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Samsung Screen Mirroring not working


This option enables you to reflect what is currently displayed on the screen of your smartphone to a second screen, including a Samsung Tv. Whether that is a video, a picture, or a customer can customize, anything that is now shown on your smartphone will indeed be shown on the tv. But what happens when Samsung Screen Mirroring not working. If you perform an activity on the smartphone (for instance, moving to a separate app), this activity may appear on either display as well. The screen mirroring feature on Samsung devices is known as Smart View.

Smart View allows you to easily mirror your screen by just pressing the Smart View button and following the on-screen directions. This is a terrific method to transfer content, photographs, and other content from the smartphone on the display of your Samsung Tv, regardless of which version you have. Screen mirroring is not supported by the Samsung TV. Screen replication on Samsung TVs is notorious for not functioning right. Luckily, there seem to be a couple of simple remedies that may be helpful in correcting Samsung screen mirroring not working.

  1. Reboot your electronics, including your tv and smartphone.
  2. Pairing then connecting your smartphone to the Television and using the same Wifi connection.
  3. Relaunching your wifi connection is a good idea.
  4. Set your tv’s Bluetooth off too.
  5. If at all feasible, use 3rd party screen mirroring software. In this case, ApowerMirror and (Lets View) are recommended.

How to fix Samsung Screen Mirroring not working?

How can I get “Screen Synchronization” to function on the Television? We have too many solutions. Apply one by one and check each time that issues have been fixed or not.

Solution 1: Switch on the Samsung TV.

This little error is very frequent with Samsung Devices, so reconnect 2 to 3 times further to see whether the issue continues. What to Do to get Regional Stations on a Samsung Smart TV (Comprehensive) is strongly advisable. If the phone is just unable to link to the Samsung TV, please restart it before. As it has been proven time and time again that rebooting the system can address a wide range of problems. To prevent this, I propose that you first switch off and then turn it back on TV.

  • Step 1: For just a long time, press and hold the sleep key on the Samsung tv. Remote control for a continued long duration.
  • Step 2: Keep waiting till your display turns entirely black.
  • Step 3: Restart your smart tv by pressing the sleep or power key yet again.

At this time, verify to see whether your “Display mirroring not working on the Samsung TV” issue has indeed been repaired. Kudos if the problem has been completely solved but has not proceeded to the next stage in the procedure.

Solution 2: Reboot your smartphone.

It’s likely that now the screen mirroring problem is caused by both cell phones and Samsung TVs. Consequently, it’s impossible to claim that the problem is limited to the Samsung TV. As a result, you should also try to reboot your cell phone at least once before passing away.

  • Step 1: Tap & hold the power key for a few seconds.
  • Step 2: A small window will pop up over your computer monitor.
  • Step 3: Again, from the drop-down list, pick just the reboot/restart option available.

Try to see whether your issue has been addressed after rebooting your computer.

Employ 3rd party software as a third-party solution.

If indeed the issue continues after you’ve tried the remedies above, it’s possible that your cell phone’s standard casting/screen reflecting feature isn’t working properly. Several users have found satisfaction with 3rd part programs like Let’s a view and Apowermirror in tackling the issue of “Screen replication not working on the Samsung TV.”

But if you’re still unable to accomplish screen reflecting and casting from any Samsung TV after using these programs, please contact support.

Google Cast gadget to screen mirroring your Smart Tv. As just a consequence, in addition to the current options, we advocate using the 

  • Step 1: Plug your Chromecast into your tv’s HDMI jack.
  • Step 2: Then, join the very same Wi-Fi connection as your tv and cell phone.
  • Step 3: Go over to the Google Play Store and simply download the Google Home app.
  • Step 4: Go to Youtube.com or Vimeo and open a video program.
  • Step 5: Find the casting button at the top of the screen and afterward, just click it.

Simply select your Chromecast from the list after it has finished scanning all nearby Chromecast devices.

Solution 3: Try using another cell phone.

After trying almost all of the listed options, if the issue continues, you should try screen mirroring with a separate cell phone. After that, you’ll be able to tell whether the issue was caused by the cell phone or the Samsung tv. Since there are a variety of situations in which cell phones are inappropriate for usage with TVs.

Solution 4: turn off the BlueTooth connection on your tv.

Because display mirroring is usually done over a Wifi signal, your tv does not have to have BlueTooth connectivity turned on. BT is a wireless technique, so it has the power to interact with the connection to the internet. Then, switch off your tv’s Bluetooth special feature and give it some more attempt.

Solution 5: Switch to a new mirroring app.

The great majority of customers favor the native mirroring program that comes included on almost all the gadgets. Nevertheless, you are not limited to just using certain programs. If the one which is on your cell phone isn’t working, try downloading another one from your google play store and seeing if it works so much better.

Solution 6: Physical impediments must be removed.

Because of display mirror function relies on wireless communication, you must ensure that no such physical things are blocking the transmission from your cell phone to your tv. Just before intending to link the cell phone to the tv, be sure there are no obstructions.

Solution 7: Take it one step at a point, a single gadget at the moment.

During using screen mirroring solutions, you can usually only use one gadget at a time. To find a way to avoid that, make sure that you only have one device connected to the tv at any given moment. If the TV sensor recognizes that you are seeking to integrate various devices simultaneously, it will refuse the link, and then you will be unable to join.

Solution 8: Double-check the Television inputs for functionality. 

To initiate, check to see if your tv’s input is established to screen mirroring. Users will have trouble replicating your cell phone screen to your tv if you utilize another form of interface, as in an HDMI source. One may improve the entire input on many of these TVs by going to the settings screen. Put it another way, and you can choose from the options that appear on one’s display.

Solution 9: Use a Mirroring Care Offered by a Third Party

It’s conceivable that an issue with the conventions you’re using prevents you from being used to screen mirroring. Consider using alternate services, including Chromecast, to see whether they may help you finish your assignment faster. Conversely, if you have been having issues with the audio on your Samsung Smart Television, it must fix it. The version of Windows 10 or Windows 11 System can be projected onto a television by following these steps.

Help ensure your System and TV comply with the requirements so all of us can love the spectacle. You’ll need the following items:

A WiDi-enabled computer: WiDi would be supported by the majority of modern PCs (from Windows 8). Attempting to replicate your display is the ideal route to see if your system is suitable. You could always use You could always use

Use a Miracast or WiDi recipient on the television: Check to see if your television has a Miracast or WiDi recipient. If not, an additional adaptor can be used.

  • Reflect your computer monitor
  • Hit Start on the system, then type Bluetooth as well as other gadget settings into the search section and hit this when it displays.
  • Select Add gadget or Add Bluetooth or other equipment from the drop-down menu. 
  • So the next step would be to hit wireless display over there.
  • On a Windows 11 version computer, connect a piece of Bluetooth equipment.
  • So once your Television set’s name has been revealed, select it. Choose Permit on your TV if asked.
  • The current PC display will now be reflected on the television.

Solution 10: Unplug all of your gadgets.

It is indeed time to disconnect when you’ve done reflecting your display. Select Start on your PC, then type Bluetooth and other device preferences into the search option and press it when it displays. Simply press the linked item if you’re running the Windows 10 version. When you’re using the Windows 11 version, hover your mouse over the item you wish to unplug and select More choices (the three vertical dots). After that, select Yes to remove the equipment.

Solution 11: SmartThings gives you the ability to Smart View.

You can also use the SmartThings app for reflecting the screen of your cell phone or tablet to a TV. Make sure your TV is on and connected to your SmartThings login first.

  • Launch the SmartThings Android phone or tablet and pick whichever TV you want to reflect to.
  • Click More choices (the three vertical dots) in the Screens settings menu, > Mirror display (Smart View).
  • Click Start now, and if necessary, grant your Television access to the system.

Note that this functionality may not have been accessible on the SmartThings Desktop edition.

Solution 12: Using just a DeX or HDMI connector to reflect your display

If users can not link their cell phone or tablet device to Television wireless, one can use a DeX wire or a Type – c to HDMI connection to display the mirror. Simply attach the wire to your television. Screen mirroring may begin instantly on some systems. To access the Notifications pane, you may have to slide down at the top of the device’s display. Then press the “Click here just to turn to screen mirroring” Samsung DeX notice. Now, identify the suitable source on the television, and what is on your cell phone will display on the screen.

Beware that HDMI output is unavailable on the Galaxy Z Convertible, Samsung A, or Galaxy J models.

Phone not cooneting to Smart TV

When you are experiencing difficulties reflecting your cell phone or tablet device, so here are a few suggestions:

Your cell phone or tablet device may require approval from the Television to appear. Restart your system and television, and afterward reconnect. When it appears on the Television, it is important to pick Agree. You should also check your gadgets for software upgrade patches. Conduct a factory hard reset on the tablet or smartphone if the issue continues.

  • One can forgo giving access to the smartphone to direct access to the Samsung TV. Browse to General, > External Equipment Manager, under your Television set Settings menu. 
  • Choose Access Notification from the Device Connection Manager menu. 
  • Toggle it to The off to link to the products and solutions when using the smart view thing.
  • Now you just may also pick Device List first from the Device Connection support manager page to successfully configure the devices that are linked to the Television.
  • Modify the display timeout parameters if the screen repeatedly continues shutting off. 
  • Look for it and choose the Screen timeout from the Settings menu. 
  • Configure the settings so that your cell phone or tablet device stays on for a prolonged period.
  • If the Smart View panel is minimized, click the Smart View symbol on your cell phone or tablet device. 
  • Only your linked device shows the Smart View Control panel.
  • If the cell phone’s picture appears to be too tiny on display, then one can enlarge it by altering the screen resolution. 
  • Click the Smart View symbol on your cell phone or tablet device, then More choices (the three vertical dots). 
  • Choose the Settings Page from the drop-down menu.

These are the quick fixes for Samsung screen mirroring not working. For sure, these remedies will help you to get rid of any mirroring issue on your Samsung Smart Tv.

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