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How to get rid of shortcuts on iPhone?

The shortcuts present in the iPhone help its users to customize the features or apps with a simple tap or voice command using Siri. We need to set up a shortcut using the shortcuts app and a command to automate the task or a sequence of tasks. But there are some apps inbuilt in the Apple which come with some annoying notifications or banners or are redirected towards some other apps when we open them and you might be wondering How to get rid of shortcuts on iPhone.

Depending on the app and how often you use them these notifications or banners might become a nuisance. We need to get rid of them to have a better experience. These shortcuts are present in the shortcuts app as well as in Siri’s recommendations. The shortcuts sometimes help you get your tasks done very easily but also can get overwhelming if you are having too many. Now we will see different ways in which we can delete or disable these shortcuts or notifications.

Deleting using the Shortcuts App

We can easily delete the unwanted shortcuts from the shortcuts app.

Open the Shortcuts App on your iPhone.

  • You can see three options in the app at the down, My Shortcuts, Automation, and Gallery.
  • Click on the My Shortcuts and tap on the select button in the top right corner of the app.
  • Now all the shortcuts that are active on your phone are displayed on the screen, select the shortcuts you want to delete and tap on the delete button at the bottom right corner.
  • Confirm the deletions by clicking on the Delete Shortcut.

We can also delete the shortcuts in the My Shortcuts app by long pressing on the shortcut you want to delete and selecting delete, if you have your account signed in on your iCloud, this will undo the shortcut from all your iCloud devices like iPad too.

How to get rid of shortcuts on iPhone
How to get rid of shortcuts on iPhone?

Deleting the Bookmarked shortcuts from your Home Screen

If any of your shortcuts are bookmarked on your Home Screen, then even if you are disabling them in the shortcuts app, they won’t get deleted. So we have to remove them in another way.

  • We need to long-press the Shortcuts app icon.
  • A drop-down menu with two options appears in front of us. One is Edit Home Screen and the another is Delete Bookmark.
  • Confirm the deletion by clicking on delete.

Deleting the automated suggestions set up by Siri to get rid of shortcuts on iPhone

Siri is so advanced due to its machine learning technology that it automatically sets up or makes some suggestions by observing the activities we do on our phones, trying to make our daily or routine activities much easier. These suggestions could be like playing our favorite playlist, sending a message to someone, or reading emails. So such shortcuts are automatically set without your notice and if you want to get rid of them we can use Siri settings to undo them.

  • Open the Settings on your iPhone.
  • Scroll down to Siri and Search.
  • To disable such automation from happening, we need to switch off the Siri suggestions. Switch off all the suggestions while searching, on the lock screen, on Home Screen, and when sharing.
  • We can also disable the apps that are compatible with Siri, which means Siri makes the suggestions in apps, on the Home screen, and on the lock screen when it is compatible with such apps.
  • So select the App and disable the toggle so that Siri cannot read any suggestions from such apps.

Disabling the Shortcuts Notifications to get rid of shortcuts on iPhone

There are some glitches in the applications o the IOS 14, that show notifications and banners on the top of the phone when we are opening the application. These are some custom shortcuts that are not visible in the shortcuts app. For example, if we open the Files app, it displays files slash shortcuts. To remove such notifications and banners from appearing we can use the settings.

  • Go to the Settings application.
  • Select the Screen Time settings.
  • Select the See all activity.
  • Under all activities, we can see the shortcuts activities too. Due to some glitches, we cannot open the shortcuts for today. So scroll back to yesterday, now you can disable those using the toggle button. Shut those notifications and confirm.

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Getting rid of Banner pop-ups

Banner pop-ups are another annoying feature, they just pop out of nowhere when you are opening any app. To get rid of those we need to do automation. You can customize this automation in the shortcuts app. All we need to do is set up automation and select the apps. You can select any number of apps for automation.

  • Go to the automation in the Shortcuts app and click on add personal automation.
  • Scroll down to the bottom and select the app, you can see two functions related to the app, one is when the app is opened and the other is when the app is closed.
  • The banners pop up when you are opening the app, so select the list of apps you want to disable the banners for.
  • The next step is to add an alternate action to these applications, type for “Set Assistive Touch” and turn it off. We are basically selecting an action that we do not use.
  • Click on “Next” and turn off “Ask before running”. Now the automation is set.

Another such automation you can do is using a “Number” while setting up an action. The process is the same as above.


These are some of the ways in which you can turn off annoying shortcuts or notifications or banners. Hope this will help in removing or getting rid of unwanted shortcuts and the above information may have answered you on How to get rid of shortcuts on iPhone. For more iPhone tips and tricks, search BasicKnowledgeHub.

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