/IOS

Some models of the iPhone have split screens in their menu and are only available in specific versions. We need to activate the split-screen feature before using it, which is buried deep down in the settings and is difficult to find the first time. Follow the below instructions to enable the Split-screen mode.

Go to settings-> Display and Brightness-> Display-> Zoom-> Set-> Use Zoom. Now that we have made the required changes in the settings we will be able to use the split-screen.

To use the split-screen feature, we have to hold the mobile phone horizontally. All we have to do is turn the phone into a horizontal way after opening an app, this will turn your phone into a split-screen mode. Additional information like messages, time, calendar, contacts, settings, mail, notifications, and other Apple features can be added to the other screen apart from the app we are using. This is limited to only one app and an apple feature, we cannot use two apps or websites at a single time.

How to Split the Screen on iPhone
How to Split the Screen on iPhone?

Using a third-party application to split the screen

As the inbuilt Apple screen splitting feature is of limited use and only available on several models. We can achieve the true split screen on iPhone using third-party apps.

Let us see some of those apps.

1. Split Screen View

This is an application that lets us see or use two apps simultaneously like Instagram and Twitter. Download the application and open the different using the app. There is a free version and also a paid version of this app. The paid version restricts the ads. If you use split-screen frequently, I recommend using the paid version. This app might seem like an out-of-style app due to its interface but we can reduce or increase the screen size based on our preference.

2. WebDuo Pro

As the name suggests, this app can be used to simultaneously view the two websites. Unfortunately, we cannot use it for two apps like Whatsapp and Instagram. There is no free version available of this app, we need to buy the $1.99 plan to get the split-screen. The main drawback of this app is we can only view websites on portals like Safari or Chrome.

3. Split Web Browser

The app is similar to the WebDuo app, this also lets the user split the screen into two screens but only websites. It does not support the apps. The advantage of this app over WebDuo is, that it is completely free and also ad-free. We can use the web version of apps like Whatsapp, TikTok, Instagram, Meta, etc on this app.

4. Split-Screen-Web Browser App

This is one of the best apps available for the split screen on the App store since it allows us to use the apps also. Download the app and open the apps on the split-screen.

In all the mentioned applications, we can change the split-screen proportions according to our wish.

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Split Screen using FloatingDockPlus 13/14

This is a jailbreak method, not recommended though. But this is one of the best jailbreak tweaks available for the IOS. Using this tweak we can not only split the screen but also have more control on your phone like we can have more dock gestures. W can access the dock by navigating to the settings and opening the dock plus. Search for Floating Dock Plus in that, this feature allows us to do the split screen on our iPhone. We can get the side-by-side view of two apps by just long pressing on the home bar. We will learn the steps to enable the feature.

  • Open the Floating Dock Plus on your mobile in the settings.
  • Add the split-screen feature and add the apps you use frequently to the home bar.
  • Open an app and long-press another app, you can see the options like the share screen in the drop-down list.
  • Drag another app from the home bar and leave it on the screen. Now you can use both apps simultaneously.

These are some of the ways in which we can split the screen on our iPhone. I think it’s high time Apple has to integrate the split-screen software as a feature into the IOS. Many android users are having the split-screen option which is very useful. The above-mentioned methods can also be used on the iPad too. Multitasking not only makes things easier for the users but also is a necessary feature. For more iPhone tips and tricks search BasicKnowledgeHub.

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