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How to make headphones louder on iPhone?

Different conditions require different kinds of volume for your phone. Some people like to listen to music at loud volumes and some at a soft volume. So we need to make adjustments in our volume in order to adjust to our conditions and mood. If you feel like the volume of your iPhone is too low or too high and you are wondering How to make headphones louder on iPhone then here are some of the ways in which you can fix it to get the volume you want. We will start with the basic settings and try to change the settings related to volume to get it fixed.

1. Increasing the volume directly from the control center

  • Using the control center is one of the simplest ways to adjust the volume. Scroll down on your iPhone from the right side of your screen to get the control panel.
  • Now all you need to do is drag the volume icon bar to the desired volume you want to hear.

Using the volume keys, the above method and this method are just the same, but the only problem with this is that sometimes the volume keys are set to adjust the ringtone volume, so we need to manually shut it off in the settings to directly use the volume keys to increase the headphones volume. I hope this method my solve your problem of “How to make headphones louder on iPhone”.

Go to settings-> navigate to sounds and haptics-> switch off the “change with buttons” to control headphones volume with the volume keys.

If the Change with buttons is switched on, it will be used for the ringer not for the headphone volume.

How to make headphones louder on iPhone
How to make headphones louder on iPhone?

2. How to make headphones louder on iPhone? Disable the Headphone Safety

In general, all the phones are set up with a certain sound level, so that they do not affect the human ear. This sound level is also applied when the user is listening to the audio on headphones. We need to disable this thing to listen to audio in higher volumes on our iPhones.

Go to settings-> navigate to sounds and haptics-> click on the “Headphone safety.”

In the Headphone safety section, we are presented with two options, either we can increase the volume up to 100 decibels or totally turn off the “Reduce Loud Sounds” option. You can do either one of them, both are almost the same.

3. Turn on the Headphone accommodations

This is another method by which we can increase the headphone volume. We can customize the sound settings using accessibility. To enable the headphone accommodations feature.

Go to Settings-> navigate to accessibility-> scroll down to audio/visual -> click on Headphone accommodations.

There will be three headphone audio options present soft, moderate, and strong. Switch on the headphone accommodations toggle button and slide the bar to strong to push the soft sounds too strong sounds. You can also customize the audio setup using the “customize audio setup”, the options include bass, music, background music, etc. Also, make sure these changes are for phones and media.

4. Adjusting the volume limit to make the sound louder

There are always the inbuilt volume settings in your phone to protect your hearing from loud sounds. we need to alter the volume limit to increase the sound. To increase the volume limit on your phone follow the below instructions.

Go to settings-> Scroll all the way down to “Music” -> Under the playback category we can see the volume limit.

Now adjust the volume limit as you wish.

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5. Making headphones louder using the “Late Night” EQ setting.

This is the most effective way to change the soft audio to loud audio. There is a setting called “Late Night” present in the EQ settings which automatically makes your volume higher. We just need to enable it.

Go to the settings-> navigate all the down to the “Music” settings-> Under the playback section we can see the “EQ” tab.

In the EQ tab, after opening it we can see different modes present in it. Select Late Night and save it. This one gives higher bass and oomph to the soft audio making it louder. This is an ideal setting for louder terrains.

Sometimes louder audio may affect your hearing when you are listening to something on headphones especially. So be careful while doing that. For more iPhone tips and tricks, follow BasicKnowledgeHub.

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