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How to edit screenshots on iPhone?

Editing screenshots is a really good feature since you might have taken an unwanted portion or you want to mark some part of the screenshot. Apple IOS has some really good features to edit the screenshots. The earlier models need us to go to the photos to access the screenshots but the IOS 11 and later has a more easy way of editing. A small thumbnail will appear on the lower-left corner of the screen, to access the editing tools we just need to tap on it. Let us see some of the tools to edit and filters screenshots available on the iPhone.

How to take Screenshots?

Here is the guide for How to edit screenshots on various iPhone.

iPhone 8 and earlier

To edit a screenshot, we need to take it, since apple launches a new model every year, it is different for various models.

The iPhone 8 and earlier models have the home button, we need to hold the home button and the power button together for a second or two to get a screenshot.

How to edit screenshots on iPhone
How to edit screenshots on iPhone?

iPhone X and above

The iPhone models above 8 do not have a home button, so we need to press and hold the combination of the power button and volume up button to click a screenshot. The phone will buzz and flash to indicate it.

Assistive Touch

Another method of taking a screenshot is to use the “Assistive Touch.” If we switch on the Assistive touch, a small circle will appear on the screen, which contains some actions like taking a screenshot, recording the phone, and some easy shortcuts. We just need to click on it to take a screenshot. To activate the Assistive Touch, Go to Settings-> Navigate to General Settings-> Click on Accessibility-> Scroll down to Assistive Touch and turn it on. Anyhow this won’t capture the circle with the screenshot. We need to add the feature of taking a screenshot while activating the Assistive touch to get it in the shortcuts.


There is no hands-free method for taking screenshots using Siri. Siri is taught to take you through the steps to take a screenshot on that particular iPhone. Hope that Apple integrates this feature into the IOS in the future.

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Edit screenshots on iPhone?

After clicking the screenshot, a thumbnail of the screenshot appears at the bottom of the screen. Click on it to enable the editing options.

  • Mark Up: To mark up the screenshots, we have markers of different colors and thicknesses. We have a pen, highlighter, and felt. An Eraser is also present to erase these marks.
  • Crop: To remove the unwanted portions like the time, battery icons, etc we can crop out those.
  • Select Tool: We can cut a part of the screenshot using the select tool. Cut out the required part and save or share it.
  • Ruler Tool: We can use the ruler tool to draw straight lines on the screenshot. Place it anywhere and draw a straight line.
  • Color Pallet: We can choose any kind of color from the color pallet. Move the cursor to select the color.
  • More Tools: We can tap on the plus(+) icon to activate more tools like Text, Signature, Magnifier, and Opacity. We can use Signature to sign the pdf files.
  • Add Shapes: We can add shapes like squares, circles, Speech Bubble, and Arrow.

Once you are done with the editing tap on done to save the edits. We can save photos, and files or delete them. We can share these edited screenshots if we want, just go to the saved location and click on share and choose the sharing medium.

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