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Rumored Specs of the iPhone 15 Pro: What to Expect

We live in an age where people are excited about things which aren’t yet decided or available. As analyst jeffup has stated, the iPhone 15 Pro is being tested prototypes and components samples with 5* Telephoto Lenses in Cupertino’s new iPhone 15 Pro. When iPhone 14 is not due for launch in 2022, why are people so excited about an iPhone model which will be available in 2023. People are excited about the new telephoto lenses. After some research we discovered that the manufacturer of this lens is late optics. They will only be producing 100 million units for Apple. But it is not first time that Apple iPhone may have a perscope lens.iPhone 15 pro prototype

Why people are excited about the new perscope lens?

Ming-Chi Kuo published a report. Apple was working to include a Periscop lens in the iPhone 15 Pro for better optical zoom. A periscope is a lens that allows for a lens to be more long than a traditional telephoto lens. This improves optical zoom. Although Periscope lenses don’t need to be new, they are already available on some Android smartphones. However, Apple is always trying to improve a feature before implementing. Apple is working very hard on the new periscope lenses, as this lens will change everything for the iPhone 15 Pro camera.

iPhone 15 Pro

Various specifications for the iPhone 15 Pro

Let us take a look at the predicted specifications on the iPhone 15 pro.

Key specifications

ProcessorA15 Bionic
DisplayImmersive Display


KeysLeft: Volume key, Other: Right lock, unlock
MaterialsBack – Glass, Frame – Stainless steel
ResistanceWater, Splash, Dust, IP68


Internal memory128GB,256GB,512GBVariants
Expandable Memory


Socket TypeType-c
Type of chargingFast Charging


BackGlass back with Matt finish
Red, Black, Sierra Blue, Yellow


The iPhone 15 features a 6.53″ OLED super retina Oled display that has a screen resolution resolution of 390*844 with native resolution of 1170*2532. This display is built with an 12.1 Xcode so that your apps will be properly sized in the new device. The best part about the pro model is the fact that the inset area at its top is slightly larger than what is visible in the status bar. The device does not leave any gap between the bottom status bar and the top safe area. The pro model’s pixels per inch are 560. Also, the new iPhone allows for clearer images and better quality.


The iPhone 15 pro model’s height is 146.7mm. It has a width (71.5mm). Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro model provides a periscopic lens which makes the mobile slimmer at 6.8mm. The back of the phone has Gorilla glass. The phone is also water-resistant (up to 45 minutes at a depth of six meters), IP68 with dust-proof properties. The phone feels great in your hand and is very durable.


The primary camera would measure 12MP and have an aperture of F/1.6. This allows us to use a wide-angle lens. While the secondary camera would measure 12MP and have an aperture of F/2.4, it can capture image and video in ultrawide angles. The lens’ sensor on its back helps with image stabilization. It also includes phase detection autofocus and triple autofocus. The resolution of the image this year is 4500×3500 Pixels. The new camera modes this year include High dynamic range mode, iso control and burst. We also have the option to record video at 3840*2160@60fps.


The front camera has only one 12MP camera and an aperture of F/2.2, which allows for ultra-wide-angle shots. A front-facing flash can also be used. The video recording via the front camera is at 3840*2160@24fps. Apple claims that selfies will be clearer and crisper in the iPhone 15 Pro model due to the Bionic chip. With the new front-facing flash, this year, you could see a significant improvement in low-light selfies.

What have you done to the camera?

Apple has provided us with a Periscope Lens, which is a well-known feature. They also provide a front-facing flashlight to help us take better selfies, even in the dark. Three cameras are provided at the rear. They include digital zoom and face recognition, continuous panorama mode selection, auto flash, touch-to-focus, touch to concentrate, touch to focus, continuous panorama mode selection, and touch to flinch. Apple has provided us with larger sensors this year that enable it to perform better under low light, despite its lower resolution. Apple also offered optical image stabilization this year. The lens offers a wider array of Depth Maps which will allow us to take sharp photos at low shutter speeds.

Performance of iPhone 15 Pro

The new iPhone 15 Pro has the Apple latest A17 Bionic chip with Hexa core (3.23GHz), Quad-core processor Avalanche+1.82GHzGHz Blizzard) with 64-bit processing. It also features a fabrication of 4.0nm, an apple GPU(fourcore graphics), and a RAM OF ten gigabytes and the Ram type, LPDDR4X. I think this phone would perform very well in terms of performance because it includes all the required features and specs.


The new iPhone will come with a dual sim slot, which will give us nano sim, yes, dual sim slots. It’s finally here! Both sim slots will have 5G connectivity and the device would be supported on 5G. The SAR value is 1.18W/KG for the head and 1.19W/KG for the body. NFC support is available on this phone for the first time in 2018.


Apple has done something quite unexpected with the iPhone 15 Pro models. The Apple will now be selling parts of the phone for customers to fix at home. It’s not something I believed when I first heard of the Apple company’s statement. The company will now sell tools and parts for Apple products, and the iPhone 15 Pro will become the first device to be able to make DIY repairs at-home.

Apple will call this service “Repair At Home”. Apple will provide this service only in the US, but they plan to expand this “Do-at-home” program in other countries.


Apple conducted many tests on the iPhone 15 Pro model. According to Apple, the company claims that the new 15 Pro model has been subjected to new industry-leading strength tests. This will set the standard for mobile phones.

  • Apple ran tests such as AnTuTu.794348(V12), and Geek Bench:4348(v5.3), to measure the performance.
  • Display contrast ratio was extremely high, which exceeded expectations according to company officials.
  • The LUFS rating of the speaker was also a very high -46.8, a very high score.

Apple did a lot more testing for the iPhone 15 pro. This phone was a good choice considering the industry characteristics.

New features in Siri

Siri is an important part of iPhone users’ lives as the AI is embedded in the phone’s small parts.

Siri makes it easy for iPhone users to do the following:

  • Make calls
  • Book an appointment
  • Set alarms
  • Reservations at your favourite restaurant
  • Math equations solved
  • Provide sports score
  • Apple pay allows you to send money
  • How to check for movie timings and ratings
  • Increase/decrease brightness
  • You can check the weather and many other factors.

One of the new features in the iPhone 15 includes the ability to split checks or calculate tips at restaurants. Imagine how useful it would be to simply split a bill and calculate the tip in a restaurant. It would save us much time and help us enjoy the restaurant’s delicious food. A new feature in the iPhone 15 is the ability to assign statuses and relationships to contacts.

New iOS 17 Features

This new feature adds new features to FaceTime, Safari and weather as well as many other web browsing apps. Apple has tried to reduce distractions from notifications in iOS 9. Siri also has a completely new design in iOS 9. Siri is now available in 15 languages.

Siri’s voice can now be altered to sound like Ryan Reynolds or rock in the new upgrade. As part of the new upgrade, maps have a new look. You can now see 3D-modelled maps that show houses, sidewalks and other elements of the road. The weather app has been updated to show more accurate and dynamic layouts that are based on current weather conditions.


Apple has also introduced live text, a new feature. The live text feature allows the user to use the on-device Intelligence to recognize text in a photograph or video. Imagine how convenient it would be to simply click on the text within a photo and receive the information in seconds.

Users were complaining about problems with the spotlight on the iPhone 15 Pro model. Apple has now upgraded the spotlight feature so that users can’t search for texts stored in photos or videos. Imagine how much easier it would have been if we could use the new spotlight feature on the iPhone 15 Pro.


A bigger screen can mean more screen space, more resolution in games, more photos, more resolution, and other benefits. Yes, the iPhone 15 Pro has a larger screen than any other iPhone model. This means that the iPhone 15 Pro has the largest screen of all the iPhone models.

We get a lot for our money with the $900 price limit and a 6.83 inch screen. We can conclude that the iPhone 15 Pro boasts one of the largest screens Apple has made. However, there is a question: will a larger screen affect the life of our battery? This brings us to the next topic.


While a large screen will affect the iPhone 15 Pro’s battery performance, Apple has made a significant improvement in its battery capacity. Apple has provided a battery with 5000mAH, which has increased the iPhone 15 Pro’s battery life.

Officials at the company have stated that the larger screen will not impact the battery’s life. The new super hybrid liquid cool technology used for the screen will allow the screen to cool down faster. If the phone heats up, then the battery will quickly drain. This is why the company has chosen to use super hybrid liquid cool technology.


You might have heard about the new facial technology Apple uses in the iPhone. It has three main purposes:

  1. It will recognise the mobile owner even when there is not enough light. The flash will open automatically so that the owner’s face can clearly be seen.
  2. Imagine someone trying to steal your phone. However, he/she does not know your password. If someone enters your password incorrectly twice, then the AI will sense it and will click the image.
  3. Imagine you are in a situation that you can’t remember the name of your relative, but you see beautiful flowers or have seen an architecturally amazing thing. Only one thing is required in this situation. Simply take your smartphone out and click on the image of the flower of your relative.


It is a well-known fact that charging your phone all night before going to work can drastically reduce battery life and damage your battery. Apple introduced a new battery optimization feature to the iPhone 15 pro. This will help maintain our battery life. Our phone can be set to charge at 80% or 100% depending on our needs. When we take out the charger, the percentage will remain the same. This allows you to charge your phone safely all night long without damaging the battery.


People are increasingly facing sleep deprivation as a major problem. Lack of sleep can make people less efficient and cause sleep problems. The simple solution to this problem is to get enough sleep. Apple has created a new feature in the iPhone 15 Pro called a “Bedtime feature” or, as many people call it, a way for you to get good sleep. With this feature, you can set a timer that is specific for a particular time. A bedtime app will also be connected to your apple watch.

The app will detect your sleeping pattern and will wake you up after the set time. You can think of it like this: If your goal is to sleep eight hours, you will choose the period and the app will process this information. In this case, eight hours. This feature can be very helpful for many people. It could even work miracles in some cases, if you are just trying to get better sleep.


The new feature is like a translator who can stay in your pocket at all times. The new iPhone 15 Pro has a translator that works seamlessly and can be used as a translator anywhere you go. What you are all thinking is that it’s possible to do the same thing via the web browser. Keep in mind all the steps involved. Copy the entire sentence, then paste it in the box. After that, choose the language, and wait for an answer.

Apple has simplified the process of converting text from one language to another. We are done, and will receive the translated language in no time. This feature is ideal for anyone who is learning a new language. You will be able to find new words every day.


It is true that “health is wealth” is a well-known saying. We cannot live a happy and healthy life. This is one of the greatest and most important blessings in our lives. One cannot live a happy, healthy life without it. Apple has made some amazing improvements to its health app. A new feature will allow us to monitor our health 24 hours a day and track our heart rate and oxygen levels. We can also be notified if we need to take a fall.

The app will remind us to do activities that are good for our health. It will also help us book appointments at hospitals for regular checkups. These are just a few of the important iPhone 15 Pro specifications.

iPhone 15 Pro Summary

The iPhone 15 Pro will feature a larger display and a larger battery than other iPhone models. Apple has improved the quality and pixels of its photos and can now shift the sensor stabilization to the front-rear. Apple has added a new camera mode that allows us to create videos from photos in the panoramic mode. The industry-leading Bionic Chip Wii provides excellent performance. I was impressed by the iPhone 15’s storage capacity of only 512GB. The new bionic chip and 10Gb RAM make this phone a great choice for immersive gameplay.

Views in iPhone 15 PRO

My opinion is that the iPhone 15 Pro has been voted the best phone of all time. Apple has been hard at work on this phone for the past several days to make it the best ever in their mobile range. Apple has added many new specs to the phone, such as the rear camera’s periscope and the flashlight at the front. These features will help you take brighter, clearer photos in the dark. They have also developed new specifications and dimensions for their customers.

Apple has made significant upgrades to the iOS platform that is being offered in the iPhone 15 Pro model. Apple officials also claim that the A17 Bionic chipset that’s being used in this phone is one of the most powerful ever created for a phone. The iPhone 15 pro premium flagship phone should be on your wish list if you are in search of a brand new premium smartphone.

Why iPhone 15 Pro could change your life

This iPhone 15 pro could change the game in this league. It is one of few iPhone models that can be purchased within the $899 range and offers these exceptional features. Apple plans to introduce a new periscope lens, which will allow users to take more immersive shots. Apple has set the bar high by offering this phone at an extremely competitive price of $899. This is rare for a company like Apple that doesn’t sell products at low prices. The new Apple iPhone 15 pro, which will be available in 2023, should make us all excited.

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