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Fix The Error 0x800706be

Here is the solution to the error code 0x800706be and the method to fix the error on Windows 10. Find all the relevant details about the error code 0x800706be.

Microsoft launched Windows in the form of operating system on the 10th November 1983. Windows is named for its rectangle-shaped dialog boxes which are displayed on the screen when displaying the information. At first, Windows was designed as an interface for graphical users in Microsoft’s Windows-DOS.

Windows 10:

Windows 10 is part of the Windows NT operating system, and was released on the 15th of July, 2015. It’s a follow-up to Windows 8.1.

The Key Features of Windows 10:

  • Windows 10 interface can be accessible in two ways. One using keyboards and the other using the Tablet Modewhich is a touch-based interface.
  • Additionally, The Windows 10 is combined with universal Windows platform applicationswhich are compatible with all Microsoft devices, including computers smartphones, tablets, XboxOne etc.
  • Windows 10 has a web browser called Microsoft Edge.
  • It is also possible to switch between two desktops. Windows 10 offers a Switchable Virtual Desktop system that allows customers to change between the two versions of desktops. For instance, using remote desktop access users can handle tasks on two desktops.

The image above illustrates how windows that are working share display space.

  • There’s an option known as Task Viewwhere users will be able to be able to see all windows currently open on the screen. It will then attempt to switch between them.
  • Users can make use of Fingerprint or Recognition of facesfeatures for logins. This is known as multi-factor authentication.
  • Windows 10 is supported with Xbox Live integration, where Xbox app allows users to search through the game library. Game DVR can be accessed through an keyboard shortcut that allows gamers to save the 30 seconds of gameplay in a video. The video can be shared via Xbox Live, OneDrive etc.
  • Windows 10 is employed with an voice-activated program known as Cortana. This program is compatible with the input of text and voice. Some of the features available include reminders such as searching for files and music, as well as launching applications, and setting reminders to emails.
  • The Start Menuis made in a fresh layout, featuring a list of options and places that are displayed on the left and the applications to the right. The menu for starting can be expanded to the full-screen format or scaled.
  • Snap Assist in Windows 10 allows the users to use the screen area efficiently by organizing all working windows on their desktop.
  • Windows 10 has removed Charms (a bar with five shortcut keys, including Search Start Share, Devices, Share, as well as Settings) and their use can be found in the App commands menu located on the top bar.
  • Action Centre on Windows 10 will list down all settings and notifications.
  • Windows 10 offers extra security options, like Device Guard which allows administrators to define their own policies for encryption of sensitive data, as well as applications that access encryption-encrypted data.
  • Windows 10 uses the Win32 console.
  • Linux distribution is available on Windows 10 and Ubuntu can be installed on Windows 10. It is possible to run the Bash shell as well as 64-bit command-line applications in this environment.
  • Windows 10 offers a safety feature named Microsoft Family Safety,where all family members benefit from the ability to track the activity of their computer when their children play to use it. Parents also receive regular email updates on the computer use of their children. This is referred to as parental control.
  • Windows 10 provides the WiFi Sense feature which allows users to connect to the internet via WiFi hotspots in public areas and wireless local areas networks.
  • The default setting for Windows 10 installs Candy Crush Saga and Microsoft Solitaire Collection.

Advantages in Windows 10:

  • Personal information of users is passed on with Microsoft to improve the functionality of their system.
  • Updates to Windows 10 in old computers can cause system crashes and take a significant amount of time to correct the issues.
  • There are mixed opinions about the touch interface on Windows 10.
  • Cortana is falling behind in the race due to the competition like Google, Siri, Alexa and others.

In addition to the disadvantages mentioned above Below is the explanation that is provided for the error code appearing when you update Windows 10.

Windows 10 Update Error 0x800706be:

A code error of 0x800706be is appearing during the process of upgrading Windows 10. This error means the occurrence of a malfunction in this Windows 10 update. This means that the update isn’t running as it should. This issue will occur even after restarting or updating Windows multiple times. The reason for the inability to update can be attributed to failure in the Windows updates components.

Setting the Windows components of Command Prompt:

The following are solutions to resolve your Windows upgrade error:

Remove the old files, and reset the components has been helpful in resolving the issue in several instances.

Follow the steps below in changing and deleting the components of Windows:

  • Click on the Windows button.
  • Enter the command prompt in the Windows Start Search.
  • Right-click to open the Command Prompt in the results of your search and choose Run as Administrator.

Eliminating the old files:

  • net stop with wuauserv Press enter.
  • next, net stop and cryptSvc and hit enter.
  • net stop bitsand press Enter.
  • net stop Msiserver and hit enter.
  • ren C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old and press Enter.
  • ren C:\Windows\System32\catroot2 Catroot2.old and press Enter.

The reset of Windows components: Windows elements:

  • net begin at wuauserv and hit the Enter key.
  • net begin and cryptSvc and then press enter.
  • next, Net Start Bits and hit enter.
  • net start Msiserver and hit enter.

Then close the command prompt and then update the Windows once more.

Checking Register:

Error code 0x800706be can also be seen due to registry entries that are corrupted. To clear registry entries, there’s no built-in cleaning software to clean the registry. You can use third-party tools to repair the registers. Cleaner for CC is among the programs that can be used to scan the registers.

Methods to cleanse your registry

  • Enter in CC Cleaner.com and download the wizard for setting up CC Cleaner into the folder.
  • Start the wizard for setting up CCleaner within the folder, and include the utility in Windows.
  • Start CCleaner and then hit Register to launch its registry cleaner tool.
  • Check all checkboxes in the registry and click the Scan for Issues button to scan.
  • Select the the Fix Selected Problems option to cleanse the registry. Then click”Yes” to restore the registry.
  • Next, Click on then the fix all selected issues button.

Click to Select Windows Update Troubleshooter

  • Click on Cortana link to start the application’s search box.
  • Enter the word Troubleshooter within the search field.
  • Choose Troubleshoot to display the Troubleshooters list within the Settings app.
  • Select the Windows Update Option and click on Run..
  • The troubleshooter will then display the issue and offer solutions.

Repair damaged system file:

Windows includes the system file Checker tool which scans and repairs damaged files. The steps to fix corrupted system files with the System File Checker within the Command Prompt are as the following:

  • Start Command Prompt as administrator. Command Prompt as an administrator using the Windows + * hotkey, then select the Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Before you start scanning using The System File Checker to scan, type DISM.exe Online /Cleanup-Image Restorehealth at the command prompt and hit enter. Be aware that the Deployment Image Service tool may not function when your Windows Update client is broken.
  • Enter SFC /Scannow and hit Enter to begin the scan. System File Checker scan.
  • The scan can last for up to 30 minutes. Upon conclusion you will receive a Command screen message will let you know whether Windows Resource Protection has resolved anything or not. If WRP can fix your files, you need to restart your computer.
  • Restore Windows to the Point of Restore Point

Restore Windows to Point of Restore Point:

The Restore Window will bring your system back to its earlier state. This will reset those windows back to at 0x800706bestate which actually happened.

Here are the steps to correct your error

  • Launch the Run accessory in Windows by pressing the Windows + R shortcut.
  • Enter the word rstrui into RUN and select “OK” for the System Restore window.
  • Click on the Next button in the System Restore window.
  • Choose to the “Show additional restore points option to see all restore points.
  • Select a restore point that will describe the error.
  • Try pressing the Scan button to scan for programs that are affected to determine the software that is removed to find an restore point.
  • After choosing that restore location, hit on the Next and Finishbuttons. Then, Windows will start up when you select the restoration point.


The above steps are designed to solve the issue (Error 0x800706be)while running Windows 10 update. I hope that users be able to find a successful solution using the help of these steps.

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