How to use the document scanner in the notes app on iPhone?

Everyone wants to keep a softcopy of their important documents on their phone, especially in this digital world. So Apple has introduced the scanner document feature in the Notes App on iPhone which people use widely. This is one of the better and more useful features in the IOS since other operating systems have to download other third-party apps to do the scanning. We can also scan notes directly. This is a useful feature if you are using it for some documents, but if you want to use it for many documents you might want to use a dedicated scanner app.

How to use the document scanner in the notes app on iPhone

  • Open the Notes App on your phone.
  • Open a new document or an existing one.
  • On top of the keyboard, you will see options to write the document, and select the “Camera” option to start the scanning.
  • There will be a pop-up with some options, click on the “Scan Documents” to open the camera to scan.
  • Place the Paper or Document you want to scan in a place where the camera can differentiate between the paper and the background.
  • We can auto-capture the document by using the auto scanning option, we just have to place it well so that the camera scans it properly.
  • If you wish to do it manually, click the picture and crop out the unwanted portions.
  • After getting the required part, click on the Save option at the bottom to save it to the documents.
How to use the document scanner in the notes app on iPhone
How to use the document scanner in the notes app on iPhone?

We can use all the camera options like flash, zoom, etc while scanning the document.

The best part with the new version is we can edit the scanned documents in the notes app itself. Select the document you want to edit and tap on it to bring the editing tools. You will have all the editing options like the photos. The options include filters, crop, rotate, writing, or marking on the documents.

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How to use the document scanner in the notes app on iPhone Making a PDF or a Word Document

If you wish to make a pdf or a word document of all the scanned documents, all you need to do is go to the documents and select the order you want your documents to be assembled, and tap done to get the pdf or word. We can share the document by clicking on the share button in the top right corner of the screen. We get numerous sharing options like sharing to any social media website, moving the file, or saving to the phone. Choose the one you want.

This is really helpful while using it for casual scanning.

Scanning Documents Using the Files App

We can do the same thing using the Files App. Tap on the three dots present in the top right corner of the screen and the Scan Documents option pops up, click on it to get going. If we are using the files app, the saved documents get directly uploaded on iCloud.

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